Wireless Probe Driveway Alert Kit-3000' Max Range WPA-3000
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The WPA-3000 is an extremely reliable driveway alarm that is used to detect vehicles only. The transmitter operates on one 9-volt battery and has 50' of direct burial wire connecting the probe to the exterior case. The probe is buried parallel to the driveway, and will detect vehicles passing by within approximately 10-12 feet. The direct burial cable can be run to a tree or post nearby, where the transmitter box is located. When a vehicle drives by, the transmitter will send a signal to the WR-3000 receiver up to 3,000 feet away*.

The WPA-3000 is ideal in locations where there may be deer or other large animals that would cause false signals with a motion detecting system. Also, because the probe is buried underground, it will be the least noticeable of our wireless systems. The transmitter is weatherproof and meant for exterior locations. Up to four zones can be monitored with additional transmitters. The transmitters can be programmed so they will each sound a different tone at the receiver.

  • Wireless Probe Driveway Alert Kit-3000' Max Range WPA-3000
Customer Reviews:
  • Owner user
    Works poorly, does not work consistently beyond 400 feet and stops working at one whim or another. I have used this product with three transmitters and none worked as advertised, 3000 feet is a dream. Make sure of the companies return policy before ordering this product....more info
  • Excellent vehicle detection, driveway doorbell
    This unit has worked reliably for 3-4 months. We have a long driveway and I buried the inductor in the middle of the driveway (dirt) near the end. Any vehicles entering the property trigger the receiver bell. Passing vehicle traffic on the road does not cause false alarms. We've had a wet summer and there were 1 or 2 days when a few false alerts occurred as the saturated soil made for a larger inductive field. Other than those isolated instances it has been perfectly reliable. The unit has several form C relays, so one could (in theory) integrate this into an existing alarm panel....more info
  • Just what I wanted - easy and reliable
    This alarm was a snap to install - the only thing I had to adjust was the sensitivity dial, which was set at one-half and needed to be at three-quarters in my situation. It took less than an hour to install, including reading the instructions, and it is working exactly as promised. It detects both cars and ATVs.

    Keep in mind that this will not alert you to people approaching your house on foot or on a bicycle, but on the plus side, it won't go off every time an elk or deer walks by. It is also nearly invisible. If your driveway is more than 12 feet wide, it is possible that some vehicles traveling on the outside edge will not be detected.

    ...more info
  • Maybe a 5 star in awhile
    When i first got it it would only go off when the car was leaving the driveway, not on entering. Go figure. After reading directions I saw that it was suppose to be 12 inches down. I dug further down. Then it seemed to go off "sometimes" and after a lightning storm it would go off with a lot of false signals. I would unplug it for awhile. Then it would work for a couple of days before again going off. I changed sensitivity and battery with little success. Since I didn't use the full length of cable, I had folded it together and covered it. I then dug it up and moved the probe so the full length of wire was laid. It has now worked every time for the last 2 weeks. I have my fingers crossed since it is working perfectly now!! But still have worries about the false singles of the past. If, after a couple of months I have no problems I will have wished I gave it a 5, but for now I feel a 4 is right....more info
  • A reliable end to false alarms
    I live at the end of a twisting, hilly, gravel rural driveway. About 200 yards from the house vehicles are easy to hear, but the bell of the receiving unit will confirm that it has passed the neighbor's property and is headed up the hill to my house. The location of the sensor/transmitter is about 200 yards away, but still in sight of my home through fir trees.

    I had tried a cheap ($30) infrared sender/recieving unit, and was very annoyed by the frequent false alarms. Finally, due to cheap design water got into the sensor unit and a component on the circuit board failed. At last it was dead! I celebrated! I could shop for something superior now.

    After much shopping I chose the Wireless Probe Alert and shelled out the dollars for it. The manuals were brief but helped me understand how to program the indoor receiving unit and the transmitting unit.

    Burying the roughtly foot-long sensor (about the size of a large road flare) next to the road, and shallowly concealing the (long) wire took about fifteen minutes. I mounted the outdoor enclosure discreetly using the included screw behind a tree. The outdoor enclosure is very well sealed and allows for programming a unique ring tone (one of four) for the bell, so that if I wanted to purchase more than one sensor/transmitter, I suppose I could detect vehicles at different points along the drive.

    I have not been disappointed - it reliably detects cars (and sometimes a bicycle). It never misses a car and it never rings for animals or mystery sources. After four months the battery on the sending unit is still working strong. Ah... and end to jumping up to repeated false alarms in the middle of the night....more info
  • A Little Disappointed
    First of all let me say that it works. My first disappointment was when I opened the boxes. The plastic cases of the transmitter and receiver were very light duty and cheap looking. It looked like the quality of a plastic toy you would buy for your kid. I popped open the transmitter case and immediately the little plastic snap latch flew off and landed on the floor. It was no problem to put it back on the unit but I was wondering if it would fly off again next month when I am changing the battery out in the woods. Looking for it in the leaves might prove a little more difficult. Then I took the receiver out of the box and it was also very light duty and toy like quality. I popped it open and noticed the speaker inside was so tiny I was immediately suspect of the quality of the sound that it would put out. The receiver came with a small plug in transformer with about a five foot (very light duty) cord.

    The first thing I did was set the dip switches and plug in the reciever and turned it on. The Westminister Chimes tune came on and promptly distorted because the volume was too loud for the little speaker. I turned the volume down but the speaker could still not handle it unless the volume was way too low. As I was messing with the volume control knob I realized that it too was cheap because a very very slight turn took the volume from quiet to real loud. I was beginning to feel like I paid way too much for this product.

