Professional Closed-back Dynamic Monitor Headphones
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Product Description

  • Lightweight monitor headphones offer both style and professional sound
  • Rotating earcups for convenient 1 ear monitoring
  • Powerful deep resonating bass and vocal projection
  • 40mm neodymium drivers
  • Frequency response: 15Hz-28kHz
  • Includes gold-plated 1/4 adapter
  • Features:
    • Lightweight monitor headphones offer both style and professional sound
    • Rotating earcups for convenient one-ear monitoring
    • Powerful deep resonating bass and vocal projection
    • 40mm neodymium drivers
    • Frequency response: 15Hz-28kHz
    Customer Reviews:
    • Good buy
      A pleasant surprise was the coiled wire and the 'spring' feature at the base of the cord to keep the cord from folding. I am by no means an audiophile. I just like good sound with some bass where I can turn it on quite loud without disturbing people around me. This fits my needs. The only drawback is that its a bit bulky....more info
    • Exceptional sound quality.
      These headphones provide a mix of sound clarity and moderate bass. If you are looking for headphones with heavy bass, this one isn't it. It has clear bass but not over the top. Aside from that the sound is rich and the quality is fantastic. When it comes to comfort, these headphones are a little above average. After a couple of hours of use, they get a little tight on the ears. The cons for these headphones are easily forgotten once you turn up the volume and enjoy professional sound. I strongly recommend these headphones for aspiring d j's as well as pro's....more info
    • OK headphones..
      1) Base is not great and/or deep.

      2) Headphones begin to hurt after continuos use, even after several attemps to strech them out

      Other than those two problems, They are completely satisfactory for what they are listed as, and for the price. 3 stars given to two problems(in my eyes)....more info
    • NOT GOOD
    • Audio-Technica Headphones
      Well, I've had a chance to use these for a while and allow my ears to calibrate. And I'd now say these are the PERFECT headphones to buy!! Great quality for the price, excellent sound. I thought they were a little "thin" at first, because everything seems to be so bass-heavy now days. But the more I listen, the more I appreciate the HONEST sound, the ACCURACY, the clear, open highs, and the rich, full, but transparent lows. With accurate, clear sound, your ears don't get fatigued - and you can listen longer. I've had Sennheiser, Sony and AKG headsets at work (I've worked at major L.A. radio stations for the past 20 years), and I think these are the best for the money - equaling the AKGs that cost more than twice as much. And the tiebreaker is, these are more comfortable on my head and on my ears than any of the others. I've really been discovering the quality and value of Audio-Technica stuff lately. I used to shop other brands first, but I'm going to make them the first ones to check from here on out. Get these headphones - they're very well built, and you'll be happy with them for a long time!...more info
    • Headphones
      For 50 bucks these headphones are a wonderful deal. Great sound quality for recording and just listening to music and movies on my laptop. They keep out a decent amount of noise. i watched movies on laptop while the other half of my house was being remodeled and I was not bothered by the racket. I find them very comfortable, however after a long time I notice they feel a little heavy, they squeeze a bit to keep out the noise so after an hour or so they start to push on your ears. They are not completely around your ear, they squish them a little bit. But the sound quality outweighs the anything bad. I would buy them again in an instant for even more.
      The Range is great and the quality remains at high volume. I use them when practicing my electric guitar and it sounds amazing. Great buy. ...more info
    • Excellent True Sound
      The ATH-PR05V are fantastic. I have been using them at work for extended number of hours each day. They are very comfortable for me (you may need to stretch them a little bit at the beginning) and the sound is excellent. They deliver a full frequency range of response. The sound is flat and true, without frequency boosts, so what you hear is what is recorded and not an artificial sound. That is, they do not add nor take anything away from the original recording. I have picked sounds with these headphone that other headphones (including some from Sennheiser, Grado, Sony) completely missed. In short, if you are looking for headphones with a lot of sound reproduction detail for not more than $60, consider these one. These headphones rock.

      Other good alternatives between $50-$70 are Grado SR60 and Audio-Technica ATH-M40fs ...more info
    • Fantastic sound with not so great comfort
      These are the Audio-Technica ATH-Pro5 V headphones, and boy they sound nice. They have a flat response, and clear vocals. The description is somewhat misleading. The bass isn't powerful and deep as you will expect, it's flat. Meaning it tries to replicate accurate sound as it was recorded, not adding bass enhancement. Even so, if your looking for bassy headphones, these aren't them. They do produce fairly accurate bass. Are very portable, and extremely light weight.

      After calling Audio-Technica for a chat they said their ATH-D40fs model is the only model with it's bass enhanced, (not to be confused with the superior ATH-M40fs). It depends what your looking for. Most recording artists will want a flat response. While casual at home listeners will mostly prefer the enhanced sound when watching movies, playing video games, etc.
      Personally I prefer the bass as it was intended. But I can see the some preferring a deeper bass than these produce.

      On the severe negative side; these hurt after wearing them for about 1hr.
      They pinch my ears badly, and it really freaking hurts!
      The manufacturers product description says they are a circumaural design, but the pads touch my ears! And the pads are also very flat, less than half an inch from the padding that covers the speaker driver. I don't think I would even consider these semi-circumaural, but thats really what they are considered by other headphone manufacturers.
      IMO I feel they should remove the circumaural labeling on this product. You won't get what you expect.
      But the sound that comes out of these is really great!

      When I called up Audio-Technica, I asked if they had something with the design I wanted (complete over the ear circumaural) with sound rivaling or better then these Pro5 V's. They recommended the M40fs's, and I went with that choice...WOW, how right they were! The comfort level is spectacular, and the sound uncompromising....more info
    • Sweet
      I have used comeparable headphones from AKG and Sony. These look excellent and sound awesome. Really nice tone and range from bass to treble. I highly recommend them for the price....more info