Toshiba 22X Optical Zoom Ptz Netcam 30 Fps 2WAY Audio with Sd Card Slot
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High-resolution video Camera with 22x zoom you can view anywhere, anytime using only a standard browser!PRODUCT FEATURES:High speed PTZ functionality;Powerful 22x optical zoom lens;Ultra-sharp SXVGA resolution (1280 x 960);10 BASE-T, 100 BASE-TX (RJ-45) Ethernet;Built in slot for SD card (record at camera);Motion JPEG video streaming;Up to 30 frames per second;175? to +175? Pan Angle;300? per second pan speed;200? per second tilt speed;Compact, lightweight, easy to install.

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Customer Reviews:
  • supercam : big brother is jealous
    great product, best of what's to be found upnow ! just missing a software that get it's stream from several other cams as well ! great value for money....more info
  • Excellent Surveillance/Web Cam
    Toshiba 22X Optical Zoom Ptz Netcam 30 Fps 2WAY Audio with Sd Card Slot

    I bought this camera to use in the laboratory to allow remote viewing of samples by customers and experts from other laboratory sites around the world. Some times, there is just no substitute for a visual inspection by the expert or to get the customer to show you what they need analyzed. The fact that it has its own web server was crucial, but the 22X optical zoom is what sold me on this camera. I was able to read a telephone list from 20 feet away.

    Setup was easy on our internal network. We were up and running within 30 minutes of receiving the camera. The fact that the web cam has the built in web server allows me to move it from lab to lab cutting the cost to us because it can be shared. ...more info
  • Great Color Constrast and image definition
    I highly recommend this camera, however trying to integrate the video feed into your website can be tricky + use a lot of bandwidth off of your server. To solve this, I recommend using a live hosted video streaming service such as US Relay eLiveStream...more info
  • Amazing Camera, Bad Company
    I am giving this camera a bad review because of the support from toshiba.

    the camera is an amazing camera for image quality, speed and range of PTZ, optical zoom... note all this is hardware related..

    streaming over the internet over an average highspeed connection the activeX control is very fast and responcive. However note that this camera is only viewable from IE on windows.. Firefox, Macs, Linux need not apply, it wont work for you.

    However note that this camera is only viewable from IE on windows.. Firefox, Macs, Linux need not apply, it wont work for you.

    Toshiba support is cursory and for the most part does not exceed the "this is where this option in the interface is" level of support. Even at this low level of support they are not very responcive to getting back to you. I have on average in a two year period and 4 camera installations for different clients contacted Toshiba 8 or 9 times for advanced help in implementing web integrations, as well as some basic problems with bugs in the firmware. The first level support is friendly but very slow to help. I would get the I need to look that up, can i call you back responce.. 4 to 8 days later I might get a call back. Developer support which the first level refers you to for anything other than interface help, is useless. they might email you the sdk but other than that responce is non existent to monosylibic. I have multiple times asked very detailed questions and 4 out of 5 times got no responce at all. The time i did get a responce it was not oh this is how you do that but a one line reply that was not in context to my question. For a product that costs as much as this I expected more documentation and examples of integrations and also expected at least a minimum of support from toshiba in implementing these solutions.

    So my end summary is that it is amazing hardware but if you want to do more than watch a live image on a windows computer with internet explorer I would look elsewhere.
    To date I have been unable to implement succesfully a web integration with this camera due to how the firmware is setup and based on the SDK tha was supplied to me. Toshiba support has refused to help.. well maybe refused is to strong... lets say it has been apathetic and non responcive. I have even filed a review of my support with them complaining about not getting support and got no responce to that....more info
  • Great Camera
    I use this camera as a live nature feed to one of my websites. Bird feeders, etc with lots of small bird action.

    Great pictures. Tough software. Am learning with trial and error but wish Toshiba would offer an upgrade that 's easier to use....more info