Two Way Listen-In Kit for M1EZ8 Security/Automation Panel
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Product Description

Listen-in kit provides 2-way communication to M1EZ8 security/automation panel. Add another level of protection to your home. The Two-Way Listen-In Kit for the M1EZ8 automation/security panel (not included) adds up to three zones of two-way listen-in that can be used by the Central Station to verify an alarm. Up to 12 microphones may be connected; one is included, and additional microphones are not included. The Two-Way Listen-In Kit for M1EZ8 interface allows microphones to be connected to the M1EZ8 for two-way voice verification and listen-in. It features three separate microphone zones with up to four microphones per zone. Programming options and operation procedures are already built into the M1EZ8 control. A listen-in session can be initiated from any zone that has the two-way listen-in option enabled. After the zone alarm is transmitted, the dialer will hold the line for up to 60 seconds, allowing the central station operator to press the designated tone command to initiate listen-in. If the tone command is not received, the dialer will hang up, releasing the phone line. An active two-way session will terminate automatically after three minutes unless manually extended.

  • Provides 3 separate microphone zones of up to 4 microphones each
  • Adds amplified talk-back speaker output with adjustable volume control
  • Interface powers microphones and performs switching