Swann Mobile Viewer 2.4GHz 2.5 LCD Color Screen 4 Channel Receiver
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Product Description

The Night Hawk works indoors & outdoors, day & night. Place it anywhere and monitor footage with the handheld LCD viewer. Transmission range is up to 330 feet. Keep an eye on things wherever you are. Wireless technology means no installing cables or monitors. Enjoy crisp audio and color footage on the 2.5-inch 480 x 234 resolution LCD Screen. Four 2.4 GHz channels allow monitoring of multiple wireless cameras. The mobile viewer is compatible with Swann Night Hawk wireless camera and Swann MicroCam II and can be connected to a DVR, VCR, Handycam or DV camcorder for recording. The viewer's rechargeable lithium ion battery works continuously for at least 2 hours.

  • Super mobile, palm size receiver
  • Four channels available for multiple wireless cameras
  • Powerful 330ft/100m wireless range receives through walls, doors, inside & outside
  • Color TFT LCD screen with 480 x 234 resolution
  • Recharges battery in its cradle
Customer Reviews:
  • Monitor
    Being cordless is huge. There are some problems with reception occasionally, must have relatively clear line (few walls or doors)....more info
  • Nice device, but reception is not perfect
    This device is easy to use and set up.

    Here's what I like:
    - Basically, it works
    - It's compact
    - The picture is clear
    - With the infra-red camera I got to go with it, it sees at night!
    - It works with up to four cameras (but you have to switch it between them - it won't scan)

    Here's what I don't like:
    - Reception is intermittent. The base unit appears to be VERY sensitive to orientation and proximity of other electronics.
    - Without the cradle, it's not very stable on a desktop
    - It comes with a cradle, but when it's in the cradle, the AC adapter doesn't work. The AC adapter only works plugged directly into the unit, and because of the location of the plug, it cannot be plugged in and sit in the cradle (which offers great stability) at the same time. I found an after-market AC adapter to work around this, but it should come with an adapter so you don't need to go buy one....more info
  • Camera Monitor
    Quality of picture is not as good as advertised and, even close to camera has wavy lines...more info
  • Money well spent
    Picks up every wireless camera in the vincinity. You'd be surprised how many there are. ...more info
  • It works well
    The reciever does pick up images well but the Swann Cameras seem to be an issue. I purchased a night hawk to go along with this mobile viewer. My choice of camera seems to be a down fall. On a hunch I took the reciever with me for a drive and to see if it picked up other peoples security cameras. As I drove by a coffee shop I was receiving all their cameras as well as hearing their voices. The volume control is real touchy and feedback is a problem. I do think if I had lowered the volume enough I could have been able to hear what they were saying. I don't know what type of system the coffee shop has. From what I understand this will pick other brands as long as they are 2.4GHz. All and all this isn't a bad solution for the price. I just wish someone would make a decent wireless camera with a large battery supply for people who can't string wires to their buildings. ...more info
  • Works well. More issues with the cameras than the hand held.
    It works well. Better if you have the camers close. Cameras seem to mor of an issue than the handheld....more info