Remoteplay TagAlert
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Product Description

TagAlert system includes a Monitor that can be clipped to a belt or simply placed in a pocket, and a Tag that is clipped or adhered to the valued item. The user has the choice of setting 2 different alert distances. If the tagged item travels beyond the set distance, the monitor will alarm. TagAlert is a perfect security solution for cell phones, iPods, luggage, digital cameras, laptops, wallets, or any item of value. TagAlert's patented technology alerts you when the tagged item moves beyond the comfort zone you set, effectively preventing loss and theft or just forgetting an item. Monitor - Short Range - Up to 30 feet Long Range - Up to 100 feet LED Indicates unit is operational Snooze Silences alarm for 10 minutes Battery 2x CR2032 1 Year Battery Life Attachments clip or key chain Size 9 x 28 x 60 mm Tag - Short Range - Up to 30 feet Long Range - Up to 100 feet Battery Seal remove strip to activate Adhesive ultra strong to last Battery 1x CR2016 Battery Life 6 months Attachments adhesive or key chain Size 2.7 x 25 x 45 mm

  • Small enough to fit in wallets or on cell phones
  • Works for over 6 months non-stop monitoring the tagged item
  • Designed to respond within a few seconds with a strong audio alarm
  • Smart enough to discriminate between different tags
  • Will not interfere with other wireless products