Samsung SPH A840 - Cellular phone with digital camera - Sprint Nextel - CDMA2000 1X / AMPS - black silver
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Product Description

Be heard with the built-in speakerphone and SMS voice messaging. Capture VGA-quality digital pictures and send them to compatible phones or email accounts. Free your hands and go truly wireless while working, or gather friends around for a group call. Enjoy a sleek and streamlined design with an antenna that's hidden inside. Send a voice message directly to a friend's phone. The message is recorded and goes directly to the recipient's inbox.

With a VGA camera, dual displays, advanced voice-activated dialing, and a speakerphone the Samsung PM-A840 is great for folks who want to take advantage of Sprint PCS Vision services like picture messaging and mobile web browsing.

The A840 features a traditional clamshell design with an internal antenna, and a large 128 x 160 color display with support for 65,000 colors. A supplementary monochrome display on the outside of the cover displays incoming call information, battery life, signal strength, and more. The camera unit is placed just above this display, as is an LED flash. Most of the phone's features and on-screen menus are controlled by a five-way center button on the handset's backlit control pad. The phone also features a standard jack to accept universal hands-free headsets.

Calling Features
The A840's built-in address book can store up to 300 contacts for quick and easy management of phone numbers and email addresses. The phone also comes with 39 built-in polyphonic ringtones plus a vibrating alert. You can also match ringtones with callers to identify them, making it easy to know who's calling without opening the phone. A built-in speakerphone makes it easy to use the phone handsfree, while voice activated dialing makes calling your friends, family and associates as easy as saying their names. Plus, voice features are speaker-independent, so there's no need to train the phone to respond to any one person's voice. And because the A840 features advanced voice recognition you can say the phone number you want to call digit-by-digit. Or say "status" and the phone will respond audibly with the current signal and battery strength, as well as the phone's coverage. Lastly, The A840's GPS location technology pinpoints your exact location when you dial 911 (where available).

Messaging, Internet, and Tools
Because the A840 supports PCS Vision services, messaging features are robust. You can easily send and receive email, exchange text messages, or join a chat room. Support is built in for instant messaging clients from AOL, MSN and Yahoo!, so you're never out of touch when you can't make a call. Using the phone's still camera, you can take advantage of the Sprint PCS Vision picture mail service.

PCS Vision mobile Web services also let you check out sports scores, get your seven-day forecast, check your flight status, and stay up to date with the latest news. Experience full-color graphic versions of popular Web sites or purchase and download premium applications, games, ringers, and screensavers to your phone. T9 text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built-into the unit-- a plus for mobile web and messaging users.

The A840 lets you work on the go with an integrated calendar, appointment scheduler, and a to-do list. The phone also includes a world clock, a voice memo recorder, a calculator, a memo pad, and an alarm clock.

Imaging and Entertainment
Get ready to take great pictures with the A840's VGA camera, which can shoot pictures at a maximum resolution of 640 x 480 pixels. The camera also features an LED flash, plus a self-timer and brightness and white balance controls.

And if you need to pass the time on the bus or on the train, fire up a game on your A840. It supports 2D games written for the Java platform. You can also customize the phone's wallpapers and screensavers to give the phone a look that suits your style.

Vital Statistics
The Samsung PM-A840 weighs 3.28 ounces and measures 3.54 x 1.85 x .94 inches. Its lithium-ion battery is rated at up to 228 minutes of digital talk time. It runs on the AMPS 850/CDMA 850/CDMA 1900 frequencies. The phone comes with a one year limited warranty.

What's in the Box
A840 handset, standard lithium-ion battery, home charger, stereo headset.

  • MMS/EMS/SMS Messaging Capable
  • 3.8 Hours Talk Time
  • 0.3 Megapixel Digital Camera VGA Camera W/(640x480) Resolution
  • Speakerphone W/ Independent Voice Dialing
Customer Reviews:
  • Turns off by itself (FIX)
    I also have one that shuts off by itself. I have determined that the spacing over the buttons when closed is to tight, and slight pressure on the face when closed will cause it to turn off. I FIXED mine by putting a little sticker on the inside to increase the spacing when closed. Now it no longer turns off.......more info
  • This phone was the reason I left Sprint
    I have had this phone for nearly two years now. I got a great deal from Sprint at the time (Double my old plan's anytime minutes, nights and weekends at 6pm, etc.), and they gave me a 150.00 credit towards a new phone. I saw this one in the Sprint store and loved the way it looks. That is its only redeeming quality. I'll list all the problems I've had with this phone in two years:

