Safety Siren (HS80504) Propane and Natural Gas Detector Alarm
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Product Description

Keep your family safe with the Safety Siren combination gas detector. The model # HS80104 protects your home and family from dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide (often referred to as "The Silent Killer" because it is odorless, tasteless and colorless), in addition to Methane (Natural Gas), and Propane, the most common combustible gases found in the residential environment. Simply plug into any 110-volt wall socket and live with the confidence that your living quarters have an added level of protection from catastrophic gas leaks

  • 3-in-1 detector. -- 5 year warranty -- lock tab feature makes the detector tamper proof
  • Senses dangerous levels of Carbon Monoxide, Propane, and Methane Gas.
  • Two independent 85dB alarm sounds, one for CO, the other for methane/liquid propane
  • Built-in self-diagnostics assures the unit is operating properly -- Every Detector has computerized calibration to help eliminate false alarms
  • Easily plugs into any standard 110-120v AC electrical outlet and samples the air every 2-1/2 minutes
Customer Reviews:
  • Almost blew up my houses
    We bought 2 of these sixteen months ago and the one installed by my gas stove died completely. I was smelling gas, and called the gas company who fixed the leak, discovered this faulty device and told me I was blessed not to have killed myself as well as my neighborhood. Please beware, don't buy this Safety
    Siren HS80504)...more info
  • a must for gas stoves
    we had the same problem as the review above . gas stoves with spark igniation are prone to this. i could not smell the gas because i was downstairs and the gas was filling up the upstairs. when my wife came home and opened the front door it pulled the gas out, it was scary how much gas had built up and how fatal the situation could have been.

    we bought this unit and we are glad we did....more info
  • This Is a Life Saver!
    I have a friend who recently started her 80th year. Unfortunately, her sense of smell is so bad, that she can not smell the "rotten egg odor" if the gas is left on. She had finished cooking something and somehow hit a burner valve without hitting the igniter. I happened by and the smell was terrible...a close call. So we bought one of these alarms. Plugged it in and forgot about it. A couple of weeks ago, the same thing happened; however, the detector went off as it should. If you have even the slightest doubt, buy one and never, ever say I wish I had....more info