Motorola HS810 / HS820 / HS850 Bluetooth Wireless Rapid Car Charger & Cigarette Lighter Adapter
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Product Description

Motorola HS810 / HS820 / HS850 Bluetooth Wireless Rapid Car Charger & Cigarette Lighter Adapter

  • Includes Car Charger
  • Non-OEM Brand
  • Charger will not overcharge
Customer Reviews:
  • Works as expected
    Works as expected...what more can you say about a car charger for a Bluetooth Headset? Very fast shipping as the item arrived in 2 days!...more info
  • Works great
    This product recharges my Motorola bluetooth hands free device quickly and easily. Highly recommend....more info
  • Good to go
    Other than I hated they changed the actual charger for the motorola HS810 I have no problems with it....more info
  • Worked great... for three weeks
    I bought this car charger when the prongs on my regular charger broke and it seemed to work perfectly. And it only cost me $5 including shipping. Then the other day, it stopped working. My GPS charger worked fine, so it is not the outlets in my car. The red light on the part of the charger that plugs into the outlet does not light up, indicating no electricity is running through. ...more info
  • Amazing deal!
    This product fits my motorola bluetooth headset perfectly. It worked well and it was at an amazing price. The only problem is that now it has stopped working but I think I was a little rough with it and it broke. I am going to be buying another one because it wasn't the product's fault it was mine. So I would recommend this as a best buy. ...more info
  • Cannot use
    Things did not go well with this purchase. I did not pay attention to the charger and unit to be charged not coming from the same seller. No biggie just a 1 cent and shipping lost. ...more info
  • Grab it asap... Awesome
    Close your eyes and grab it. Works awesome, I charge my Moto bluetooth while travelling as I lost my normal charger.
    Works reallly good and flawless.

    Enjoy it...
    ...more info
  • Works great with a great price
    This is a good product with a great price....more info
  • Motorola HS850 car charger
    Very helpful to have but haven't used it yet. I just labeled it since it is mixed up with other car charger items. ...more info
  • perfect price
    my buddy gave me a motorola bluetooth headset but didn't give me a charger. all i wanted was a cheap charger that worked. i got the charger plus shipping for under $10.00....more info