Pioneer Inno Portable XM2go Radio with MP3 Player
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Product Description

XM Radio is a satellite based radio system. It requires a monthly subscription fee for reception. Pioneer's Inno is the complete entertainment package. It's a satellite radio that lets you listen to live XM broadcasts at home, on the go, and even in the car (car kit sold separately). The Inno lets you store individual songs or entire blocks of XM programming and listen to them anytime you'd like. Or you can upload some of your favorite MP3 and WMA files, and create playlists that include MP3s/WMAs and the songs you've recorded from XM.

The Pioneer Inno offers the long-awaited combination of MP3 and live XM Satellite Radio reception in a sleek, handheld device. The wearable radio delivers XM's over 170 digital radio channels of commercial-free music and premier sports, news, talk, and entertainment programming live and nationwide. It plays MP3s and WMAs, and it has a time-shifting memory mode for storage and playback of XM content. A particularly innovative feature of the Inno allows the user to ?bookmark? songs heard on XM, connect the Inno to a personal computer, and instantly purchase the songs from the XM + Napster online music download service.

The Pioneer Inno has 1GB of memory storage for MP3 files, WMA files, and XM programming, to hold up to 50 hours of content. At only 4.4 ounces and 3.4? x 1.9? x .67?, the Inno is extremely light and easy to take along anywhere. In addition to the XM + Napster feature of the Inno, it has a full-color 180 X 180 pixels TFT display and a user-friendly interface for saving and deleting content. Users can build personal playlists using a mix of XM content and tracks from their own digital music collection. The Inno has a memory buffer to make it easy to store an entire track heard in XM, even if the user starts storing it in the middle of a song.

The original lineup of XM2Go products (the MyFi, Tao, and Airware) were the first attempt from either XM or Sirius at providing a truly portable satellite radio receiver. As first-generation products, they offered such tantalizing features as a built-in antenna for receiving live XM broadcasts on the go and the ability to record content for playback later. But, like many first-generation products, these technologies were not yet perfected.

With the Inno, you can receive and play live satellite broadcasts while you're on the go. View larger.

XM radio offers an incredible selection of music, sports, talk, and more.
Fast-forward a few years: the sequel--the Pioneer Inno--is a radical step forward in both performance, features, and design. (Note: Samsung's Helix is essentially the same model with a slightly different shell.) Boasting a much smaller form factor, slick casing, color screen, and simple user interface, the Inno is the first satellite radio player to make people think twice about buying a straight-up MP3 player.

That's important because not only does the Inno receive all of XM's great content, but it also has built-in storage for your MP3 collection. You can either record up to 50 hours of live XM content into memory, or split it for 25 hours of XM and 25 hours of your personal tunes. Having the option to load a few hundred songs is the perfect antidote for when you're in an area where the Inno can't receive a live signal.

Having some backup entertainment is great, but rest assured that with the Inno, antenna reception is much improved. The Inno's stubby antenna (think a slightly thicker antenna than on your mobile phone) pulled in rock-solid reception all around downtown Seattle, even when placed inside a jacket pocket. Performance will vary depending on your location relative to XM's satellites and network of ground-based repeaters, but it's way better than any of the original XM2Go units. Adding XM's antenna headphones can improve your experience even more.

Thanks to a 10-minute buffer, the Inno is also able to download an entire song from XM, even if you decide to hit record at the end of the song. Connect your player to your PC once you're at home and you'll instantly have the option of downloading that song for keeps via XM's new partnership with Napster.

Another highlight of the interface is the navigation pad. To go directly to a channel, hit the left arrow and then use the virtual keypad to punch in the channel number. If you just want to surf around, hit the right arrow and the display groups the channels by category (Rock, News, Sports, etc.).

The Inno comes with a remote control, a home dock with relevant cables and antenna, nice earbud headphones, software, and more. The rechargeable battery lasted about 4 hours when playing live XM programming, and it will last longer for MP3 playback. An adjustable color screen is another great addition, as it's much easier to see in sunlight and it gives the Inno a high-end feel.

The original lineup of XM2Go products (the MyFi, Tao, and Airware) were the first attempt from either XM or Sirius at providing a truly portable satellite radio receiver. As first-generation products, they offered such tantalizing features as a built-in antenna for receiving live XM broadcasts on the go and the ability to record content for playback later. But, like many first-generation products, these technologies were not yet perfected.

