SterlingTek's Premium 1700 NB-2LH NB2L Li-Ion Battery Canon Powershot S30 S40 S50 S60 S70 S80 Rebel XT and Canon ZR Elura Optura Camcorders
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Product Description

Guaranteed to work with the following Cameras! Canon PowerShot S30 Canon PowerShot S40 Canon PowerShot S45 Canon PowerShot S50 Canon Powershot S60 Canon Powershot S70 Canon Powershot S80 Canon Elura 40mc Canon Elura 50 Canon Elura 60 Canon Elura 65 Canon Elura 70 Canon PowerShot S80 Canon Optura 30 Canon Optura 40 Canon Optura 400 Canon Optura 500 Canon PC1018 Canon MV5 Canon MV5i Canon MV5iMC Canon MV6IMC Get Only High Quality Batteries when you shop with SterlingTek.

  • Our Canon NB2L equivalent is a high performance Lithium Ion battery with no memory effects. Specifications: 7.2V Li-Ion, 1700mAh, NB-2L Equv. Battery.
  • Guaranteed to work with the following: Canon PowerShot S30, PowerShot S45, PowerShot S40, PowerShot S50, Powershot S60, Elura 40mc Elura 50, Elura 60 Elura 65, Elura 70, Optura 30 Optura 40, Optura 500 Optura 400, PC1018
  • Did You Know? The mAh rating of a battery indicates how "big the gas tank" of a battery is. The higher the mAh rating is the more power that a battery will store and the longer you can take pictures!
  • 1 Year Warranty: We will replace this or any other item that you purchase from us for 1 year from the date your order is processed if it fails under normal wear or is defective. We always sell new high quality items and we are willing to back them up at SterlingTek TM!
Customer Reviews:
  • Great value Rebel XT backup battery
    Bought in December of 2006 and still working great 2 years and counting. I shoot 200 to 400 shots on the average per month. This is my primary battery backup for my Rebel XT battery. Made in China

    - Cost 1/3 the price compared with the original brand.
    - Original Canon battery cost more than 3 times but does not give you 3 times as much picture shots.
    - Sits perfect on the camera
    - Both batteries are still working perfectly so I cannot comment on which is more durable than the other.
    -Fast charging

    - Does not last as long as the rating suggests. ...more info
  • Canon 1700 NB-2LH Battery
    What a bargain! I bought two of these as back up for my camera and they are just as good as the MUCH more expensive brand name product!...more info
  • Didn't get what I ordered (update appended)
    I got a battery marked 1200 mAh. Furthermore, I have no idea what brand it is--there's no "SterlingTek" anywhere on it. Contacted the seller and have heard nothing. Next went to the Amazon A-Z Guarantee--which just means I can return product with $5 credit for shipping and get my money back. I can't say that I am happy, with seller or product or Amazon for using this seller. UPDATE: SF Planet just sent me an email and offered to send a replacement for free. So I would give them back a couple stars if I could....more info
  • It's just a battery
    There seems to be some variety as to the specific mAh of the batteries supplied. I received a lesser one but the vendor I selected, SFplanet, was apologetic and made sure the situation was properly resolved.

    You can't edit the stars, but I'd bump it up to a 3. No more though, it is after all just a battery....more info
  • Whatever
    I haven't seen any noticeable differences between this battery and the one that came with the camera. For the price I bought two so even if down the road they turn out to only be half as good it's still worth what you pay. ...more info
  • Battery works great
    This battery seems to work just as good as the one that came with my Rebel XTi. ...more info
  • this works well
    i bought this battery 2 months ago it worked really well. It lasted as long as the original one. 2 weeks ago i found the need to get more extra batteries so i came back to this product and saw that there were unsightly reviews, which was unusual. The last time i bought this item all of the reviews we more than 4 stars. i decided to buy it anyway because i already had one and i didn't have any problems with it. ive been using the battery since it arived a couple of days ago and i havn't had any problems yet. i think i would still recomend this rather than the 45$ original. i hope this review helps....more info
  • Poor Quality Battery
    Bought this battery September of 2006. Worked great on our first trip. Greatly outlasted the original battery. Took it on a trip March 2007. The battery only gives 1/4 of its original performance. Caused a lot of lost shots on our trip. I noticed the word "POWER" was spelled "POWWER" on the battery. This would seem to provide a hint to the quality. Too bad. I loved this battery on the first trip....more info
  • Don't buy this one!
    I hoped to get a working battery for my Canon S70 at a discount. We get what we pay for. The first outing on a full charge gave me ONLY NINE pictures before the camera indicated "low battery."

