Starry Night BlueStar Wireless Telescope Controller for Meade LX90 / ETX
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Product Description

Starry Night BlueStar Telescope Adapter sets you free from searching for cables to connect your telescope and computer. Now, command your computerized telescope from your laptop wirelessly. The integrated Bluetooth wireless technology gives you unprecedented range and freedom of movement in the field. BlueStar works with most major brands of computerized telescopes, allowing complete wireless control while using StarryNight Pro software of other popular astonomy programs as your graphical interface. For added convenience, the BlueStar Telescope Adapter doubles as a USB adapter in wired configurations eleimating the need for a USB to serial port adapter Requires 2 Batteries, a Bluetooth enabled computer, Starry Night or other astronomy software capable of driving a telescope USB Cables, Telescope Connector cables

  • Range of up to 30 Feet
  • RJ-11 port for telescope connecctor cables
  • USB port for wired configurations and backup power supply
  • Easy to read LED indicates Bluetooth or USB operation and data exchange