Ultralast UL-NB1LH Canon NB-1LH Equivalent Digital Camera Battery
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Product Description

Li-Ion1000mAh/3.7VCanon NB-1LH eq.2 year warranty

  • Li-Ion
  • 3.7 volts
  • 1000mAh
  • Canon NB-1LH eq.
  • 2 year warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Initially I was skeptical
    I needed to buy some more batteries for my Canon Powershot S100 camera which I have had for years. I really didn't want to pay the high price for the original canon battery replacement. I opted to give these batteries a try if for nothing else than for the price.

    The batteries arrived and I couldn't wait to charge them up and give them a try. The first thing that I noticed and really liked was the little cover that attaches to the battery to protect the points. After the battery charged, I put them through a rigorous test to see how long the charge would last.

    I wasn't expecting much mainly because of the price. However I took shot after shot, using the zoom frequently and kept the LCD screen on the whole time. I ended up taking 84 shots before the battery finally went dead. I am very pleased with these batteries, my only regret was that I wished I had bought 4 instead of just 2. The postage was more than the cost of the batteries.

    I would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a replacement battery....more info
  • Great Battery
    I bought this cheaper battery because the camera was older, but it ended up working better than the original Canon battery....more info
  • Satisfied so far
    I ordered two of these after reading other reviews on them. Upon receipt, I put one of them in my camera and it fired right up. I still have the first one in my camera and have not had to charge it as yet. Based on what I have experienced so far, I am very pleased with this battery. I would recommend it to any one looking for a replacement or extra battery for their camera. ...more info
  • Finally, a good replacement battery.
    The title pretty much sums up the review. I've tried various brands of replacement batteries for my camera from Canon (best until this one) to Digipower (garbage). This one works well, lasts for a number of shots, and does not self-discharge quickly.

    ...more info
  • Excelant value, works fine in my Powershot S110
    A fraction of the price of an original Canon battery. This one works as would be expected....more info
  • Like this battery
    The battery can easily last for more than 2 days usage.
    Even better then the original one came with the camera....more info
  • The same for less!
    This battery does the same as the ones you see in stores. The real difference is the price! This one costs less than ten dollars while others cost up to 80!!! Buy it! It's a great product! ...more info
  • replacement battery for Canon S200
    I purchased this battery because the original ones were failing. It was a good buy, since it was cheaper than the replacement from Canon. It fits into the camera and will meet my needs nicely. I bought two to ensure the continual use of my camera since we are traveling and I don't want to miss any opportunities for pictures. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a good, economically priced battery....more info
  • Batteries for digital camera
    Arrived quickly and have all the life needed to continue to use the older camera I have. The price was fantastic compared to what Canon wanted....more info
  • Seems to be a good alternative to a pricier Canon product
    It's a battery. Seems to hold a charge nicely. What more can I say? It's cheap, good quality, apparently. Time will tell....more info
  • Works Great!
    Works great! Much more juice then my 4 year old original Canon, which was starting to go low after a couple of dozen shots. This charges up just fine in the original charger, inducing showing green/complete. Fits just fine in the Camera as well. -Highly Recommended...more info
  • Ultralast lasts
    Bought this brand 3-4 years ago and used a lot, got a new camera and gave the old one to my daughter. She has not used it enough to keep the old batteries up, so they finally got to where they couldn't hold a long charge. These should last her another 3-4 years....more info
  • Recieved different brand battery than advertised
    I ordered this product from Thememstore, expecting to get an Ultralast branded battery, but I received a MaximalPower branded battery instead. Since none of the other reviewers mentioned exactly which brand they received, and knock-off camera batteries like this can vary greatly in quality between one manufacturer and another, I think this is important to note.

    I don't know if this was due to some kind of glitch with Amazon, where sellers of similar but differently branded products were grouped together, or if Thememstore changed their battery supplier without updating their product page.

    As for the battery itself, it seems to do a pretty good job. I recently took it on a trip where I was taking a lot of pictures, and it would typically last 2/3 of a day, which by my reckoning is about twice as long as my 5 year old Canon OEM battery. However, I did get the impression that this battery gets hotter than the OEM battery, but this didn't cause any problems for me. Also, the packaging claims that its capacity is 1200mAh....more info
  • Equivalent Digital Camera Battery Canon NB-1LH
    This equivalent battery for Canon digital cameras is an excellent buy and so far has met my camera requirements for my PowerShot S200. Considering the price is so much cheaper then the original battery made by Canon, I immediately had to give it a try. I purchased this battery from Thememstore for $6.75 plus the shipping costs and i feel it is just as good, maybe better than the original one that came with my camera. So, if you have a Canon digital camera and you need a good reliable replacement battery this is great choice. ...more info
  • battery works great
    The Ultralast Canon NB-1LH Equivalent Digital Camera Battery is exactly what I needed. It works just as well as the brand equivalent at less than half the cost. It was a very cost effective purchase....more info
  • No need to wonder - it's a great, great find!!
    I am thrilled with these bateries. Our Cannon batteries which came with the camera were no longer holding their charge for more than 10 pictures. We struggled with buying new batteries or a new camera since there wasn't much difference in price. Then, I found these! I couldn't believe the price! I brought them on vacation and they held their charge for tons of pictures. I'll buy them again in a hearbeat and highly recommend them!...more info
  • Great deal!
    I am very happy after purchasing this battery. Like several of the other reviewers, I bought this with some slight reservations about getting an off-brand replacement, although I was encouraged by the positive ratings. But I am completely satisfied - I bought this as a backup battery to use on vacation in my Elph S410, and it performed just as well as the original Canon battery. Not bad for costing about 10X less!...more info
  • Camera Battery Equal to OMI
    This camera battery performs equally well as the one that was with the camera when new....more info
  • Great replacement battery
    This battery lasts longer, even with flash photos. I was concerned with buying an off-brand, but it did what I needed and laster longer than I thought. It does have a higher mAh rating that the standard Canon battery. I did not conduct head-to-head controlled tests, but my older Canon battery has never lasted all day, this battery did....more info
  • Canon NB-1LH Equivalent Digital Camera Battery
    I always used two Canon batteries, because I would always go to an event and find out one would die after a about 80 or so photographs. This is not the case with this replacement battery. I bought two just like the cannon original batteries I had used in the past. I have been on 3 or 4 events since the purchase and I have yet to use the second battery. This battery is cheaper and many times better than the canon original. I believe you cannot go wrong on the price and performance it offers....more info
  • Excellent, better than expected, and a bargain
    Being prepared for the worst, the happy surprise has been the excellent performance of this battery in my Canon S400. Highly recommend....more info
  • very durable
    This battery works very well on almost every circunstances, and it charge lasts for very long if rightly used. The only thing to say is that I tried to used in a cold environment (about 20F) and it did not work, but I guess no camera battery would do in such cold. ...more info