Fast-forward a few years: the sequel--the Pioneer Inno--is a radical step forward in both performance, features, and design. (Note: Samsung's Helix is essentially the same model with a slightly different shell.) Boasting a much smaller form factor, slick casing, color screen, and simple user interface, the Inno is the first satellite radio player to make people think twice about buying a straight-up MP3 player.

That's important because not only does the Inno receive all of XM's great content, but it also has built-in storage for your MP3 collection. You can either record up to 50 hours of live XM content into memory, or split it for 25 hours of XM and 25 hours of your personal tunes. Having the option to load a few hundred songs is the perfect antidote for when you're in an area where the Inno can't receive a live signal.

Having some backup entertainment is great, but rest assured that with the Inno, antenna reception is much improved. The Inno's stubby antenna (think a slightly thicker antenna than on your mobile phone) pulled in rock-solid reception all around downtown Seattle, even when placed inside a jacket pocket. Performance will vary depending on your location relative to XM's satellites and network of ground-based repeaters, but it's way better than any of the original XM2Go units. Adding XM's antenna headphones can improve your experience even more.

Thanks to a 10-minute buffer, the Inno is also able to download an entire song from XM, even if you decide to hit record at the end of the song. Connect your player to your PC once you're at home and you'll instantly have the option of downloading that song for keeps via XM's new partnership with Napster.

Another highlight of the interface is the navigation pad. To go directly to a channel, hit the left arrow and then use the virtual keypad to punch in the channel number. If you just want to surf around, hit the right arrow and the display groups the channels by category (Rock, News, Sports, etc.).

The Inno comes with a remote control, a home dock with relevant cables and antenna, nice earbud headphones, software, and more. The rechargeable battery lasted about 4 hours when playing live XM programming, and it will last longer for MP3 playback. An adjustable color screen is another great addition, as it's much easier to see in sunlight and it gives the Inno a high-end feel.

Finally, a portable device that lets you play live XM radio content. That's right, wherever you roam the Pioneer Inno lets you tap into more than 150 channels of satellite radio. It's a big step forward for XM radio lovers, but there's more. With the Inno, you can combine live XM radio with your personal digital music collection (MP3s and WMA). This means you can enjoy your own music library while being exposed to all the new music and content that XM radio has to offer.

So how did they get a complete satellite receiver into a device that measures 3.7 x 2.2 x 0.6 inches? By using an advanced satellite/terrestrial internal antenna that allows the device to receive signals from anywhere. The device is light, too, weighing in at just 4.5 ounces. The unit's full-color, 180 x 180 TFT display, as well as a user-friendly interface, make it easy to save and delete content. In addition to making it easy to find the music you want to listen to quickly, the interface lets you build your own playlists right on the device that consist of XM radio content and your own digital music. Another cool feature is the Inno's built-in memory buffer, which allows you to save an entire XM radio song even if you decide to save it in the middle of the song. The Inno's internal memory supports up to 50 hours of saved content.

Featuring a full array of programming -- from talk shows, comedy programs, and live Major League Baseball broadcasts to just about every musical genre from bluegrass to jazz -- XM Radio is the fastest growing satellite radio network in the world. All XM metadata is displayed on the Inno's display, including full song title and artist name, as well as information extras such as stock and sports score tickers. The device also sports a category list for saving and accessing favorite channels.

Another great feature of the Inno is TuneSelect, which alerts you when one of your favorite artists or songs is being played on an XM channel. And last, but certainly not least, the Inno features an integrated wireless FM transmitter so you can beam XM content to any FM radio frequency (with the Pioneer Inno Accessory Car Installation Kit), making it very easy to listen to XM content on any home or car stereo.

The Inno comes with earbuds and everything you need for portable and home use.

