Griffin iFM (Dock Connector) / FM Radio and Wired Remote Control for iPod
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Product Description

iFM integrates FM radio tuning and remote control functionality to the iPod, allin a tiny enclosure. With the flip of a switch users can now switch seamlessly between controlling their music library and listening to their favorite FM radio programming. Use the iFM as an inline remote to control the iPod's transport controls, great for workouts, biking or hiking. The integrated white backlit LCD shows the operating mode of the iFM. To give you quick control over the sound of your iPod's music, iFM features a handy equalization toggle, available in Remote Mode. By pressing the EQ button in Remote Mode users can toggle between a favorite equalization setting and no equalization. Max Output Power - 20mW each into 32 ohm speakers Max Signal-to-Noise Ratio - 57dB Stereo Separation - 27dB Total Harmonic Distortion - 0.4% Dimensions - 2.16 x 1.28 x 0.40 inch (54mm x 32mm x 10mm) Weight - 0.6 ounces

The Griffin Technology 9125-IFM30 iFM Radio, Remote and Recorder for iPod gives your iPod FM-radio tuning capability and a remote control functionality. Just flip a switch to choose between FM and remote control modes on this handy, slim device. The remote mode is great for workouts, biking, or hiking, giving you play, pause, fast forward, rewind, next song, previous song, and volume functions, along with a nifty equalization toggle to stabilize the sound of your tunes. If you'd like to listen to your iPod on the radio, the iFM's digital auto station scan with wraparound, and six station presets make it easy for you to find a station with minimal static. If you find yourself overseas, you'll enjoy the band-switch function, which enables alternation between US, European, and Japanese FM bands. But no matter where you are, the integrated white LCD backlit lets the iFM's quality shine through.

  • Digital auto station scan with wraparound
  • Band-Switch function to switch between US, European and Japanese FM bands
  • Controls pause, play, fast forward, rewind, next song, previous song, volume
  • 6 Station presets per band
  • Compatibility: iPod nano (1G and 2G), iPod mini, 3G iPod, 4G iPod with click wheel, iPod Color, iPod Video
Customer Reviews:
  • Too many complaints for one good title
    I have owned both this FM remote and the Apple fm remote. Both had the same main issue -- the wires tended to get tangled. However, I HIGHLY recommend the apple brand over the Griffin.
    These were the problems I had with it:
    - Volume. While there is a volume button on griffin, it doesn't get loud enough to listen to on the street or at the gym. The radio volume is not routed through the ipod, so it doesn't matter if you have the ipod turned up all the way.
    - Navigation. Because the radio is not routed through the ipod, you have to navigate the stations on the griffin (not too bad, but annoying to switch around).
    - Clip. This is a common complaint that I've read. The belt clip is very flimsy and doesn't attach to anything. The apple brand clip is a lot stronger (and I used it to gather the excess wires).
    - Durability. This is my main complaint . . . IT TOTALLY FELL APART!!! I took it out of my bag one day, and the on/off button had fallen off. I managed to get it back on, but the next day, the entire face plate had fallen off, and all the buttons had fallen out. I because all the electronic cards inside were now shifted around, I wasn't able to put it back together. Neither amazon nor griffin would replace it for me (though as you can probably guess, I wouldn't want another one).

    The only pro for this item is the price, but honestly it's not worth it.

    Note: the apple brand remote also stopped working after about a year (think it got rained on), but honestly, I wish I had shelled out the $45 to replace it with a new one instead of the griffin....more info
  • Great little tool
    This little gadget is perfect for using my ipod while i ride my bike. It gives me the chance to change tracks and adjust volume so I dont have to interrupt my ride. I do wish it was a bit more sturdy as I have easily broken one before but at this price I dont feel bad about replacement ...more info
  • Awesome
    This thing gets great reception, we live in a rural area and have a hard time getting any radio stations. This thing does great, gets all the stations that come in in our area. It is also very easy to use....more info
  • Nice FM Tuner for Ipods
    The Griffin iFM is the ideal FM tuner for Ipods, especially the black colored ones. It has good FM reception and good sound quality, the built-in 6 presets and 3 bands (Japan, USA, Europe) are very useful for international travelers. It is almost perfect if not for the 2 small gripes, the small equalizer button is very hard to push and the earphone plug dongle gets easily tangled with the other wire, which should be built-in in the first place. Other than those, the iFM is a good tuner and has the bonus feature as a wired remote controller. ...more info
  • Buyer Beware!
    In spite of the product description, this will not work as a wired remote for the ipod 3G. The radio works but you might feel a bit silly hauling around a $200+ ipod to serve as a battery for a radio. There has got to be a better way!Griffin iFM (Dock Connector) / FM Radio and Wired Remote Control for iPod ...more info
  • A really bad choice
    Save your money. The construction is extremely cheap. My Griffin iFM fell apart in a couple of months! I couldn't put it back together because the controls don't line up and the sides won't glue. I wish I could find another alternative but I can't find one.

