Doberman SE-0104 Infrared Home Defender. Silver/black
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Product Description

Doberman is proud to offer the Infrared Home Defender, a PIR Sensor Alarm. This unit can be placed anywhere or mounted on the wall or ceiling. Using Passive Infrared (PIR) technology, this alarm unit can designate a protected zone up to 15 feet in a 90 degree sweep from the device. If an intruder trespasses into the invisible protected zone, PIR motion detection triggers the loud alarm.

  • Position around room/household entrances
  • Protects a designated area
  • Triggered when protected PIR zone is breached
  • Can be used as an alarm OR a chime!
  • Includes pivoting bracket mount.
Customer Reviews:
  • infrared alarm
    it works fine. the pitch should be higher. a little expensive. but it works all the time....more info
  • Not a good first line of defense.
    Can't really be concealed because it has to be in the open to detect motion. I tried to conceal it in a DVD cabinet between discs, but when the alarm goes off a light blinks and an intruder will be able to spot it easily and can turn it off in seconds. Not loud enough to be heard on a different floor and also goes through batteries quickly when left on....more info
  • Poor alarm, sounds like a childrens' toy
    Don't believe the description of this product. It does not have a loud 'alarm'. it is the same volume as the door chime and is difficult to hear through a door/window. I bought two of these thinking I could put them on a little used entrance way to provide some security against intruders- I think any intruders would laugh at the noise coming from this!...more info