SE-0304OR Bag Protector Alert. Orange/White
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Product Description

The Bag Protector is a uniquely designed dually triggered alarm device, including a motion sensor alarm and a pull pin alarm. The motion sensor is armed and disarmed via the Bag Protector's keypad. Use your preset personal security code and place the Bag Protector on a bag or valuable. If the protected item is touched, the motion sensor will trigger the alarm to alert you of a possible threat to your valuable. The pull pin function allows use of the product without setting a personal security code. In an emergency situation, the pull pin located on the top of the Bag Protector only needs a quick tug to activate the alarm.

  • Protect any bags and valueables with this motion sensor alarm
  • Triggered if protected items is moved and/or taken
  • Water resistant
  • Loud 100 decibel alarm
  • Use indoor or out!
Customer Reviews:
  • Great concept, fair execution, but could be better.
    Like Johnny, I bought this motion alarm to protect my camera gear (among other things). I'm disappointed that there aren't more products of this kind. The Doberman seems to be sui generis, the only motion alarm I could find. The concept is excellent, I've been robbed while traveling twice and in either situation this motion alarm could have thwarted the thieves. Hopefully next time I'll be better prepared.

    About the device: it isn't exactly tiny, but it is light. My unit arrived new with an annoying rattle, as if a loose screw is bouncing around inside. It is made in China, but I find this really irritating for a brand new product. My impression is that there is plenty of empty space in the device, so if it were better designed it could be manufactured with half the bulk.

    I'll try to write some useful details: there are 4 rubber buttons that are easy to press. Once you set the code (entered upon inserting batteries), you can easily arm it by pressing "S" twice. Disarming it is plenty easy *if you know the code*. "S + 4-digit code" The batteries are enclosed by a screw-in cover, so a thief can't disable it himself. The triangle clip should be replaced by a combination or key lock, as recommended by the other reviewer. Otherwise your thief can disconnect it and throw it in a bush while making his getaway.

    How the alarm is set off: any sort of motion will cause it to give a warning beep. If the vibration stops within 3 seconds it returns to "armed" mode. If the motion continues, the alarm will blare *really loudly* -- for 20 seconds according to the instructions. I just tested it: yes, the alarm goes for 20 seconds with continuous motion, then reverts to "armed mode" -- continuing the blare a few seconds later if motion continues. So if a thief steals your bag and goes running, it will signal his location until either he drops your bag or you clobber him (hopefully the latter). I tested it on a backpack and the alarm sets off as expected. This would be good to have on a daypack or backpack while traveling. You can relax and set your bag down while having a meal. Of course, one should always place his leg through a bag's strap. The warning beep is smart as you won't be embarrassed by a panic alarm in a crowded café caused by an inadvertent nudge to your bag. The other reviewer mentions that the bag protector doesn't work with a roller bag. A useful observation, but perhaps an unfair expectation. Rollers move in one fluid motion, this protector seems to be triggered by back-forth vibration, and is sensitive enough to signal with the slightest tap. It *does* work.

    The only possible inconvenience is in having to decide when it's appropriate to set the alarm. When you go to the bathroom? When you leave your bag at your feet? Setting the alarm is easy enough: push "S" twice and you're done. A better alarm would be something that blares when it gets too far from your body: for example a belt-worn device that calculates distance that triggers the alarm when it strays too far.

    Despite its flaws I give it 4-stars because 1. it works 2. it is a smart (if imperfect) design and 3. it is the only device of its kind. (If you find a better alternative, please tell us about it. I'd be happy to pay 3-4x the price for a well designed, well made, and smaller device.) Maybe a version 2.0 Doberman will deliver.

    Caveats: Doberman does not say for how long the SE-0304 can be left armed on the two CR2032 batteries. Will it last hours, days, or weeks? If the batteries don't have much stamina they could grow costly to replace.
    Unfortunately I have not been able to get it in blue: unavailable on Amazon and elsewhere. The blue version is less conspicuous - Amazon please stock it.

    PS I've decided the rattle in unbearable, and will return it to Amazon with the expectation that it'll be replaced as a manufacturing defect. The 4 stars I've given are contingent upon a hassle-free replacement. Will report back....more info
  • It now resides in my closet, never to be used again!
    I'm a wedding photographer and with the influx of photographic equipment theft at wedding venues here in California, I wanted to find a way to protect my equipment from being stolen while I'm not near it.

    I bring a Pelican 1510 rolling case with a Tamrac bag attached to the Pelican's handle. This stuff can easily be rolled away so I wanted to find some way to prevent it from being rolled away by anyone but myself. I saw the Doberman Bag Protector alert on Amazon and thought for less than $20, I'd give it a try.

    What it does do:
    When it senses vibrations, it gives off a few short warning chirps. If the vibrations continue, it sounds off it's piercingly loud siren. In order to stop it, you need to enter in a 4-digit code (that you set yourself) using its 3-digit keypard. However, be prepared to quickly put your palm over it to muffle the loud siren so that you don't blow out your ear-drums when you're next to it, trying to disarm it. Sometimes, it takes a couple of tries before it will take your 4-digit code.

    The piercing alarm can also be triggered by pulling on the triangle clip away from the unit -- a quick way to sound off a distress alert if you're being attacked or something in the middle of the night.

    It attaches to your luggage or any other item you want to protect by way of that triangular plastic clip, similar to the type of clip you would find from those plastic clips used to attach keys to the belt loop of a pair of pants. Any would-be thief would be able to unclip it from your bag and drop it on the floor as he/she is making off with your posession. A solution to this would be to remove the plastic clip from the end of the SE-0304 unit and attach it with a luggage lock (those small U-shaped locks).

    What it doesn't do:
    In theory, if a loud, annoying alarm is what you're looking for to protect your luggage, this sounds like the perfect solution (considering you swap out the plastic clip with a luggage lock). However, here's why I give it 2 stars... it works in your hand, and doesn't seem to work when your luggage is being stolen. I attached the thing to my photography rolling case, armed the unit and asked my roommate to act as if he was attempting to steal it. Out of 5 attempts, he successfully got away with my equipment 4 times! He simply grabbed the handle of my Pelican case, and started rolling it away. Bye bye $25,000 of photography equipment! So, maybe a rolling case/luggage will not be your application and you want to attach it to a backpack... I tested it with a backpack and with a briefcase. Attaching it to these items, he was 100% successful and walking off with both the backpack and briefcase with multiple attempts. It never went off. I thought maybe I forgot to arm it so I grabbed the bags and shook it, to force vibration to the unit... and alas, it went off.

    So, in conclusion, if you expect your would be thief to RUN with your bag/briefcase/luggage, this may induce the vibration needed to trigger this bag protector. Or, if you have a rolling luggage, it may work if the thief is rolling it away on gravel or other bumpy surface... but the carpet found at most airports definitely won't provide any level of vibration to help trigger this protector. Maybe you can shave down some surface area of the wheels on your luggage so that it rolls very roughly... then it might work!

    ...more info
  • Great Product
    This item is listed as a "Bag Protector" but it functions as so much more. All my family uses them on their portable devices to prevent theft. We also use them on backpacks and school bags. What an inexpensive way to protect the laptop!!!! Wow, this device has saved us more than once with my kids at college. The motion alarm is excellent and I have added security knowing it also functions as a personal alarm if I or the kids need it! Great Product, Excellent Price!!!!...more info