  • Plays live XM radio content wherever you roam
  • TuneSelect alerts you when favorites are being played on XM
  • Also plays MP3s and WMA files from your personal library
  • Full-color, 180 x 180 TFT display
  • Holds up to 50 hours of content
Customer Reviews:
  • Five Stars for the Radio, One for the Battery
    I have been an XM fan for years (my original boom box still gets a daily workout). The Inno itself is superb but battery life is just awful. I have tried new batteries but keep getting the same results: play time is only a couple of hours. Also, when I recharge the battery all night and take the Inno into work so that I may listen to it at lunch, the battery is dead when I turn it on! In order to maintain the previous night's charge, I must remove the battery from the radio and reinstall it when I want to listen to it! Please, whoever is going to be in charge once the merger takes place (XM or Sirius), correct this!...more info
  • Awesome!
    Great item and purchase. Would be nice with a little more memory - we have ours split in 1/2, half for mp3s and half for recording off xm. We use this in our baby's room for the kid tunes and classical music - she absolutely loves this! We hook it up to external speakers and it sounds great. We have also used on the beach, when biking, etc. and never had any issues....more info
  • XM Inno vs. Sirius Stiletto - Inno wins hands down
    I rarely write reviews, but I don't think I've seen anyone comparing the XM Inno to the Sirius Stiletto, so I thought that I would do so, since I own both. I received the Stiletto as a Christmas gift, and was so disgusted with it two months later that I got the XM to replace it. I couldn't be happier with that decision, as the Inno beats the Stiletto hands down.

    - Size - Advantage Inno - The Inno is similar to a closed Motorola Razr phone, while the Stiletto is more like a Blackberry Pearl, only thicker (particularly with the "long-life" battery in).

    - Screen and Controls - Advantage Stiletto - There is no denying that the Stiletto is a "slicker" device than the Inno, despite the bigger size. The Stiletto display is much more brilliant and sharp than the "pixelly" Inno display. The controls are a bit easier and more intuitive, and the Stiletto appears to have a few more short-cuts. The Inno gets the job done fine, but without as much of a "wow" factor.

    - Reception - Advantage Inno by a mile - I live in an apartment building with a south-facing window just outside of Boston, MA - the Inno works nearly flawlessly in my apartment, whether using the internal antenna or docked in the home dock (which is INCLUDED, unlike the Stiletto). I run the XM antenna to the window, but I don't really need to, it gets great reception wherever I place the antenna. It works great at my office as well, a high-rise building in downtown Boston. Live reception is also quite good while walking around the city (I rarely drive, so I can't comment on that). It even works in my gym, which is in the basement of a building in an urban setting with no outside windows at all. The Stiletto, on the other hand, has sporadic reception even while it is in the home dock with the antenna at the window. And as for live reception on the go, forget about it.

    Some people make a big deal out of the Stiletto's built-in Wi-Fi feature, and I did use it occasionally because the reception was so bad. But the Inno's reception is so good as is, I wouldn't need it on the Inno anyway.

    I should note that with both services I'm accessing the terrestrial repeater, not the satellite. The satellite access on both is basically non-existent where I live. In general, if you purchase either devise expecting to get constant reception while you're driving around or going for a jog, I think you will be disappointed. I didn't have that expectation going in, so I don't have that complaint.

    - Recording Function - Advantage Stiletto (if it actually worked - see below) - The primary reason I was interested in a portable satellite radio was as a recording device. I never really think about the live reception while I'm on the go, because I'm always listening to what I've recorded. I record a few hours of music onto the device every night while I sleep, then wake up with new music to listen to every morning. So much better than my iPod! I'm not limited to my current CD collection or what I buy on iTunes, not to mention the effort that it takes to transfer a whole collection of CDs to the iPod. You get a month of UNLIMITED music in any style or genre you can think of, all for the price of ONE new album? It's not very difficult for me to do that math.

    The Stiletto does have more memory than the Inno (100 hours of recorded content vs. 50 hours), but that hasn't made any difference to me so far. The whole point of me owning the device is that I'm refreshing the music every night, so it would certainly be quite a feat for me to listen to more than 50 hours in a given day.

    The Stiletto also does have more recording "flexibility." You can set the Stiletto to record at a certain time every week, every day, every weekday, every weekend, or one time only. The only options for the Inno are one time only or every day. This is one of the primary reasons I first chose the Stiletto over the Inno, but due to the reliability issues described below, it is a completely meaningless advantage.

    - Reliability - Advantage Inno by a mile - At the end of the day, reliability and content are what drove me away from the Stiletto. Over the course of two months, the Stiletto was a horrible mess of buggy software and unpredictability. "Scheduled" recordings would consistently fail to take place for unknown reasons, or they would be cut off in the middle. Recordings that I scheduled for a certain time would mysteriously shift to another time. It sounds great that the Stiletto can be set to record a certain program at a certain time every week, but if it doesn't actually RECORD when it's supposed to, it doesn't do much good! What's more, the device constantly freezes or crashes entirely. And the batteries have a tendency to get very, very hot (as in almost too hot to touch). The Inno, meanwhile, has been nothing but reliable. Recordings take place as scheduled, no crashes, no freezing, no bugs.