    Besides that, one will have to carry two devices from now on instead of one, and this Griffin has long chords, that will twist and tangle all the time.

    Having to add a device like this iFM is ridiculous. It would be better to just use another device with FM rather than lugging around an Ipod just to power up this other device. Apple should really think about this......more info
  • Don't see the point
    I bought the iFM to use with my new Nano. The only relationship it has with the Ipod is to use it for power. When you plug this into the Ipod, you now have 2 separate devices to carry; the Ipod does not even have to be on for the iFM to work. Ipod really needs to add the FM tuner because having to add a device like the iFM is ridiculous. It would be better to just use another device with FM rather than lugging around an Ipod just to power up this other device. ...more info
  • I don't own this...but consider these other options
    I have both an iPod Nano and Sandisk Sansa e250. If you don't already own an iPod but is thinking of getting one along with this iFM Radio, consider this:
    Cost of iPod+FM = $145+$36=$181
    Cost of Sansa = $107

    The Sandisk (or even the Zen or the new Samsung) has many more features (MP3 player, Photo viewer, Video player, Voice recorder, FM Radio and MicroSD memory expansion slot) for much less money. I must admit, the iPod is definitely more sexy and more user friendly. I just wish Apple wouldn't get too greedy and instead integrate the FM Radio feature in the next release of iPods....more info
  • Value for money
    Good FM reception
    good remote functionality
    value for money

    build qaulity seems to be fragile, it still intact for me.
    Eqaulizer button is too small to be usable.
    both ipod dock connector and head phone jack come from the bottom, it would have been better if headphone jack comes out of the top...more info
  • Griffin iFM
    Functionally, the iFM is great. I like to use it for workouts at the gym to watch FM transmitted TV's. However, the construction is extremely cheap. I bought two of them and both fell apart. One fell apart the second time I used it. The construction is so cheap that I couldn't put it back together because the controls don't line up. I wish there was an alternative but I can't find one. I like being able to switch between iPod tunes and FM, but will have to carry two devices from now on....more info
  • Subtracted one star for build quality
    I received the iFM 2 months ago, and while the tuner is excellent -regularly pulling in stations I couldn't always get with other portable radios- the build quality has left something to be desired.
    First of all, the belt clip is made of a cheap plastic and snapped off easily when the cord snagged on something as I walked along. It didn't pull that hard, but it was enough. A metal part in place of the plastic one would have easily withstood the strain without complaint, and if not, could have been bent back into place. It wouldn't have snapped.
    Second, I accidentally dropped it from waist height, and the whole unit fell apart. The parts snap together during assembly at the factory, so I was able to snap the housing back together, fortunately. However, it was disconcerting that it should be so prone to break or fall apart from these relatively light knocks or bumps. I emailed Griffin's customer service center, and unfortunately, they do not have replacement belt clips. *Sigh*...more info
  • Griffin iFM vs. Apple Radio Remote.. and the winner is
    Griffin iFM vs. Apple Radio Remote

    iFM Pros:
    ++ arrangement of buttons makes operation by touch a cinch
    + (cosmetic) available in black (only)

    iFM Cons:
    - Lowest volume setting is still a little too loud for certain circumstances/environments
    - clip is somewhat flimsy

    Radio Remote Pros:
    ++ iPod integration is great
    + volume can be adjusted in much finer detail compared to iFM (64 vs. 16 levels)
    + clip appears more sturdy and usable
    + includes a set of Apple earbuds which a shorter cord

    Radio Remote Cons:
    - arrangement of buttons makes operation by touch not as convenient as iFM
    - (cosmetic) available in white (only)

    Both seem about equal as far as FM radio performance is concerned.