    1. Random and unavoidalbe power-downs.
    2. Poor battery life.
    3. When you are writing a text and you receive a new one, the phone deletes the text you were working on to display the newly received one.
    4. Sometimes the phone can hold 100 texts in the inbox, other times it can hold 65, other times, 89. The phone makes NO sense with memory management.
    5. The phone deletes incoming texts rather than the oldest text EVEN WHEN YOU SET IT TO DELETE THE OLDEST TEXT.
    6. Bad voice quality (people are hard to understand on this phone).
    7. No MP3 support.
    8. Poor camera quality (I know it's a phone, but I've seen better cameras on other camera phones)
    9. Extremely sensitive side buttons (I've taken numerous shots of my pants pocket because of the touchy camera button on the side)

    In the end the charger connection to the phone broke 1 month before I was eligable for the phone upgrade service for Sprint customers. I'm now dropping this phone for the Sony Ericson w810i and I'm jumping over to Cingular and dropping Sprint. Sprint really needs to get some better phones for its service. The phone is aweful, avoid it at all costs....more info
  • An unreliable phone...very troublesome
    My wife and I both have these phones (soon to be past tense). They both did fine the first 8 or so months and then they developed issues with poor reception, turning themselves off when you close the clamshell, etc. Both phones have been serviced numerous times by the Sprint repair person who finally agreed to replace them with Sanyos. She said that she's seen lots of these phones in for service and would not recommend them....more info
  • awful, awful, awful
    I've had this phone for about 7 months now. Here are my complaints:

    1. Buggy. Sometimes it says I have 27 new messages when I only have 1. sometimes it says I missed a call from John when it was actually a call from Matt. Sometimes it just powers off by itself.

    2. Samsung and sprint have dealt with this really terribly. the phone is still under warranty, so I ought to be able to get a new one that works. I went to a sprint store to inquire about thsi and they sent me to a different sprint store (one that can deal with technical issues). that sprint store is very far from my house and was difficult to find. when i finally got there, the people there said that if I didn't purchase sprint's insurance (i didn't) they couldn't help me, and i should call samsung. SAMSUNG'S CUSTOMER SERVICE IS AWFUL. i called samsung and waited on hold for about 40 minutes. i talked to a technician who advised me to go to sprint. i told him that i had already gone to sprint, and that they told me to go to samsung. he said that if I really wanted I coud just send in the phone for a repair, but that they would have the phone for 15 TO 21 BUSINESS DAYS, and they would probably just update the software (which sprint could do in a few minutes). I asked if I could speak to a manager. I waited on hold for about 20 minutes. I spoke to the manager for about 5 minutes and he just said the same thing as the first guy. I decided to just send the phone in, but to do that, he had to transfer me to a technician. I waited on hold for 20 minutes and then gave up. The call was about 1 hour and 25 minutes total. I"m totally disgusted with samsung and sprint both....more info
  • NEVER had a problem!
    I've never had a problem with my phone! Granted, the people who have, I understand. That said, the phone is compact, the sound is clear, the "bells and whistles" are just right...for me. I have 2 digital cameras already, so having a phone that doesn't have digital camera quality pics is no big deal. It works in a pinch when I need it. All in all, I really love this phone. ...more info
  • Junkity junk junk!
    I've had this phone for just over a year, and my daughter has one as well. Since Sprint had a Buy One Get One Free (BoGo) deal going on it when we switched, we thought we were getting a good deal. Now we know why it was a BoGo, they wanted rid of the junky things! My number one complaint is that it constantly, and I mean CONSTANTLY shuts itself off. Hers does this too. If there'd be an emergency and I would need to reach her or be reached myself, chances are it's not going to work. It's the most unreliable phone I've ever had in my 12 years of owning cell phones.
    In addition to the shutoff issue, the keyboard is very sluggish, it locks up a lot and has to have the battery removed and be rebooted, the side buttons are always triggering the voice mode (having it in your pocket and all of a sudden it says "Say a Command" can be very embarassing!), and the charger input has to be jostled just right in order to get it to charge. Every issue it has, the 2nd phone has as well so it's not just this phone.
    On one good note, you can wash it and it will still work after drying out. I accidentally left it in my jeans pocket about a month ago. Unfortunately, washing it did not make any of the problems go away.
    So, I guess if you want a washer safe piece of garbage that is totally unreliable then this is the phone for you....more info
  • LARGE screen numbers, but battery life sucks, side buttons are touchy, voices echo.
    I've had my phone for about 12 months now, and I'd have to say my impressions of this phone are very mixed.

