Wireless SPY Color Camera Nanny Cam with Bracket High Quality
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Product Description

For sale is a high quality spy camera system, which is one of the world's smallest spy camera. Complete wireless color CCTV spy camera system with bracket for easy mounting. Great for those who do not want to put extra cables inside the house. It's so small, you can easily hide it anywhere in the house to use it as Nanny Cam. Hide it inside a clock, radio, or stuffed animal to make a great nanny cam. Takes only minutes to install! Simply plug in the power to camera (using the included standard 8V power adapter or a 9V battery) and receiver (using the included standard 9V power adapter), connect the Video Out from the Receiver to your VCR or TV, turn the tunning knob like you would with a radio, and Bingo!! You will see the vivid color video picture! Compared to my other pinhole spy cameras, the advantage of this camera is that it has real lens so it has better picture, as well as it comes with mounting bracket for easy mounting. This camera is also a little bit longer than the pinhole camera (see pictures for actual size), so it will dissipate heat better, a very important factor contributing to better picture quality with CMOS cameras. This camera comes in 4 channels, so it's possible to operate 4 of these cameras in the same vicinity without interference. *Format: Color TV output, NTSC (for US) *Resolution: 380 lines *Range: 1000 feet with line-of-sight *Illumination: 1.5 Lux @F1.2 *Power supply: 8V DC for camera, 9V DC for receiver. *Camera power consumption: 200 mW

  • Format: Color TV output, NTSC (for US)
  • Resolution: 380 lines
  • Range: 1000 feet with line-of-sight
  • Illumination: 1.5 Lux @F1.2
  • Camera power consumption: 200 mW