Professional Wireless RF Signal Bug Detector
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Product Description

Brand new Bug detector. Detects all hidden cameras and bugs. This unit has an audio and vibration mode. The beeps get stronger in the presence of any bugs or cameras along with LED's that show strength in signal. Each unit comes in it's very on padded box with instructions, and earphones. This unit requires (2)AAA Batteries (not included). This radio frequency detector truly separates itself from the rest of them and I think you will agree. RF detectors are simply a radio frequency receiving device. They are designed to detect wireless signals that are being transmitted within a certain frequency range. For example a wireless hidden camera is designed to transmit video to a video receiver. Some wireless transmitters are designed to transmitt as far as 3 miles away while others can only be received one room away. So the stronger the signal being transmitted the easier it is for the detector to detect it. Some micro spy cams are designed to output a very low signal making them very hard to detect. You may need to be very close to the camera or bug to detect it. They are designed this way not to be easily detected. The problem is if the detector is too sensitive it gives a false alarm. If it is not sensitive enough it does not detect the signal well enough. This is what separates this detector from some of the others you see. It has a built in sensitivity adjustment allowing you to detect those not so easy to detect wireless transmitters. You can sweep the suspect area then gradually increase the sensitivity until you eventually hone in on the target. It has a silent vibrate mode as well so you can use it without it sounding an audible alarm. It also has an earphone jack so if you choose you can use the included earphones while making your sweep.

  • Protect your Personal and Business Privacy
  • Detect Hidden Cameras, Bugs, Cell Phones and More
  • Detect Analog and Digital RF Signals from 0 ~ 5.4 GHz.
  • Has Audible, Vibration and Silent Detection Modes
  • Sensitivity adjustment for those not so easy to detect bugs.
Customer Reviews:
  • Works as advertised. Do not buy the overpriced competition
    The signal on this thing is WEAK. You have to be right up on a bug in order to detect it. But that's how I always saw them using those things on the Soprano's and similar shows. That's how I think it should be done anyway, so you can figure out the location of what exactly is setting off your surveillance detector....more info