Metal Detector for Security- Handheld
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Product Description

Features: *Duel Indicators:you can choose either an audible tone or vibration. *LED light: in both the audible tone and vibration alert modes, a bright LED light on the front of the metal detect or changes from red to green if metal is detected. *Highly Sensitive: will detect even the smallest metal weapons. *Earphone Jack: an earphone (not included) can be used in situations where the operator does not want those around him to hear the audible tone. *Rechargeable Battery Jack: can be powered by either a standard or a rechargeable 9 volt battery (battery and charger are not included). *Holster Included: for easy carrying a holster with belt loop is included.

  • Handheld metal detector; lightweight and convenient
  • Designed for law-enforcement officers and security personnel
  • Ideal for use in airports, schools, prisons, sporting offense, nightclubs etc.
  • Features a large detection area for a fast and thorough scan.
  • Includes air strap and carry holster without loop.