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Hawking Technologies HNC320G, Wireless/Wired Network Camera Server with 10/100Mbps Port (RJ45) and 54Mbps 802.11g Wireless LAN and Pan-Tilt.MODEL: HNC720G VENDOR: HAWKING TECHNOLOGIES FEATURES: Net-Vision 802.11g Remote-Motion CCD Network Camera Wireless 802.11g or Wired 10/100Mbps with Pan/Tilt Function, CCD Image Sensor, & MPEG-4 Compression, Audio, Motion Detection & More. The Hawking Net-Vision HNC720G is a high performance Wireless G standalone camera system with its own built-in CPU and web server, and thereby provides an ideal solution for remote monitoring, surveillance, or sending live video over the Internet. The camera allows remote access and management from anywhere in the world via the Internet or an existing LAN, and supports both the Wireless 802.11g/b and 10/100Mbps Wired Fast Ethernet standards. The HNC720G features a CCD image sensor and MPEG-4 compression to provide a superior quality picture and streaming video at up to 30 frames per second. Remote-motion technology can be utilized via web interface or remote control, and allows the camera to pan across 270 degrees, as well as tilt through 90 degrees. The camera also features 4x digital zoom. Included with the camera is a powerful management and control software application that allows the user to playback video, record directly to the hard drive, operate remote-motion control, and trigger automatic recording by motion detection. A built-in microphone also enables audio monitoring. The camera can be utilized in mixed operating environments that include Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux systems. The simple installation procedures and web-based interface offer easy integration to your existing network and applications. Versatile and full-featured, the Net-Vision HNC720G offers a broad array of applications and can be used to monitor various critical locations such as homes, offices, banks, schools, childcare centers, hospitals, and other industrial and public areas. Includes H