    I bought this phone because I have vision issues, making small text difficult to read -- even with trifocals. Seeing how large the numbers appear on the screen immediately sold me on this model. Of the various brands and models available at my area Radio Shack (I live in a small town, so this is the logical "nearby" purchasing site in case of the need for customer service), the A840 was the only one to have this very appealing feature.

    However, there are a number of downsides to this phone. For instance, like other reviewers, I've had voice echo issues. (This seems to be sporadic, and it's especially likely to occur if I'm talking to someone else on their own cell phone through a different carrier.) And, like other reviewers, I've had extremely limited battery life issues, with a powering off problem as the battery starts losing bars. (I can fully charge my battery overnight, yet have a mere half hour of talk time before my phone goes dead. Last night, in fact, my phone showed a full charge status -- but it shut itself off due to a low battery by the time I woke in the morning, even though I didn't use it at all overnight!)

    Something I haven't seen in other reviews that is problematic with my phone is that the voice command feature tends to be touchy. Sometimes, it's an issue because I carry it around in my pocket. (I haven't found a good, form fitting case for it.) This was never a problem with my previous phone. Other times, the camera feature will engage without my realizing it; I'll first realize it when I hear the telltale camera click sound. The other day, my phone started in with its "Say a command" voice-activing mode while the phone was lying loose in my coat pocket. Earlier in the day, it did the same thing while in a side pocket of my purse. I must have bumped it somehow as I was walking. Whatever the case, the point is that it's a touchy phone. After the umpteenth time of this phone suddenly starting in with its "say a command" routine (as it sat on the floor in my coat as I was trying on clothes, no less!), I muttered back at it to "shut up!" Next thing I know, it replies: "Calling Nathan ______" (a friend of mine!). Grrrrrr! Suffice it to say, the side buttons that activate the voice commands and camera are S-E-N-S-I-T-I-V-E.

    Two other issues mine appears to have: I've had problems with getting my phone to download games or ringtones. I don't know if it's a problem with me not knowing what I'm doing, or if it's my phone. My daughter has experience with downloading ringtones for other phone models, and she couldn't get this one to do it, either. However, it sounds like downloaded ringtones may not be audible anyway, based on other reviews I'm reading.

    Unfortunately, I've had this phone too long to return it. Had I known others were having similar problems, I'd have contacted customer service about exchanging it for a different model months ago. (Better yet, I should have checked for owner reviews on Amazon before considering my purchase!) As things stand, I'm pretty much stuck with this one for now. I do plan to replace it with something else as soon as I get the chance. However, I also recognize that the options are pretty limited out there for cell phones that have such nice, clear (LARGE numbered) display screens. :-(

    Bottom line, buy this phone with caution and be vigilant about looking for signs of problems early on, so you can return it if you have problems. Even if your phone appears to be a good one, you may have problems fairly soon after buying it. (Expect a short battery life, if nothing else!) Better yet, consider alternatives, if you have them....more info
  • I've had better!
    First of all, the phone shus-off by itself randomly. This phone is only good for those who want a simple phone to make and recieve calls, other than that I do not recommend it. The speakerphone is horrible, I can never use it. It is a big disppointment because that is one of the main reason I got it, because it has speakerphone. The speakerphone is only good to hear but the other person won't hear you most of the time. The battery doesn't last for as long as it says it should, even when it is fully charged. Continuous talk time for me would be about 1 hr 45 min, oppose to the 3.8 hrs it is suppose to last. Another huge flaw and disappointment is the ringer volume for the ringtones that you download. The ringtones you download are so low that it makes you want to smash your phone. Whether you get your ringtones from Sprint or from another source, they will be extremely low. The fact that I can not have the ringtones that I like, is very fustrating. Something else that I have experienced is when I am calling someone and they happen to be calling me at the same time and they are in my call waiting, I can't hear them. Lately the phone has been freezing on me as well. Not to mention that when the battery is low, you don't have much warnings like other phones before it completely shuts off. Sanyo 8100 was my last phone and it would beep that my battery was low for a good 20-30 minutes before it completely shut off, with this one I am lucky if I get to say my good-bye to the person at the other end.

