Professional Photo Studio Light Kit 4 Heads Lighting Set with Free Light Stand, free light bulb
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Product Description

AIM Professional Studio Light Kit Which is ideal for film, digital photography, and even video. AIM Professional Studio Light Kit is easy to use and setup is effortless These lights work great with digital cameras just set the white balance to automatic or use the manual or tungsten settings. AIM Professional Studio Lighting Set features hand-spun reflectors made of thick high-strength aluminum with chemically-etched interiors for maximum light dispersion. Our Pro Light Reflector utilizes separate power cord plug (can be replaced with standard power cord sold in any electrical store) instead of electrical cord fixed on the light housing. Separate power cord and housing lighting system instead of fixed lighting system will save you a lot of trouble and money. 402 multiple bulb system (4 bulbs) comes in a set of two light housing with the reflectors attached (Bulb and stands not included). 402 reflectors are made of highly reflective aluminum. Unlike the first generation aluminum reflector, the construction of the 402 reflector is capable of reflecting the light over 98%. The bug eye design of the 402 reflectors increases the intensity of the light up to 70%. 402 come with light diffusing nylon cap. *Built in fuse design protect your light kit from surges from damaging the light kit *Modular cord to light housing design - lets you replace the power cord if you lose or damage the original cord supplied with the light system. Light Stand x2: (Min. height 70cm,Max height 190cm)

  • Pair of Studio 4 heads Lighting Set
  • Pair of seperate power cord
  • pair of light diffuser cover
  • pair of Light stand
  • Free 8 x 27watt 5500k daylight balance light bulbs
Customer Reviews:
  • Competition
    I didn't buy this but it is available at [...] and it includes 8 26watt 5500k bulbs. The description above is a bit confusing, but I believe the set here (and there) includes 2 stands, 2 reflectors, and 4 fluorescent light bulbs to go in each base - so 8 bulbs. You have to have a lot of bulbs to get it bright enough with fluorescent. After doing a lot of research, I decided to go with tungsten bulbs - the QL-1000, which are 1000 watt bulbs. They get a lot hotter than fluorescent, but include a fan on the light to cool.
    I wasn't sure how flexible this light kit would be so I decided to spend a bit more for a more professional setup - you can get a tungsten lamp that includes a softbox, barndoors (reflectors), and a 6.5' stand for about $209. Just shop around and be sure you know what you're getting. Lighting is the most important part!! and you want a flexible resource....more info
  • Studio light heads
    Comes VERY well packaged, easy to set up. Bulbs are free and you get what you pay for... be very careful screwing them in, the bulb base is not very well attached. No biggee though, a four pack at Home Depot is $[...]. (look for 5500k rated bulbs).

    Good customer service, there was a mix up in shipping methods and after I received a preship e-mail I was able to call and have the method changed.

    2-16" reflectors and the equivalent of just over 300w of light/unit. The diffuser is quite easy to install if you lay the head face up :)

    Update... I've had this Kit for almost six months now, I've upgraded the bulb wattage and built softboxes with rip stop nylon diffusers. By changing bulbs I can go from 300w/head to 1200w/head.

    The only problem I've had is the tilt mechanism was not designed for the slight weight increase of the softboxes, simple solution, tape a styrofoam spacer on the light stand :)

    Very pleased with the value this kit provides.

    Cheers, Don

    ...more info
  • Satisfied customer
    Great Value + excellent customer service!
    Ordered this set last month and arrived on time. One of the bulb stopped working after 1 hour. Sent email to their customer on Thursday and got reply on Friday morning... The replacement arrived on Friday afternoon. Very surprised!
    I will order from them again for sure....more info
  • Great Value! Perfect for what we needed.
    We got these to take "professional quality" photos of our baby girls without all the expense of Studio photographs. Originally we purchased a boom kit, but of course the lights were much too hot. These lights are nice and cool, and we can set the white-setting on the camera to adjust to the flourescent hue. The stands and lights are very good quality. The diffuser screens don't work at all, but we weren't planning on using them anyway. Keep that mind though it they are important to you. Other than that they're great!...more info
  • Only for digital cameras
    The lighting kit came on time and although it was relatively simple to set up, no instructions came with it. One of the supplied bulbs was not working. I had a bit of a problem putting on the difusser cap on, as they are from cloth and when you tighten on one side, another part gets loose. The soft white color from fluorescent bulbs is not equivalent to daylight temperature, so the photos come a bit blue/greenish, unless you make adjustments in your digital camera. I am concerned about the final color output when you combine it with flash, which has daylight color temperature.

    Other than that, the kit is fine. I suggest that you search a bit more and get a flash unit....more info
  • Great buy!
    Awesome light kit to create a professional studio environment. Here is what I like about this set:

    1. High wattage bulbs without the heat.
    2. Cheap replacement bulbs.
    3. Lightweight, easy to setup and store.

    I highly recommend this lighting kit to anyone interested in taking studio quality pictures.
    ...more info
  • XPRO rocks again!
    I also purchased this light kit. Simply "Amazing" and I am returning my spiderlite....more info
  • This light kit is great
    Another satisfy purchase made with XPRO. This light kit is one of the best continuous light kit on the market and it cost way less than the spiderlite.

    After reading numerous reviews and raves with the continuous lighting systems I've decided to do a little research. I've purchased from XPRO a while back and have been very satisfied with the quality and the price of their product.

    To make the story short here is what me and my fellow peers have to say about these light.

    1. With higher wattage bulbs, these lights works as good as a set of $1000+ strobes.
    2. They stay cool for hours so the objects or customers doesn't burn up under the lights. They are great for studio portrait photography and even product photography.
    3. Replacement bulbs are way cheaper than tungsten bulbs.
    4. Light weight and very easy to set up.
    5. Had several electric spike and the builts in fuse cut off protected my light kit each time.
    6. Free diffuser caps simulates soft box feature.
    7. What is sweet is that for a limited time it comes with 8 x 5500 Kelvin Day light balanced photo bulbs that cost $19 - $20 each in stores. The photo bulbs itself pays for the light kit.
    8. Two free light stands just made this package deal even better and affordable.
    9. We all felt that this light kit should cost more.

    Me and my fellow peers highly recommend XPRO Continuous light kit if you are new to continuous lighting systems. ...more info