MobiCam 70006 USB Receiver for use w/MobiCam Wireless Monitoring System
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Product Description

MOBI 70006 MobiCam Wireless USB Receiver 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver enables ;monitoring and recording of cameras directly ;to PCs or VCRs ; Compatible with MobiCam ;system and MobiCam wireless cameras ; Receiver has a built-in video input and audio line-in for recording audio and video from a wired CCTV camera ; Connect the receiver to a VCR to record to VHS or use the included software to record to a computers hard drive

  • Can be attached to a Computer, VCR or TV
  • Built-in USB adaptor for direct connection to your PC
  • Includes surveillance software for monitoring, recording & notification via e-mail
  • Compatible with optional ReCam PC Software
  • Automatic recording and notification with scheduling and motion detection