GE 98067 Mini Cam Pro
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Product Description

Features: Snapshot button. Built-in microphone. Enhanced resolution. Wide range of applications. Can be used with desktop stand or laptop mount.

Customer Reviews:

  • picture qaulity
    bot Target Store And picture was not clear. no zoom, it seemed dark I couldent even see my self in it. I took it back to target and just said for get it. who am I trying to be pretty for Nobody.I dont really need it now. but if it dosent good picture why waste the good hard earned cash on money to servive in this over priced economy. wait till I have money and I have credit cards payd off before I go buy a nother one. I rate cam a 2. because on a sunny day couldent see my self on this cam other couldent see me. good luck...more info
  • Enhanced resolution
  • Snap-shoot function
  • Built-in microphone
  • Laptop clip included
  • Edit videos and photos