Spion 2.4 GHz Wireless "Hidden Color Camera" Radio Alarm Clock
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1st real working clock radio with "hidden" built-in 2.4 GHz wireless color camera and Microphone. AM/FM 2-Band Digital Radio Alarm Clock Built-in Camera and microphone On/Off/Auto Switch Volume/Off Control Knob Alarm/Snooze Mode Sleep Timer 2.4 GHz Audio/Video Receiver Audio/Video Cable 10V AC/DC adaptor for Receiver 18V AC/DC adaptor for Camera/Radio Dimensions - 11" x 7.5" x 2.5" Camera Specs - 1/3" color CMOS sensor NTSC - 510 x 492 PAL - 628 x 562 2 Lux at F2.0 Receiver - Built - in antenna Radio - 9V battery - not included Our tiny secret, full color camera is actually housed in a "real" working digital alarm clock with FM/AM radio. The kind you can actually use to wake up in the morning and listen to music. But hidden inside is a secret 2.4 GHz wireless color camera transmitting sharp, bright images across the house or office to the TV or VCR of your choosing. And as an added bonus the built-in microphone lets you hear everything loud and clear. Is someone stealing from your business? From your retail store? Warehouse? Office? Are the kids safe at home while you're away? Now you can keep tabs in secret. It's also easy to set up. Just plug the separate receiver into a television to view or VCR to record. Then just plug the hidden camera alarm clock in. Just like that the images will be sent to the receiver with the wireless 2.4GHz transmitter through walls or doors. The receiver has built-in antenna, Channel LED, Power LED, Video output jack, Channel switch, 10V DC input jack, audio output jack and can receive signals from cameras. Camera Specs: 1/3" color CMOS Sensor, NTSC: 510 x 492, PAL: 628 x 562, 330 lines, <2 LUX at F2.0, board lens f 3.6mm. Shipping Weight: 10 lb

  • AM/FM 2-Band Digital Radio Alarm Clock
  • Built-in Camera and Microphone
  • 2.4 GHz Audio/Video Receiver
  • Radio - 9V Battery (not included)
  • Shipping Weight: 10lbs