Sterlingtek Premium 1800 mAh BP-511 BP-511A BP511 BP511A Lithium Ion Battery Pack for Select Canon Digital Cameras and Camcorders
List Price: $45.99

Our Price: $6.99

You Save: $39.00 (85%)


Product Description

Our Canon BP511A equivalent battery for your Canon Digital Camera runs longer, and COSTS LESS!

  • Our Canon BP-511 equivalent is a high performance Lithium Ion battery with no memory effects
  • Specifications: 7.2V Li-Ion 1800mAh
  • Did You Know? The mAh rating of a battery indicates how "big the gas tank" of a battery is. The higher the mAh rating is the more power that a battery will store and the longer you can take pictures!
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will replace this or any other item that you purchase from us for 1 year from the date your order is processed if it fails under normal wear or is defective. We always sell new high quality items and we are willing to back them up!
Customer Reviews:
  • Not what it says it is ...
    The advertised 1800 mAh at such a low price (from eforcity) intrigued me, but upon arrival it turns out that this must have been a classic bait-n-switch deal since the battery is a generic type with little or no information on capacity or manufacturer. In fact, it doesn't even list a number for capacity. Just like a previous reviewer, I am using this battery in an EOS 20D and while I didn't have the same failures, the true capacity seems to be way below 1800 mAh. Compared to my original Canon battery with 1300 mAh (2 years old), the new battery doesn't last much beyond half the time it would with lower rated original. Stay away from this one! ...more info
  • Very good and reasonably priced BP511 replacement
    I bought two Sterling Tek BP511 replacement batteries from Sterling Tek directly. Didn't order from Amazon after reading JimJ review to avoid the problem he had.

    The sterling Tek batteries came via US Postal Service. At $9.99 each plus $6.99 shipping for the order, the price came to $13.50 each which is very good.

    The batteries are labelled as 2000mAh. If it is the case, then this is probably going to last a lot longer than the stock Canon BP511.

    So far these batteries work fine. I took hundreds of pictures with one of them to try out the capacity (BP511 usually give me some 400 shots), but even using image stablization on a 28-135mm lens, the battery gauge still shows full capacity after more than 300 shots.

    Have not had them long enough to report on long-term results hence 4 stars, but at this price, they look like winners to me.

    Sterling Tek ordering, shipping and customer services are very good....more info
  • Avoid this battery - get the real "Sterling Tek"
    I had read a lot about the sterlingtek batteries in photography forums etc and then found this battery at amazon. The description of the battery says that it is from sterlingtek and so I ordered it. When it arrived I promptly charged it fully and inserted it into my canon EOS 20d. Everything went fine for the first 10 shots or so after which my camera suddenly stopped functioning completely! I tried switching it on and off - but it did not work. I then removed the battery and inserted it again and it started working again. I thought that this could be an isolated incident and so did not do anything about it at that point. That evening I took the camera out to take some photos and while I was shooting - the camera went dead again. This time however the camera did not start even after removing the battery and inserting it again. I did not have my old canon battery with me that evening and so I could not take any pictures all evening and I was really disappointed. I at once decided that it would be going back - as a battery that fails unpredictably while shooting was totally unacceptable to me.

    I have rated this as 2 stars instead of 1 star as the return process was really good. They refunded the full amount including the shipping within 3 days of sending it back!!

    The same day I ordered the real Sterling Tek batteries directly from their website (not from amazon). The batteries I got from Sterling Tek worked without issues. They also looked different from the one I got from amazon (which btw are shipped by eforcity) and so I realized that these batteries are definitely not from Sterling Tek even though the description says so.
    ...more info
  • Quality
    Good product, serves well and renders the same results as the OEM battery
    Good money to value ratio without all the bells and whistles of the OEM
    Highly recommended...more info
  • Same as Canon battery
    I've had this battery for 6+ months and compared its performance against two original BP-511s. I cannot tell any difference in terms of recharge time or number of shots per charge. A great find!...more info
  • Works great.
    Works as good as OEM, at a cost savings. I've had it 6 months now, and I highly recommend this in lieu of paying Canon prices....more info
  • great buy
    I bought one of these as a backup battery for my 300D (digital rebel), and it works great. I was skeptical because the real canon one costs 4-5x as much, but i can't tell the difference (I haven't done any quantitative comparisons). Highly Recommended!...more info