Q-See QSWSSB 2.4GHz Wireless Video Doorphone System
List Price: $129.99

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Product Description

See and Talk to Visitors Outside Your Door Without Opening It. Wireless.
Answer the door from anywhere in your home - without having to actually open the door! The QSDSSB Video Door Phone lets you see who's ringing your doorbell, without you ever being seen. It's the perfect way to distinguish expected visitors from pesky door-to-door solicitors.

See Who's There Before You Answer.
When your visitor presses the call button on the outdoor camera, a chime will ring and a black & white video image of the visitor will be displayed on the 5" monitor screen. If you want to talk to your visitor, simply push the talk button begin speaking. The camera's built-in microphone will pick up your visitor's voice automatically. The Camera has InfraRed LED'S for night vision.

Main Features

  • Manufacturer: Digital Peripheral Solutions, Inc
  • Manufacturer Part Number: QSWSSB
  • Manufacturer Website Address: www.q-see.com
  • Product Features: Intercom, Monitor
  • Display Screen: 5" CRT
  • Interfaces/Ports: 1 x Audio Out, 1 x Video-out, 1 x DC Power Input
  • Dimensions: 7.91" Height x 8.27" Width x 7.09" Depth - Receiver/ Monitor, 1.57" Height x 3.46" Width x 6.57" Depth - Doorway Camera
  • Weight: 4.74 lb - Receiver/ Monitor (Including Adapter), 0.57 lb - Doorway Camera
  • Package Contents:
  • Indoor Receiver / Monitor
  • Doorway camera
  • Antenna for camera
  • AC Adapter for Monitor
  • 3 x Pcs Screws for camera
  • Manual

  • Features:
    • When visitor rings the doorbell, the image of the visitor appears on the monitor. Two-way conversation between visitor and attendant
    • Able to monitor activity outside any time
    • Automatic shut off features
    • Built-in night vision in camera
    • Transmits over 300 feet in the line of sight
    Customer Reviews:
    • Could never get this to work
      I couldn't get the camera to work on the first one, which I sent back for a replacement. The camera didn't work on the second one either. Save your time and money. I'm see looking for a wireless system that works....more info
    • Item is Horrible - Expected much more for that kind of money
      When I got this item I was very disappointed. DO NOT BUY unless you like a cheap electronic imposter....more info
    • Who's There?
      Tired of running to the front door only to find a religious fanatic or cable company salesperson ready to pounce? I was seeking a device that could screen out these disturbances at an affordable price. Seaching, I found this Q-See audio/video doorbell priced at only $90.00.
      Setup was a breeze although I eliminated the 6" hood which stuck out to far. The AA batteries included were weak so I replaced them. The battery compartment is confusing; markings hard to read and the normal battery layout with the spring at the negative end was not followed. Incidently the instuctions were to say the least, vague. Mounted camera/intercom on front door ( steel clad ) and receiving unit in entertainment room about 60' distance. Video was clear with a bit of static in audio. The doorbell button is small and gray with the picture of a bell, very hard to spot so I applied labels over and under button to highlight location. When someone presses button a "ding-dong" is susposed to sound and the monitor to activate. The "ding-dong" only lasted a couple of tries but the monitor does automatically activate. You can hear your visitor and talk by pressing the talk button on the monitor. Note: monitor is really light weight and needs rubber feet otherwise it slips when using controls. Speaking with your visitor, the monitor/speaker shuts off after about 20 seconds whether your speaking or not. However, you can easily turn it back on. System is not well made as you might expect being from China. No warantee information or company address is supplied other than the web address listed only on the box. However, this said, I can't tell you how pleasing it was yesterday telling a door to door salesperson I was not interested without getting out of my chair watching TV. I should state that I am disabled and getting to the front door from the back of the house takes me awhile.
      CONS: 1.Doorbell/activator is hard to notice. 2."Ding-dong" gone. 3.Shuts off to fast even though talking. 4.Lack of written warantee or company address. 5.Monitor slips when trying to press controls.
      PROS: 1. Reasonable cost. 2. Clear video and audio reception. 3. NO WIRES TO HOOK-UP. 4.Eliminates hurrying to front door to find someone I didn't want to see and lets friends know that I am on my way to the front door. 5. Able to view front area by turning on monitor/camera manually. 6. Security, sees in the dark.
      This item is just what I wanted, just wish it were better quality.
      ...more info