Epson Powerlite 755C LCD Projector Wireless 3.8LBS
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Product Description

With brilliant image quality, real-time wireless presentations, convenient Instant Off and more, the Epson PowerLite 755c is the ultraportable that's sure to impress. This high performance XGA projector offers 2000 ANSI lumens and Epson 3LCD technology for amazing color and detail - anytime, anywhere. And, with 802.11g wireless capabilities, it ensures fast transfer speeds for MPEG2 video, etc., as well as Keynote and PowerPoint presentations. It even facilitates PC-free presentations through USB and PCMCIA connections. And, it provides the broadest security protection with WEP, WPA, and CISCO LEAP compatibility.Ideal for on-the-go presenters, this powerful 3.9 lb performer offers many high-end features thatfacilitate easy setup and operation including automatic source selection, auto keystone correction and a 1.2x optical zoom.

  • Brightness (Lumens) - 2000
  • Special Features/Suggested Use - Autokeystone correction
Customer Reviews:
  • I got what I paid for.
    I bought five of them Feb 2007 for my business and think I chose the right model.

    Pros: Bright lamp. Very important for me since I use them in lighted auditoriums or even outside. All experienced people depend on WiFi connection, so do I. After your 10th or 15th presentation you find it easy to use WiFi. Epson added this feature to this projector and believe me, experienced presentator, it works like it should. Meanwhile, projector weight is less than 4lb, much helpful if you are going to carry it. Comes with bag.

    Cons: A lot of functions I don't need.

    Anyway, not sorry I paid for the quality....more info
  • Wireless Projector
    7 months of use. Well, no problems yet, Epson quality speaks for itself.
    It was purchased as an office projector and the idea was to get rid of "wiring problem"... that what my boss told me... hmm, actually he just wanted to show how smart he is by doing next presentation with his phone. He did it a couple of times and was happy. I barely could understand why did we need a projector for $2000 to show us his smartphone, so I started to play with the most interesting features that this projector has.
    First, it is very simple in use. At least for me. I'm not talking about PowerPoint presentation with laptop via serial connection. Of course, it can do this too, but I don't think you need to pay $2000 if you want just this. Wireless connection. As I've mentioned above, our boss without any problems got connection with his Sony Ericsson. I used my laptop and got the same result. I also tried encryption. I can not say how well it is and why do you need this security stuff unless you are doing your presentation for hackers conference, but it seems working.
    The most interesting thing I wanted to try is playing video. By that time this projector was not screwed to the selling, and I had an idea to get it home to watch some movies on the wall with 200" diag. It was the first projector (I had an experience with about 10 of them) which started to play video without any additional help from me. I had several awesome nights with coke and popcorn...
    Anyway, the image was sharp, the bulb was bright and, thanks God, it doesn't have so noticeable pixel grid! I saw a lot of LCD projectors with this lack. And of course you can not avoid using wireless feature with selling mounted projector.
    Overall, the best wireless projector I've ever used....more info
  • Not For Beginners!
    My company purchased this projector to be able to give PowerPoint presentations without having to connect to a PC or Laptop. This projector will work for that, but it isn't a projector for beginners. Multiple calls to Epson Tech Support were less than useless, they actually gave us really bad advice. Finally we got it up and running. The projector doesn't support all the animation options in PowerPoint but it does support the basic ones, like wipe, blinds, fly in, etc. Once we got the hang of the projector and we loaded all the software, ran the conversion and saved all to a memory stick, it ran fine and the display is very good. But unless you are a dedicated techy, my advice is find a simpler projector or connect a laptop....more info