    - Content - Advantage XM by a mile - I can only speak for the stations I listen to consistently (indie rock, rap and hip-hop, electronic and dance, jam bands, and the occasional acoustic rock) but for those stations, XM service is far, far superior. The channel line-ups for XM and Sirius may sound very similar, but what you won't know until you start listening consistently is how shockingly repetitive and unimaginative Sirius programming is. For example, if you listen to an hour of the old school rap station on Sirius ("Backspin") on a Monday night, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll hear some Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Run DMC and LL Cool J. If you listen the next night, you'll hear Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Run DMC and LL Cool J. The night after that, you'll hear Ice Cube, Public Enemy, Run DMC...well, you get the idea. And most of the time, you'll even be hearing the same SONGS, not just the same artists. Just before I switched over to XM, I listened to an hour of Backspin one night and EVERY SINGLE song that came on was one that I had heard already in the two months that I had owned the Stiletto (and it's not like I'm sitting around listening to Backspin 24 hours a day). What a joke! If you genuinely prefer to stay in your "comfort zone" and listen only to the artists and songs that you know already, then Sirius certainly fits the bill. As for me, the whole point of using satellite radio is being able to easily and relatively cheaply expand my music listening beyond what's already on my iPod. XM serves that purpose much better than Sirius does.
    ...more info
  • Love my Inno
    I have had the Inno since its release date and it's still in use. The early units had some problems (mainly battery life) that were corrected through firmware updates available online. Portable reception is great in most cities (XM has signal repeaters)but hit or miss otherwise, more dependent on aiming the unit or using the antenna headphones.

    Pros: Live coverage and 50 hours of recorded content for places where there is no reception (airplanes). Scheduled recording automates recording repeated shows. You can hit record in the middle of a song and it will record the whole song for you. XM content is great.

    Cons: Recorded content cannot be backed-up or transferred to another device. Have to use XM + Napster to organize recorded content from a PC. ...more info
    At Christmas 2007 Best Buy was selling at $119 - an outstanding purchase price! I was told Pioneer was about to release a new model which will allow one to download books. Unfortunately, after 2 weeks of use the screen failed. I returned it to Best Buy and received an even exchange for a replacement. Besides the pre-mature screen failure, the only reason I did not give it 5 STARS is I am disappointed in the inconsistent signal when I use it outdoors. A slight change in direction while walking may cause loss of signal. I pre-record XM music or use my downloaded music when outside. Inside home use is excellent. It is a neat little gadget for a hundred bucks. But remember you will have to buy the XM service. Best Buy was giving 3 months free and if you purchased a year of service you received a free month, in total 4 free months for the first year. By year two I assume you will be hooked on XM Radio or it will be another dumb idea purchase....more info
    I bought the INNO a month ago in spite of all of the negative reviews. IT'S TERRIBLE. The battery life lasts only a few hours of playing time. When the unit is powered down it still drains the battery. I cannot use the INNO on consecutive nights without charging the battery. The reception is garbage if you live in the city/suburb. Mounting it is the only solution(Which make the "portable xm" a joke). I was also suckered into buying this because of the record feature. Although it works great, it lacks memory space. And on top of that you cant transfer the files to another device such as your computer. Computers cant read xm files. BAD ITEM, STAY AWAY!!!...more info
  • INNO is what I needed
    I finally broke down and bought the INNO. I'm glad I did. Great reception. I didn't have to buy the car kit. I just bought an extra cradle and already had the wires from my Skifi2 and plugged it into my IPOD spot in my car.

    Another GREAT feature is I don't have to wait for my favorite artist to come to set them as tuneselect. I can manually put them in myself. The sports ticker has improved now. You can select what college teams you want to input now. (I believe you can do that with all XM Radio's).

    I received the armband for Christmas but haven't had the chance to use it yet to try out the reception being that I live in Michigan.

    I like the idea's that you can buy seperate items for it, Ala Carte if you will, that way I can buy what I need.

    A couple of suggestion I recommend is more space for storage of your music, also, and this is not a big deal, give more spaces for tune select so that you can put in more that 20 of your favorite artist. Another item this needs and is a MUST. It needs an Airplane mode so when you are flying on commercial airlines you can turn the satelitte off but still be able to turn the INNO on and use the "IPOD" feature like my cell phone has.

