Elk M1 Ethernet Port Expander Interface
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Product Description

Access and control your M1 security and automation system remotely. If you have an M1 Gold security and automation system in place in your home, you're probably already using this convenient system to control your lighting, thermostat and security in your home. Now you can connect your M1 Gold to the Internet for remote programming, monitoring, control, and email using the M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface. You'll be able to control your home or business from a PC browser anywhere! The M1 Gold system is not included. The M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface is a serial-to-Ethernet 10/100 adapter. It allows an M1 Gold Control to be connected to an Ethernet network using the TCP-IP protocol, without the need for a local PC server. The unit features a secure embedded web server with a user interface built on a Java applet, email event notification, and FIPS compliant encryption algorithms for security sensitive environments. The device is factory defaulted to obtain a dynamic IP address from a DHCP server (i.e. Ethernet switch, cable modem, etc.), but it may also be set up with a static IP address. The M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface connects to the M1 Gold via the included serial port cable. If desired, you can connect the M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface to your LAN switch or router by connecting a network patch cable through the unit's RJ45 8-pin network jack. To access and control your M1 Gold remotely, access the configured IP address and enter your user name and password. The screen it will pull up offers buttons that may be used to access the automation functions the M1 Gold controls, such as lighting, climate, and outputs. When, for example, you click the "Lighting" button, the screen populates itself with the names and current status of any lighting devices that can be controlled by the M1 Gold. By installing the M1 Ethernet Port Expander/Interface, you'll also be adding an event notification system to your security.

  • Allows M1 Gold to connect to Internet for programming, monitoring, remote control
  • Event notification via e-mail
  • Integrated 802.3 compliant 10/100 Mbit network interface
  • Operating voltage: 12 VDC (plug-in power supply included); Current draw: appox. 300 mA
  • Housing 4.25" x 6.375" x 2.125"; Circuit board dimension: 2.25" x 3.95"