Nady 351 Video Wireless Lavalier System, with 351VR Receiver, WLT 15 Lavalier Transmitter with WLT Lavalier Omni Condenser Mic & Audio Cable"
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The Nady 351 Ultra compact VR Wireless microphone system from Nady is the secret to producing professional sounding videotapes. Not only will the 351 VR dramatically improve the quality of your soundtracks, but it is so convenient and easy to use, you'll never want to use your camcorder without it! The Nady 351 VR eliminates the problems associated with camcorder onboard mics by allowing the microphone to be placed at the source of the sound where the action is. So even if you're shooting from 200' away, you still get clear, professional sounding audio with no interfering ambient noise. And thanks to Nady's Surface Mount Technology (SMT), the 351 VR receiver is ultra compact. Not much bigger than an audiocassette, it connects instantly to any video camera's external mic jack, and can be attached to the camcorder with velcro or worn on the body with the belt clip provided. Nady's newest, state-of-the-art microphone transmitters are standard with the 351 VR, with a choice of the Nady WHT-15 handheld or WLT-15 lavalier microphone bodypack transmitter. Both transmitters provide 16-20 hours of battery life from a single 9V alkaline, the longest battery operation available with any wireless on the market. The applications of the Nady 351VR wireless are many and varied: Parents can record their child's piano recital from the back of the auditorium and stillhear every note as it sounds onstage. Lecture presentations, awards ceremonies, etc., can ha

Customer Reviews:

  • Great microphone for the price!!
    I bought this microphone after I got one from Radio Shack (big mistake), the quality of this one is outstanding, very clear and super portable, I had to buy a mono to stereo adapter since the sound is only in one channel (you can correct this in production w the adapter you save some time), after I found the great quality built in this little device I returned the other one from RS (really bad). If you are looking for a good and portable mic for a tide budget this one is definitely it!! ...more info
  • Ultra-compact receiver can be camera mounted or worn on the body (with attached clip)
  • Easy hook-up to camcorder with supplied connecting cable
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery in a convenient slide open battery compartment
  • LED lights indicate low battery and receiver signal
  • Detachable softwire antenna extends from top of the receiver (detachable Rubber Ducky antenna optional)