Monster Cable 12V Wireless Fm Transmitter for Ipod
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Why fumble with CDs when you can play your iPod in the car on virtually any FM radio station? Now you can do that and keep your iPod charged at the same time - with iCarPlay Wireless Plus.Programmable, backlit station presets make it fast and easy to set and change stations on the go. With some other FM transmitters, finding an FM frequency clear enough to play your iPod through can be tough - especially while driving through different areas and terrain. But since you can tune iCarPlay Wireless Plus to almost any FM station, you have full FM tuning flexibility in getting the best sound, free of interference. Simply tune your car radio to any clear FM station, tune iCarPlay Wireless Plus to the same station, hit play on your iPod and you're ready to roll. Change presets any time you need a clearer station.For added flexibility and convenience, Monster Smart Digital Charging technology rapidly charges your iPod, then switches to a trickle charge to optimize its performance. It all makes iCarPlay Wireless Plus the best way to enjoy full stereo sound from your iPod in your car, no matter where your travels take you.

  • Monster iCarPlay Wireless FM Transmitter for iPod? (w/8 Pre-Programmed FM Presets)
  • 24k gold contacts for optimal signal transfer and corrosion resistance.
  • Smart Digital ChargingTM for fast charges and maximum battery life.
  • Easy one-button FM channel selection with eight available channels.
Customer Reviews:
  • Great transaction
    Got what I wanted at the price I was willing to pay. Haven't used it yet because I haven't gone on a road trip yet. ...more info
  • Better than any other FM transmitter
    I have used so many other FM transmitters before purchasing this one. This has been by far the best. Highly recommended.

    Cons: Could you have been more intuitive for changing radio frequencies....more info
  • pretty good
    I bought this same exact product over a year ago and it worked wonderfully until one day it just stopped working. I decided to buy the same thing again because I had been so pleased with it. However, this one sometimes gives off this really annoying fairly loud squealing noise. At first I thought it was because of the station but changing the station does not change the noise. It's so annoying that sometimes I will have to turn on the radio or a cd. Luckily though, this noise is not made every time I use the product....more info
  • Check your local frequencies first
    This device limits you to a handful of preset frequencies, all of them at the bottom of the dial. While it has done decent service in my local area, we could not use our iPod at all on a recent trip through Pennsylvania because the stations were constantly in use. Not to mention that the price is pretty high for what this delivers. We will be looking for something else before our next roadtrip. I would have given it 3 stars if not for the lingering frustration at having to listen to lousy commercial radio for four hours!
    The first company to attach a tuning dial to one of these gadgets will make a fortune. In the meantime, if your area has no stations between 87.9 and 89.1, then perhaps this is the FM transmitter for you....more info
  • Does the job superbly!
    I own Monster FM transmitter - this model for more than 2.5 years now. As the other review has mention - it does the job very well. I use this with my 20GB ipod - one of the older ones - 2nd gen I think.

    I live in Chicagoland and it works fine in city as well as in suburbs. You may need to change stations as you move from city to burbs. With this FM transmitter, I have travelled
    - from Chicago to Boston,NJ-NY,WV
    - from San Fran to LA, San Diego, Las Vegas
    - inner parts of Alaska
    Over all I have passed through more than 20 states and it has always worked!

    Yeah, in CA sometimes I had difficulty may be because of too many radio stations but other than that it has worked great everywhere. It's little expensive but it's worth every penny....more info
  • Does the job quite well
    I bought this on a recommendation from a friend. I was wary of the FM transmitters, as I had read of poor performance. This friend was very positive, so combined with my previous positive experience with Monster products, I decided to give it a go.
    I rated it 5 stars because it accomplishes exactly what it says it should. When I selected an empty station for it to play on, the sound was clear and of high quality with only a few exceptions. I took it on a 6 hour road trip and it worked perfectly. The only difficulty is when you come to a place (like Southern Cal) with many radio stations. Finding a frequency may be difficult in that circumstance. It was convenient to be able to charge the iPod as well.
    It does what it claims and well....more info