Keykatcher-Mini, 64k
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Product Description

Protect your children from the ever-present dangers on the Internet and monitor unauthorized use of your computer with the KEYKatcher. KEYKatcher is a small hardware device that installs between your keyboard cable and motherboard and records every keystr

  • Captures EVERYTHING typed on your keyboard: E-mail, instant messaging, chat room activity, website addresses, etc.
  • Compatible with Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT/Me/2000/XP, Linux and OS/2
  • Installs in seconds between keyboard and motherboard... no software to load
  • NETPatrol search for URLs and e-mail addresses and also customized keyword search
  • PS/2 connector
Customer Reviews:
  • Best Keylogger I Have Seen
    I own a couple of KeyKatchers to monitor my teenage kids and they work great. They record everything that is typed and there is no way to know one is attached unless you look in the back of the computer. Unlike software keyloggers, they don't use any system resources, so they don't slow down your PC. They also can't be discovered or removed by anti-spyware. I also like that I don't have to be concerned about them spying on ME and sending information back to the software publisher!

    The best deal I have seen is at LakeshoreTechnology but the price seems to have dropped recently and they are a great value pretty much anywhere you get them.

    One word of caution, it is both illegal and creepy to spy on your spouse - so don't! I also think it is a good idea to let your kids know you can and do check on how they use the computer. I tell mine that they should treat the computer as a public place. That way, when I have found some questionable online behavior I have been able to talk to them about it without them being horrified that I was "spying" on them. Teens are self-righteous enough without giving them justification!...more info