    While the Apple Radio Remote seems like the better of the two, I use the iFM (with the shorter Apple earbuds) when skiing because the button layout is much easier to use on the slopes while wearing gloves....more info
  • Fun and Mini (FM!)
    I love my iPod, and what's more I love iTunes (especially since I have gotten a broadband connection.) One of the things I like doing in my apartment on Saturday mornings is listening to my music, but often, I alternate this with public radio from my iTunes (by way of a streamed URL feed.)

    So, when I go out, I wander around town with my iPod, but I chose to get rid of my other portable FM radio a while ago when it broke, and haven't replaced it since.

    Until now. I picked up the iFM by Griffin Technologies to test and review for as part of the local Apple User Group, and I was immediately taken with the device.

    This is a great iPod accessory. To use it, you need any iPod with a dock connector (such as the mini, the nano, the video or the older generation iPod with a dock connector.) I use the device with my mini iPod.

    The connector snaps into place and a cable connects you from iPod to the iFM remote. Then instead of connecting your earbuds (or other earphones) to the top of your iPod in the usual place, plug into the remotes connector. The audio quality is indistinguishable. And with a flip of a button, you can chose between the iPod's selection and whatever's on you local FM radio.

    And I found the reception to be pretty good (better than compared to the radio in my car anyway.) I suspect this is due to the remotes cable connection between the iPod and itself, acting as an antenna.

    However, for me, this cable was the only detractor of the iFM. And I believe this is just because it was hard for me to get used to having it around (I almost zipped the cord into my jacket a couple of times while using it walking around town.)

    Otherwise, I liked the variety (and freedom) of being able to chose to listen to either my music on the iPod and that found on local FM.

    The iFM has another advertised feature that I've yet to test -- the remote has a microphone built-in. Unfortunately, my iPod is a mini, and it doesn't have the recording capability of the current models of the nano and the video iPods.

    However, I found this a non-issue; since I'm not recording with my iPod, I don't miss the feature....more info
  • Does the job
    I wanted this so that I could tune into the TV stations at the gym. Reception is great and I can easily flip from listening to the iPod and listening to the radio/TV.

    Extra hanging cords are annoying, but other than that I am pleased with the iFM....more info
  • Black iFM = No Recorder
    I haven't purchased this item yet, but buyers should be aware that the black version does not offer recording capabilities. If you go to the griffin technologies website, the black iFM is listed under iFM Dock (the other major difference being that this version uses the dock connector instead of the extended headphone port). iFM Dock is a "Radio and Remote for Ipod." So despite the product description on amazon, there is no recorder on this version.

    That being said, I plan to give this gadget a shot so that I can listen to the radio while at the gym. I'm hoping this version won't have the problems with the casing that some reviewers have cited, but only time will tell.

    PS: There is an excellent review of both models at iLounge....more info
  • Add functionality to your ipod nano
    This accessory allows me to listen to fm radio on my ipod nano. For some reason, listening to the local NPR station (KQED) makes using cardio equipment at the gym much more pleasant.

    Some reviewers have mentioned that they quality control issues but I have used my ifm for a couple of months and not had any problems. You can use the ifm with a protective case. And I just clip the little base unit onto my ipod armband.

    This is one of the two accessories I use regularly from Griffin Technolgy (the other is the itrip). A slight negative is that this does operate off of the ipod battery. I've just trained myself to plug in my ipod more often.

    My husband has pointed out that buying a nano and then having a whole case of accesories rather defeats the purpose. I think it adds a lot of functionality....more info
  • Help Me!
    WOuld someone anser this question. How do you record songs from the radio! I have tried and tried but still havnt figuerd out! TO anser my question write a review and title it "Anser"....more info
  • Help Me!
    WOuld someone anser this question. How do you record songs from the radio! I have tried and tried but still havnt figuerd out! TO anser my question write a review and title it "Anser"....more info
  • IFM Radio
    This product is absolutely what I have been looking for. I was particularly interested in the radio feature and the fact that it has other functionalities for my Ipod was a definite seller for me. I have recorded from the radio and love it.

    However, I do have one complaint as with the regular Ipod remote, the cord seperates from the plug that goes into the headphone jack exposing the wires which from experience with the regular remote will start to cause a short. I haven't written griffin about this yet but intend to and hope something can be done to prevent a short from happening.

