Sony VCT1170RM High Grade Tripod w/ True Fluid Head & Remote Control (LANC Terminal)
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Product Description

The Sony VCT-1170RM high-grade remote control tripod is designed for use with Sony video cameras. It connects to the LANC terminal of the camera and enables the panhandling remote control. The ball leveler allows secure horizontal positioning. Installation and removal of the camera is simple, quick and easy.

  • High-Grade Model Designed To Embody Easy Operation
  • Wireless Tripod With Built-In Remote
  • 360Deg Panning Angle
  • 70Deg /90Deg Tilting Angle
  • Includes A Reverse Grip Corresponding Remote Control Pan Handle, Counterbalance Mechanism, Horizontal Ball Leveler, Smooth Pan Handling, Oil Fluid Type Tilting Option & A One-Touch Quick Shoe Set
Customer Reviews:
  • Quality design, I love the matching sony style and does the job
    Don't be fooled by the negativity, this product is for the serious professional not the winer. It has it all, the quick base which attaches in 1 click, remote control with the smooth fluid head pan, tilt zoom in 1 motion, nice carry bag, the light weight easy to move. Best for the new media HDV compact pro sony HDV Camera, developed with that in mind, don't sleep on this tripod. Up there with the best....more info
  • Smooth pan and zoom
    The tripod is definetly worth the extra money. The fluid head makes for a smooh pan and zoom. I have had many others, but this one stills the show....more info
  • Better than most, but high price
    Not for light weight cameras, but works well with FX1 or FX7 Sony HDV Cameras. Good fluid motion with easy one knob leveling; Tension loaded for best use with FX1 Sony Camera. I have 3 of these tripods in use. ...more info
  • Sony VCT-1170 Video Tripod
    I purchased this for use with a HDR-HC1, while all the pros like the Bogens, I really liked the remote control - but for the very high price it had better be very good. Bottom line - I sent it back.
    While it is strudy and well built, it would try and "center" the camera verticaly and there did not seem to be any way to adjust this. Also, there was some (a little) backlash. It seems like this is about double the price of other brands, but the only one in that range with LANC.
    I don't think it isintended for a small camcorder, perhaps with more weight it would not move on its own. But fot that kind of $ it should be very very good. Not sure at this point what I am going to get, perhaps the cheaper one and be done with it or a "real" tripod (for less $) and try and find a remote control.
    ...more info