    Overall there are more bad than good. If you are the type to depend on speakerphones, speak for long hours continously, and like to download new ringtones ocassionally, this is not the phone for you at all. ...more info
  • I hate this phone!
    I've had problems with this phone ever since the Sprint Rep convinced me to buy it. I hardly get service with it, and have the same issue with randomly shutting itself off. And now it shut itself off for good. I've only had it about 8-9 months and it's dead... I pay for Vision and it NEVER works on this phone! Hopefully they will discontinue it! This was my first Sanyo, I always had Samsung. I think I'll go back to them!...more info
  • Turns off randomly too much
    This phone, while good in all other aspects, turns of when I flip the phone off. It turns off and on perhaps 3 out of the 5 times I flip ending a phone call. I've returned it about 3 times for that reason, but am at the point where I realize it's a serious flaw in the phone model, not the phones in my possession. I take very good care of my phone as well. Unfortunately the constant on and off shadows the good things about it, so no point going there. ...more info
  • Avoid this phone. So many problems.
    I've had this phone for less than 8 months, and it's been getting worse and worse ever since I got it. Early on I had problems with the battery crapping out after a couple hours, following a full overnight charge. Then the random power-offs started. It would power off in the middle of using it. Then the perplexing problem started, where nearly everytime I closed the phone it would reset itself. Now that problem is accompanied by the phone constantly turning itself off while in my pocket, or just sitting on the table. I've never dropped it, abused it, and I've never gotten it wet. I'm waiting right now to see if Sprint will let me change to another phone.

    Also, I have some other minor critiques on the phone: The java doesn't seem to be implemented correctly, since the display gets all wonky during games.

    The buttons are hard to use for texting. They are partially raised up, and I find that it's easy to hit two buttons at once. And the processor seems to be very slow and unable to keep up with fast texting. This is also noticeable in how slow the menus operate.

    And the button back lighting turns off in the middle of texting all of the time. So when I'm in a dark bar trying to text, I can't see the keypad after the first few keys....more info
  • Not the greatest one out there!
    FYI: I've been on Sprint for a little over 2 years and owned a previous Samsung phone. This one, I have owned for 2 months already. I can't expect much from this phone since it was a FREE phone when I purchased a new plan.

    Pros: Looks nice, small and compact, very Sturdy (Dropped it from my waist to the floor of a hard Tennis court and had no scratches!! Just amazing!!), Quick to react to buttons pressed, nice picture quality taken with camera, ringers are loud and crisp, can use speaker with phone closed, can dial with phone closed using Voice Command, and MORE!

    Cons: Echoes sometimes, Speaker is not very clear (almost useless in a car!), Light dims when battery is low (To save battery life I assume?), no Key Lock Guard from Speaker button outside of the phone, not a phone with a good grip (I feel like it can slip easily), and voice quality isn't the best.

    Overall, I'm satisfied with the phone. It gets the job done. Though the hearing is not as good as my previous Samsung and the LG-225 that I tested out for 2 weeks, it's not painful enough for me to return it. However, the echoing is very annoying. And the fact that I can't use the speaker to talk to people when my hands are tied really bothers me because the LG-225 had great speaker quality. But since I rarely use the speaker, it's not too big of a problem for me. Hope you found this review helpful.
    ...more info
  • Powers off at random
    I wanted to like this phone--I have had Sprint for 6 years and in that time I had 4 different Samsung phones. Up until now I had never had a problem with a phone that just didn't work. As everyone else has said, it powers off at random all the time. Fortunately (?) for me, it started acting up within the first few days of having it, so I exchanged it for a new one of the same model, thinking the handset was just defective. The replacement did the same thing. According to my receipt I may still exchange it for a different model... which I am definitely going to do.

    On a separate note, while the internal antenna is great and I love not having it in the way all the time, in all honesty the reception just isn't as good as my old phone. Maybe I was hypersensitive to it because the phone was new, but in the first two days with my phone, I missed 4 calls that went straight to voicemail while I thought I had full service.

    In any case, don't buy this phone. ...more info
  • powers off by itself!!!!
    I liked the phone to begin with, but it keeps turning off by itself at random times, even if the battery is full. Maybe thats why they have an led on the front that blinks from time to time, because if its not blinking, its not on. 2 days ago I was browsing the web with the phone, and it simply turned off in my hand while I was typing letters!! I'm going to take it back to sprint and get something else....more info
  • i like it...........................but
    i got it about a month ago and i do like other features ringtones are not an option if you want any ringtones dont get this phone i cant get ANY ringtones at all for it without using the wap browser...more info
  • It's a great phone until...........
    I really liked this phone until I dropped it accidently. As a result, it will not power on anymore. I took it to the Sprint technician - no power on for him either and no diagnosis. I wondered if the plastic battery would be a problem, but now, we will never know!...more info
  • I thought it was good but it is NOT!
    I first had this phone in November 2005. I thought it was a good phone with the appearance and applications, and then I started having problems. The phone shut down by itself 5-6 times in about 2 months, the screen got dim once in a while. So I went back to the store to get the same model thinking that maybe I just got a bad phone.