    All in all, a great addition to the Ipod since most MP3 players are coming equipped with the control, recording and radio features.

    I would have given a 5 star but this seems to be a problem that griffin hasn't fixed. I hope they do so real soon....more info
  • Nice Idea, but Some Quality Issues
    I purchased Griffin iFM a couple of months ago from Target. I have used both the remote function and the FM tuner. I like very much both of those functions. I have tried a couple of times to use the FM record function, but I have not been successful so far. I have not stressed out about this since I mainly got it for the FM feature as well as the remote.

    The FM tuner works well. I have used it at times for a little variety from my iTunes library or to check on the news. The slide switch on one side is how you select between FM receiver or the iPod remote. The mid position is the FM mode. The station frequency is displayed on the LCD display on the face of the remote. The display is backlight and is very easy to read. This I feel this is much more useful since I keep my iPod tucked away in a case in my jacket or backpack and don't have to pull it out to read the display like you have to with the new Apple FM Tuner. This unit does plug into the headphone and remote jack on the 4G versions so you can't use it on the new Video iPods. The forward/back buttons for skipping iPod tracks is how you tune the radio. You can also store favorite stations in memory locations too.

    I have the Apple wired remote for the 4G iPods and it works good but the number of buttons on the face are difficult to operate without looking at it and the Apple remote does not have a clip like the Griffin FM Remote does. To put the Griffin iFM into iPod remote mode you simply slide the side switch all the way up. All the way down puts your iPod in the off position assuming you have the lock switch in the red position. The Griffin has a very large button on the face which is the play/pause button. This is the most used button by me so I find it very useful as compared to the Apple remote. The volume and forward/back are on the side. There are small like the Apple remote, but are easier to use since the remote is always orientated straight up with the use of the clip. I have the Apple remote and with it daggling out of my inside pocket in my SCOTTEVEST TEC jacket I never knew which end was up and which button was volume or skip. I can even operate the pause/play button even with my motorcycle gloves on.

    Besides the problem of recording FM audio I too have had the outer white casing separate from the cable where the connector attaches to the iPod. I have not tried to connect the company yet about a possible fix. Based on these two issues I can give it a 3 star rating. If I did not have problem with the cable, I possibly would have given it a 5 star since I really don't can about FM recording....more info
  • I have used it for a week and the cord is already coming apart!
    I am sooooo returning this piece of junk. Didn't even last a week of regular use. Cord is coming apart at the connectors....more info
  • Interesting Concept, Design Flaws
    Well, it's a remote, with added fm features. Overall, I like Griffin products, they have been good with their ipod accessory line, I own a couple of them, they all seem to be ok in my standards. This little remote is no exception. Griffin just made another similar item for the ipod nano and it has won the Mac world best product award. I guess when the new product comes out nobody cares about your not even one year old ipod mini/4G anymore. Or maybe it's because Steve Job changed the design of the newer generation of ipod so you have to get the right to use dock connector before you can make anything for it. Regardless, this remote is a new product, but it's already old. Back to the review from my mindless thought. It does what it says, switch to FM, remote or record voice. Quality seem to be ok. Now the negative part:
    1: FM recording is in the pathytic apple low bitrate format so don't expect CD quality music so you don't have to buy that brand new CD just came out that's also playing on the radio. Sure, none of us ever used the tape recorder that came with the stereo 'wink' A easy fix of that could be found with a little twist of the iPod OS, ... LINUX!! google it and you will find it to be a quite useful feature for your ipod, more versitility and programs, you can change a lot of settings "hidden" in the ipod and you can also switch back anytime you want. If you get ipod linux, you can up the bitrate of recording the FM radio to at least a MP3 quality. BTW, you can get Linux for your xBox too, what a great idea!
    2: The cord design is relatively flawed, I like the orginal ipod remote design where one line comes in one line out, this ifm has both on the same side, with the heavier weight of the remote itself and a clip looks like a hair pin just pulled out of a barbie, you might find yourself with the remote dongling on your ear a couple of times.
    With those in mind, now you can decide, the voice recording capability can be done through Ipod linux program alone, so you are basically buying a FM turner that you can get the "oh...that's my song" on the radio feeling over and over again.
    ...more info