    I buried the probe alongside my gravel driveway and placed the transmitter on a nearby tree. The instructions recommended protecting the exposed cable, directly under the transmitter. However the plastic box/case had no available punch out hole for fastening a common electrical PVC connector. I decided to forget about protecting the cable and stapled it to the tree instead. I noticed as I was working with the cable that it had printing on it that identified it as direct bury underground sprinkler cable. I took the handy screw gun and fastened it to the tree using the two available screw holes at the top of the unit. There were no other holes to fasten it down along the bottom and it seemed kinda floppy even though I had the top screws down tight. The weather seal was a small bead of foam and not rubber like a better product would have. I suspect that it will not be completely water tight in a heavy rain.

    I completed the installation and ran the untimate test. IT WORKED. The wireless signal had to travel through some trees and into our metal sided house. My receiver was in the interior and it still captured the signal.

    My biggest complaint is the irritating sound from the little speaker. Everytime I HEAR it, it makes me mad. For $250.00 I expected a little quality. I expected it to sound like a normal door bell you could buy for $20 from Home Depot. Instead it sounds like cheap kids toy that won't make it till next Christmas.

    I understand that there are connections on the receiver to wire another sound device to it but that should not be necessary to get a normal volume "ding dong" without distorting.

    I am rating this device with a 3 only because it works as far as vehicle detection and wireless tramsmission. Had I known what I know know, it would have been a hard sell for me to pay $100.00 for this unit.

    My plans now are to go back down the driveway and open up the transmitter case and put some vaseline on the little foam weather seal. And maybe a small board above it to act as a little roof. Spring rains storms will be coming soon here and I don't want the electronics, inside, to get wet.

    Then, I think I will see if I can purchase a speaker that is the same size but a lot better quality and install it in place of the existing one.

    I am reminded of a homebuilder that I once knew that bought four corner lots on a neighborhood intersection. He built on the first lot and then moved into it and began building on the other lots. In his new house the bricklayer had messed up the fireplace mantel and every night the homebuilder would come home and sit down to relax and look up at that messed up fireplace and get mad. Finally he had enough of being mad every night so he moved into his second house and sold the first one.

    That is what that distorting speaker is like to me....more info
  • Worth every penny.
    We've had the kind with the hose across the driveway for years. Just love it when people drive back and forth and back and forth over it, it's just so funny, not. We've also tried the motion detector type and even the leaves falling set it off. This is PERFECT. No one knows it's there. No false alarms and we can put it further down the long drive so we have "more" warning. Trees in it's way don't seem to bother it. It's great. Several of our friends are now ordering them....more info
  • Works Great
    I buried the probe in the "V" of our driveway and it alerts when a car goes down either branch. I needed a longer cable from the probe to the transmitter but was able to make the 50 foot cable work by driving a pipe under one driveway and feeding the cable through the pipe and mounting the transmitter on a fence. The probe is about 60 feet from the road and road traffic does not set it off. The lawn mower will when it goes over the probe, and it went off once in a thunderstorm, but otherwise it has been flawless....more info
  • Everything I expected.
    Working for three weeks now at over 1100 feet. Just as advertised!...more info
  • This one works great!
    This driveway alert works perfect. I have the probe buried about 250 feet from the house. It has never missed a vehicle and doesn't give false alerts. I have had it for 3 months and it is still on its first 9-volt battery. I purchased a second receiver so I have one at the other end of the house too.
    Highly recommend this product.
    ...more info
  • Works flawlessly!
    This driveway alert works perfectly every time. I have not yet buried the sensor under the driveway because of the frozen ground. I have it lying parallel to the side of the driveway tucked behind a shrub. Even with the sensitivity turned way down, the sensor has picked up every vehicle. The transmitter unit is constructed very well. I has heavy rubber seal around the door that prevents any water from entering the compartment. Cheaper units I had considered were known to have water leak into them. This unit cost more then I wanted to pay at first, but I am not disappointed. I expect many years of reliable operation. ...more info
  • It works exactly as described
    We recently moved to a country location with a long driveway. Friends in the area use motion sensor alerts for their driveways. We have noticed they pay little attention to them because the numerous deer and other wildlife in the area are always tripping them off.

    So when I found I could get a sensor that works on magnetic principles for detection I was delighted and ordered one. I received it quickly from an Amazon merchant, read the instructions and installed it. It works perfectly. It was easy to install the unit so that it is virtually invisible from the driveway.

    The range from the transmitter to the house in my case is about 600 feet, through heavy brush, and the unit has handled this with absolutely no problem. I have tried the alarm receiver in several locations in the house, including the basement, and it has worked perfectly in all of them.

    I was concerned initially about the fact that the sensor would not pick up someone on foot walking to our house - but then I realized that my neighbors with motion sensors have so many false alarms that they pay no attention to the alarm unless they are expecting a visitor. In my opinion knowing that an unexpected vehicle is coming up the drive is far more effective as an alarm that ignoring an alarm because of so many false alerts due to deer, dogs, rabbits etc.

    In the three weeks I have had the unit installed, it has never failed to detect a vehicle, and it has never sounded an alarm under any other circumstance. Which is exactly what I wanted.

    For what it's worth - I do know electronics, and the quality of the unit internally is excellent. Also, the enclosure for the transmitter is well made to resist the ravages of weather and sun.

    As far as I am concerned this is a well thought out and well made unit that does exactly what I wanted.

    It deserves five stars....more info