    Transferring Music is not a problem except it doesn't always transfer all the music I want, but all in all I give it a thumbs up.

    ...more info
  • Cool Item
    This is an incredibly cool item and I bought it for my 15 yr old son for Christmas. Works great but the battery life is short and reception indoors is limited. ...more info
  • Runner pleased with Inno!
    I read all the reviews on the Inno before purchasing as well as visited quite a few mall kiosks inquiring about the piece and I have to say that this has been the best purchase of the season. We had the Delphi MyFi and had so many problems that we even considered cancelling our service, but not now. We don't have a need for the Antenna headphones. We can sit anywhere in our home and have reception for live XM! We even run on trails and haven't lost reception. I can use all my same home kit pieces from my Delphi. The only negative thing I have about it is that you have to have the car docking kit to use the FM Modulator in your vehicle. If that is incorrect, please someone let me know. I have the car kit for my Delphi, but I never had to plug it into anything, just adjust my station. I say if you are going to get an xm, this is the one!...more info
  • My experience with it
    I have used this unit for about a year in my car with the auto kit and at home in a Belkis F5x007 base unit with external antenna. Except for the following limitation, the radio does everything as specified. I have not had reception problems as others have reported. It is fun, easy and a joy to use.
    Be aware of the following:
    The battery lasts only about 3 hours of continuous use ever since the radio was new. I've replaced the battery thinking it was defective but I still get the same duration with the new battery. That's not a big deal
    but what I find most annoying is the storage capacity of 1GB total, split in two.
    This memory is divided 50/50 between your own songs downloaded from your computer and songs you can record from XM listening. Consequently, I can only download from my computer about 25 songs into the inno and no more. The rest of the storage is reserved for XM recordings. That may be OK for you if you only have a few songs to download into the inno but if you have hundreds as I do, it becomes a real annoying limition. Other than that, the radio works great.
    ...more info
  • Everything I wanted.
    This is a great XM receiver. With the home dock, car dock, remotes, screen display, song recording, computer song transfer, and head phone capability this is a very impressive product. This is head and shoulders above other car only receivers....more info
  • Worked Great for 3 Months
    Received this Inno as a gift last year. Was thrilled with it for the first 3 months and then started to have problems with turning it on once out of the docking cradle. Followed all the recommendations that came in the booklet but nothing helped. I believe that this inno came with a defective battery so called Pioneer's customer service which gave me no suggestions and offered no help. I then sent 3 snail mails to their corporate headquarters which in return received no acknowledgement. I then emailed on their web site and received no acknowledgment. I would not recommend this unit to anyone. I believe products are only as good as their customer service and Pioneer proved to me to be the worst there is. ...more info
  • wonderful device
    my inno arrived on time and was wonderful for the money. I would highly recommend the purchase....more info
  • A Little Jewel from Pioneer
    This Pioneer XM product is so cool. The reception is great even in a moving vehicle. I used one of those external RF devices and shot it over to my radio. Don't need to buy the 60+ dollar car adapter. It has so many features and the Pioneer Inno is so intuitive with just a few buttons. Record live off the air is just a push of the button. Even if you don't catch the beginning of a song you like it has a ten minute buffer so it catches the begining of the song (unless your song started over ten minutes ago there are few or no problems). Its color screen is great. The only draw back is short battery life. The assessories of other XM radio products like the DC power will work with the Inno to charge it in your car. The Inno does come with that adapter so it can be plugged into the mini DC plug. It comes with a home cradle and attenna but it really shines as an on the go device. Its bigger than an MP3 player but no big deal. Getting the after market case from Belkin is a perfect fit well worth the money (don't get any other cheap knock-offs)Have a nice day and hope you enjoy this product from Pioneer as I did. PEACE & LOVE ~ Koji...more info
  • Defective Firmware
    I have had my Pioneer Inno for six months or so. I bought this unit for listening to XM and/or mp3's while riding my bicycle. I found the XM reception to be spotty while riding but I have used the radio in portable mode while on a camping trip and it sounded great. With a car kit, the unit worked very nicely in my car as well. The Napster software CD would not load on my Windows Vista laptop so I downloaded Napster+XM from the XM website. The software would not recognize the Inno, however, on my computer. Still, I was able to transfer mp3's to the Inno by copying directly to the device in USB drive mode. The Inno makes a competent, if limited in memory, mp3 player.