    Now I find the seller may not take returns. I may have wasted my time and money. I hope I've learned my lesson....more info
  • Poor Quality control or bad product?
    The batteries I recieved didn't have any kind of marking on them, except that they said 'For Canon NB2LH'. No power rating, nothing.

    Nevertheless, both the batteries I bought last LESS than the canon originals. Much lesser. Now this is not what they advertised, right? Bad, bad, bad. ...more info
  • Awesome Battery
    I bought 2 and use them in my Rebel XT with a Canon grip.
    Amazon says the power rating is 1200. There is no indication on the box, or battery to tell you what power you have. Whith both of them in the grip, I have shot over 1200 pictures without recharging.

    Great battery, I am ordering 2 more....more info
  • Not bad for a non-canon battery
    Seems to last longer than the battery that came with my Rebel XT, so I'm very happy with it. I plan on using it with the battery grip, but have not yet purchased it, so I can't give a review with the battery in the grip yet.

    Using the battery with my rebel has been absolutely wonderful. A full day of shooting (with or without flash) usually only puts me through this battery and the one that came with the camera. Typically I can pull off about 1200 shots without flash using this battery. Probably going to pick up one or two more.

    Considering the price and the capability, I'd definitely suggest this battery to anyone who asked....more info
  • Looks like hit or miss on capacity.
    I bought this based on the reviews that stated they were shipping 1500mAh packs. This one that I received is clearly marked 700mAh. The capacity shouldn't be an issue if it holds. . .

    Just need a backup for when my Canon pack tanks on me. . .

    ...more info
  • powershotjim
    The specification listed the mah as 1200 but when the item was received they sent me a 700 mah. They should not mislead you into buying a better product than they offer. ...more info
  • Battery for Canon Powershot S80
    My wife needed a backup battery for travel to Japan. I got this battery for $10 plus shipping. It was so much less than the factory battery, I thought if it didn't work I wouldn't be out much. It works fine. I haven't tested it specifically to see how long it holds a charge relative to the battery supplied with the camera. But it seems about the same. ...more info
  • Good batteries, prompt delivery
    I ordered two NB2L Li-ion batteries and extra charger for my Canon Digital Rebel XT. The price was great, the delivery was prompt, and the two 1500mAh batteries work very well. I don't have any comparison with my original lower capacity Canon battery, but these batteries hold up well in the camera and my Opteka grip. And, yes, "POWER" is spelled "POWWER" on the back.

    The charger is a bit less sturdily built than the Canon one, but it includes a car charging cable that the Canon one does not.

    The package was an excellent value for the relatively low price, which is much, much lower than Canon charges....more info
  • Great battery so far
    This works great in my Rebel XT (actually in the Opteka Battery Grip with the other Canon battery - get that thing if you dont already have it for your Rebel XT.) There is no clear answer on the power rating - it says 1200 here, 1400 in the literature, but the battery says nothing. At any rate, it works just the same as the original. I have only been using it for a couple of months so no idea on long term....more info
  • "powwer" spelled wrong on the battery
    that's my only issue with this 3rd party battery. it works perfectly with my digital rebel xt and delivers 1500 mAh. well, that's what's written on the battery itself. i shot every day for a week without a need to recharge once! i'd guestimate about 900 pictures total before the first recharge.

    i bought 2 but i'm questioning if i'm ever going to need the second one, what with my original canon battery that came with the camera.

    highly recommended!...more info