Leviton RJ-31X Security System Surface Mount Jack
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Product Description

Make sure your security system can dial for help. Your security system is in place to protect your office, home, and loved ones. In the event of a security breach, your security system uses your telephone line to dial for assistance. Burglars may be aware of this and try to circumvent your system's success in alerting authorities by picking up your phone, but Leviton's RJ-31X Surface Mount Jack will seize the phone line, so burglars can't prevent your security system from dialing out. The phone line simply goes through the RJ-31X Surface Mount Jack. The Leviton RJ-31X Surface Mount Jack comes with hardware for easy installation. Its high-reliability features include a retainer comb to assure proper contact between the jack and the plug.

  • Seizes phone line in event of a breach of security