SE-0302OR Electronic Defense Whistle. Orange/White
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Product Description

The Electronic Defense Whistle is the perfect hand-held item for anyone. This stylish, small, yet powerful emergency alarm is a great companion to bring on your daily routine. Place it in a purse or bag and use it to alert others to your aid with the electronic whistle function and accompanying LED lights.

  • Shrill electronic whistles wards off attackers
  • Your personal security accessories
  • An on-the-go companion
  • Includes a bright LED light and emergency flashers
  • Loud 100 decibel alarm
Customer Reviews:
  • shouldn't have to hold the button down
    You shouldn't have to hold the botton down the whole time you want it to sound. Could be a little louder. ...more info
  • No complaints, was expecting more from whistle
    I was suprised by how the whistle sounded, I was expecting a car alarm type of sound by it was more shrill almost like the sound a phaser makes on Star Trek. It is pretty loud but I'm not sure if it would be enough to deter anyone. The LED light works pretty well and the red blinking feature is pretty neat. All in all a nice looking gizmo, but I would suggest you not rely solely on this device alone for personal security....more info