AutoCommand Ultimate 2-Way Remote Car Starter- 20095
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Product Description

Enjoy the convenience offered by technology. The Airwolf Ultimate Two-Way Remote Car Starter lets you start your car from up to 1000 feet away. It features an Indiglo-style backlit LCD screen on a handheld transceiver so you can immediately see the status of your vehicleincluding when alarms occur. You can also lock/unlock the doors, pop the trunk, or employ the user-selectable engine run time, timed start or turbo timer features. Plus, the QuickStop mode allows the engine to remain running without the ignition key. A 4-step signal sensitivity antenna displays signal between the vehicle and remote control, and the unit notifies by tone if the vehicle is out of range. The Airwolf Ultimate also offers a tamper report when the system is disarmed, plus a dual-stage shock sensor and siren. Additional features: headlight or parking light activation, headlight reminder, CarFinder mode and real-time clock with parking meter and run times. It also saves all user configurations even if power is not supplied, so you don't have to reconfigure after replacing batteries. Data configuration function is designed to work with special-purpose and imported vehicles in which other starter systems could not be installed. Imported. Main unit: 5-1/4Lx3-1/2W"

  • Confirms commands and system tribbers by beeping and vibrating
  • Bright, backlit LCD
  • 1,000 foot range
  • Programmed to 18 Quintillion different security codes
  • Long Life Battery
Customer Reviews:
  • Review of Desing Tech remote start vehicle Alarm System
    A Spectacular Product, performs just as expected and certainly exceeded the expectation of many including myself. This product has enabled me to turn a lot of heads and even make a few jealous. Thanks to the Sleek disguised design of the Design Tech 20095 Airwolf two way Remote starter, My Most hectic and fast paced days are now progressing with the comfort of security and easy access.

    Great Product Design Tech Inc.
    Thanks for you and your staffs inginuity.
    Cadreaic Wilks - dj Cadre, Orl. FL....more info