Nikon SU-800 Speedlight Commander
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Product Description

The Nikon Speedlight Commander SU-800 controls up to three groups of i-TTL compatible wireless flash units. It provides a variety of wireless multiple flash and close-up flash operations. Control the flash output levels of the SB-R200 remote Speedlight unit when mounted on current Nikon Creative Lighting System SLR cameras. Easy-to-view LCD panel Transmission Range - Approx. 20m (66 ft.) Number of Channels - 4 Number of Groups - 3 Transmissions per Battery - Approx. 1200 Transmission Interval - Approx. 1 second Flash Light Wavelength - Approx. 800 to 1000nm (infrared ray) Flash Coverage - Approx. 60 AF-Assist Illuminator - Approx. 10m (33 ft.) at center area using a 50mm f/1.8 lens Power source - One CR123A (3V) lithium battery Included Accessory - Soft Case (SS-SU800) Dimensions(WxHxD) - 2.7 x 3.8 x 2.3 (68 x 96 x 58 mm) Weight - 5.6 oz. (160 g)

  • Speedlight units can be divided into three groups with independent control of the flash output
  • Commander function triggers wireless remote flash units
  • One-touch switching between close-up and Commander modes
  • Easy-to-use close-up flash operations - Dual-light close-up flash & Triple-light close-up flash
  • Compact and lightweight
Customer Reviews:
  • Not Necessary, but Nice!
    Without the SU-800 commander, remote strobes (SB-600, 800, 900) are fired using the camera's pop-up flash, or with an SB mounted on the camera's hotshoe. This introduces what may be undesirable light from the front as well as a less-than-attractive pinpoint catchlight in the eyes of the subject. Popular workarounds involve using a small strobe-mounted softbox (which softens the light from the front and increases the size of the catchlight) or using tape to cover the pop-up flash. Unfortunately, if the tape is opaque enough to block the light, it also blocks the signal to the remote strobes. Ultimately, the easy and elegant solution - the end to fixes and workarounds - is to spring for the SU-800!...more info
  • truely wireless
    Easy to use and works out of line of sight creating excellent photo effects. I would like it to have a shoe on top to accept remote mounting however....more info
    I bought this product because i wanted to trigger 2 SB-600s at the same time with no wires. After reading reviews all over the internet i got it instead of skyports. Big mistake, this thing will only trigger flashes up to 12 feet away. The description says 70 or so, but i contacted nikon because i was so frustrated and they told me it will only go 12 and if i wanted to command further i should get the sb-800. And if you take the commander out side, its pretty much not going to fire at all. Also if the flash is not in front of the commander it won't fire. It works off line of sight, so if you cant see the flash, it wont fire. Honestly a terrible product, I dont know how the other reviewers are using it, but for me, out doors (even indoors) and beyond 10 feet, it was useless. There were times that'd id put it in front of my camera and it still wouldn't go off. If you are looking at this, i highly recommend you go with skyports or pocket wizards instead. My 15$ e bay slave worked better than this did with less mis fires. The ebay slave even let me trigger the flash when it was behind me. The commander is not a radio slave, which is a big minus. Long story short, stay away! get PW or skyports!...more info
  • A must have for off camera flash
    The SU 800 has been a huge help in my photography work. It is simple to use, very versatile & hits the mark every time. I have also been impressed with the distance that is can be away form the commanded flash units. I was thinking about getting a set of Pocket Wizards but this proved to be a much better & less expensive option.

    Go Nikon!!!...more info
  • Essential item to have in your bag
    The SU-800 is an essential item when using flash photography. I know the SB-800 can also be used as a 'Master' unit to fire additional flashes, but it can prove to make the camera top heavy. The SU-800 is light and compact. So when you don't need a front flash it doesn't sit atop your camera and become more imposing to someone who may not be comforatable posing to begin with.

    I photograph with two(2) D2X's, and this item is making my portrait sessions easier. My cameras are big to start with, so that is why I like the compactness of this unit. ...more info
  • Spectacular!
    It was hard for me to decide whether to get this SU 800 remote or not. I have 4 pocket wizards that can do off camera shoots but there are several limitations and shortcomings with the pocket wiz....all it does is trigger the flash off camera with the output being manually set. Sometimes you would even miss to trigger when your flash is on standby mode.

    When I saw this SU 800 remote I was intrigued to try it since it can do TTL wirelessly and sure it works....very very nice. No more missed shots and no more overexposed shoots because the output adjusts automatically. This is really one great addition to my gear!! Great work nikon....great work...I am really happy with this unit!!

    It can remotely control as many as 4 groups of off camera flashes as you limits and you can even control the flash output of each flash unit, isn't it amazing?? This will be good for location shoots for small groups and will really come handy for all commercial photographers outdoor who thinks pocket wiz is all there is to work with!

    The only caveat is that you have to be in the line of sight with the with camera which is not a big deal....great work nikon, great work and keep innovating!...more info
  • Works just like stated!
    Love this new world of Nikon Creative Light System. Has opened up a entire new genre of digital photography. Caution....this will cause you to buy more Nikon speedlights, but it will be well worth it when you see the results! ...more info
  • Light My Fire
    The Nikon SU-800 commander is such a great way for me to create light
    from wherever I want. I do not like flash especially from the camera.
    This is a very portable way of doing amazing photo's anywhere, even at
    night in the dark and form any angle with a few small flashes on stands
    or just hand held.
    Opens up a new world of photo opportunities. Highly recommended.

    ray kennedy
    ...more info
  • Light is *not* purely IR
    The SU-800 works great, performs as advertised, except that the light is not purely ir, as I had been led to believe. There is a small amount of red light when you take the shot, and my ever-blinking wife reacts even to that. i-TTL preflash never works, of course, but this happens even when on manual. My solution has been to turn the AF-illuminator mode on, which uses a brighter red light to assist focus. Her eyes adjust to the red light, so then the trigger light doesn't cause a blink. The catch there is that once the camera achieves focus the light turns off, so I can't focus-recompose, because in the time it takes to reframe her eyes have adjusted back to no light, and she blinks again. Sigh. Oh, and this still has to be done in manual. I'm thinking a different body with FV lock (my D40 lacks this) might be able to work around this, but I'm not sure. Pocket Wizards would definitely work, but having to walk over to the flashes and set levels manually would be much less convenient.

    It is a good product otherwise, but be aware that if you are hoping for a completely invisible trigger, you will be disappointed....more info