    Then this past month the 2nd phone started having power down randomly until today it shut down while I was on the phone 3 times in a row. And before it shut down it said "Warning! low battery. Power down" (something like that) but the phone was BEING CHARGED while I was talking!!! I gonna give it another shot if the problem persists I might have to get a new model of phone.

    Don't know what the problem is, my friends have other model like A740 but they don't have problem.

    I do not recommend this phone....more info
  • Warning!!! Warning!!!
    I have 2 lines on my account and both of them have this phone. One one line I've had the phone replaced 3 times and they keep giving me the same model...its currently in need of replacement yet again but I have written the corporate office to get satisfaction this time. The second one is also in need of replacment. I have constant battery/charging problems. It powers off in the middle of conversations etc. I do NOT recommend this phone at ALL!!!...more info
  • Great Sprint phone
    I had to give up my A840 recently because my company moved me to Cingular, but I already miss my little flip phone.

    This phone had excellent reception, good roaming capabilities, perfect dimensions and the Sprint PCS network is far and above the best network in the U.S.

    Here is my list of positives and negatives.

    Excellent Reception
    CDMA network and superior data speeds
    Good dimensions
    Easy one-handed operation
    Brilliant color screen
    Excellent performance even in digital roam on Alltel or Verizon

    No Bluetooth
    Limited international roaming

    As you can see, the list of negatives is quite small. I recommend this phone to anyone who doesn't travel much outside of the U.S., and doesn't require bluetooth connectivity and email....more info
  • I love the far.
    I just got this phone a week or so ago, and i love it, although i am worried about other comments i have been hearing about the phone. So far i have had no trouble with anything, the service has been surprisingly good, considering it has no antenna, and the phone is very asthentically pleasing to the eye. I just hope i am lucky and my phone doesnt kick the bucket in the next few weeks, or days, i really can't afford another phone....more info
  • i really wanted to love this phone, but......
    I bought the first 840 in november (subsequently my first Samsung) and loved it for the first 3 weeks, but then the trouble started. I had random power downs and was having to charge the battery nightly. Then it started shutting down every time I sent a text message, which was totally unacceptable, so I took it back to my Sprint store and got a new one.
    Again, it was fine for a few weeks, then I noticed the sound quality getting worse. People were complaining that I was echoing. The screen got dim at random moments, like it was in power save mode (even with a full charge.) I started really noticing vertical lines on the screen during web use. Add all this to the facts that the ringtones sound bad except for midis, and there aren't many games supported by the phone. So luckily the reps let me upgrade to a Sanyo mm-8300 yesterday. I have suspicions that I am not the only person who has had problems with the phone by the way they were acting, but maybe I am just cursed, LOL...more info
  • love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this phone rocks i love it, it is atractive and has a camera
    the other kids at school like it and so do i buy it buy it and once
    more BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...more info
  • I like it
    I have been a Sprint customer for around three years, and in that time I've only purchased Sanyo phones. Upon seeing this phone, I began to familiarize myself with it, and I eventually bought it.

    I've had it for about four weeks. The battery life is great. I recharge it once every 2 - 2 1/2 days, and I'd consider myself to be a moderate talker. The body feels solid and tight, and the case seems to resist scratches fairly well (certainly better than my old Sanyo 8200). Although I loved the Sanyo 8200, I was extremely disappointed with its earpiece audio quality. The Samsung A840's audio quality is much better, and I find I can much better hear the person I'm speaking with. It also has a fantastic speakerphone. The speaker is located under the keypad, which is also where the ringer emits from (as opposed to older Samsung models where the ringer emits from the earpiece, which could be problematic if you brought the phone up to your ear before the phone had fully stopped ringing. If you ever owned an older Samsung, you know what I'm talking about).

    The camera on this phone won't blow you away. It is comparable to the Samsung A740, sporting an added 10x zoom function and a handful of effects, but unlike the A740, has no flash.

    The outside display is a greyscale screen, black background with white/light grey characters. I suppose this may bother some people, but I like it.

    I live in New Orleans but my parents live in rural Mississippi. I was concerned that at my parents' house the internal intenna would not perform as well as my Sanyo 8200, but it honestly performs just as well.

    This phone doesn't support Ready Link.

    The Samsung A840 is for people who use their phones for talking and text messaging. If you are looking for a reliable phone with good battery and vocal qualities, and are interested in something other than the flashy "Moto RAZR"- type phones, then this phone is something you should check out....more info