SE-0303OR Power Button. Orange/white
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Product Description

Dobermans Power Button needs just one hit to alert others to your distress. Lightweight, stylish, and fitted with an adjustable Doberman Strap, the Power Button is designed for physical activity. Take Doberman for a walk and never look back.

  • A unique safety device designed for jogging
  • Bright, flashing lights can be seen more than 1 mile away
  • One-hit emergency alarm
  • Comfortable to wear with the adjustable elastic bands
  • Stylish, lightweight design, popular with sports people
Customer Reviews:
  • Sense of Security
    I have had this product for a year and a half, and it makes me more confident when running alone. I also carry mace. Should anyone try to bother me, the alarm is loud enough to at least scare someone since it would draw attention. I use the light, too, when running in the dark. I like this product!...more info
  • Alarm feature is poor
    I don't really understand the alarm function on this product. You simply push the center button to start the alarm, but if someone is attacking you all they have to do to shut the alarm off is once again push the center button. Seems to easy to deactivate if you are being attacked....more info