Frequency Agile Mono Modulator, 1 Channel
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Product Description

Modulator directs camera images to the channel you specify. The 1-Channel Frequency Agile Mono Modulator is an integral part of the Greyfox cat. 5 camera system, which allows you to view images from your security cameras through your connected televisions or through an LCD Display Module. A cat. 5 camera module resides in your structured wiring enclosure; the 1-Channel Frequency Agile Mono Modulator directs the images to any cat. 5-connected video amplifier for easy viewing through the channel you specify. All components of this cat. 5 system are not included. Select a single channel from UHF channels 14 to 69 or cable channels 60 to 94 or 100 to 125. This modulator is digital PLL tuned, which limits channel drift, and it retains full channel memory in the event of a power outage.

  • Required for A/V Signal TV Display
  • Send audio/video signal from a VCR, DVD or other source to any TV in the house through an unused TV channel.