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Packed with leading-edge features normally found only in a desktop, the CommandTopTM offers flexibility and power beyond regular mobile PCs. The CommandTopTM Mobile Entertainment Center features the all new 64 Bit LGA775 Socket T Intel? Pentium? 4 Processor with HT Technology and also includes Dual Channel 533Mhz DDR2 system memory for maximum bandwidth throughput. For multimedia and gaming fans, the next generation upgradeable PCI-Express Graphics module design offers unprecedented selection flexibility. The front panel Audio DJ gives you direct control over your CDs and MP3s, and its TV Tuner lets you catch your favorite shows on the go. More Affordable. More Upgradeable. More Freedom. FutureTop.

  • The Absolute Fastest Laptop In The World
  • Upgradeable nVidia 6800 ULTRA 16X PCI Express Graphics Card,
  • CPU, RAM, Hard Drive(s), Optical Drive(s), and More!
  • ombine Your Desktop and Laptop into One Portable Power-House Unit
  • Great For Video Editing, Gaming, School, Professionals and More!
Customer Reviews:
  • Alienware does not support used laptops
    Alienware only provides updates to the original purchaser. If you purchase a 2nd hand Alienware, you CANNOT go to the Alienware web site and update your drivers. I WOULD NOT BUY a new Alienware as it depreciates drastically immediately, as a result of NO DRIVER SUPPORT, or another used one as updating drivers is impossible. Buying a used Alienware is very very risky over the long run....more info