    All was well until last weekend when I loaded some new mp3's on the Inno. After disconnecting from the computer, the unit now locks up every time you turn it on with a "Scanning Files" message on the screen. After researching this a little on the web, I've found that this is a known problem with the unit's firmware whereby malformed mp3 file headers can cause the Inno's file indexing routine to hang indefinitely. There is no fixing this issue, according to Pioneer Technical support. Pioneer will replace the unit if it is within warranty. Unfortunately mine is not because I bought a factory refurb unit with only 90 days warranty. The Pioneer customer support offered to sell me another refurb unit with 90 day warranty for $49.00. I decided to pass on that offer.

    If you buy one of these units, I would recommend using it only as an XM receiver and radio recorder. By putting your own mp3 files on it, you are almost 100% assured of eventually locking up the unit with the "Scanning Files" defective firmware problem.
    ...more info
  • Great radio
    This little guy is awesome, I got a lot of miles out of this one....more info
  • So far...not great.
    FIRST WEEK .. 20-SEP-2007

    We've had the Inno for one week now and have driven across three states with it, hooked it up in the house, and tried to use it outside while walking/running.

    In the Car. Not bad surprisingly since we do not have the car kit. The battery lasted about four hours at a go so a car power adapter is a must for trips. We used it at various points along the I-5 corridor on the west coast and reception was passable in almost all locations. Songs would usually play through without dropping reception, with maybe twenty percent having an occasional hiccup. Overall it was enjoyable and with a car antenna I'm sure it would have been excellent.

    In the House. Very hard to find reception indoors. The antenna had to be right up against the window for us and turned 'just so' and still on the whole window sill, there is a spot only four inches wide where the antenna will get reception. Once you go through the hassle of placing it and running all the wires (power wire, antenna wire, line out wire), it works nicely. I'm pleased with that aspect of the home use. I'm still trying to figure out how to plug the line out into my soundcard to play XM on the computer, but that's not an Inno issue. As far as trying to wear the Inno like a Walkman around the house...forget it. No reception at all indoors without the antenna. Not a big disappointment to us though.

    Portable Outside. This is, of course, why we bought the Inno and not a cheaper alternative that just plays in the car and house. This is also where the Inno fails miserably. I have read that users in big cities will have a more positive experience because of the repeaters/signal boosters XM has placed in large population centers. We live in a suburb of a major city and must be too far from the repeaters because reception is terrible. The land here is flat, no hills, no forests, no giant towers, no buildings over two stories in the area, and no good reception. We can hear enough of the song to know what is playing and that's it. The reception cuts out with every other step and every other turn. It doesn't matter if the Inno is in a pocket or held over my head with the antenna facing south.

    Overall. The build quality of the Inno is nice and it feels very solid in your hand. The menu layout is good enough. The screen is easy to read, but they use such weird graphics for some of the channel names that you can't tell what they say. That's not really a big deal though because you'll quickly get to know which channels you like and where they are.

    Two aspects of the Inno have us a little frustrated though. The first is the lack of any number keys like we had on our Roady XT. We didn't consider this until realizing how easily we jumped from Channel 7 to Channel 54 on the Roady...just push the "5" and the "4" buttons, versus how we must do it on the Inno...scroll down from 7 to 54 by hitting the down button forty-seven times. A digital keypad is accessible through the menu on the Inno, but for us it isn't a great substitute. I think perhaps with time, we'll grow more dextrous with menu items and not have a problem. Also, favorite channels and removing channels could alleviate some of the hassle for those who have just a few channels they jump between.

    The second aspect that is frustrating, and this one is major, is that we cannot figure out any way to preview song titles and artist names while scrolling through channels, a standard feature on the Roady. To see what is playing on "Lucy", you have to leave your current station and tune in to "Lucy". This is highly annoying and completely unnecessary for a device dealing with this technology. I will continue to search for a way to preview song titles and update this review if I find one. If you are reading and know how it can be done (or can verify that it cannot be done) please leave a comment to educate both myself and any other users seeking advice here so they are not misled or left wondering.

    Conclusion. Although it has been only a week, we were happier with the cheap Roady than the Inno that costs ten times as much. We will give it some more time before going back though. Perhaps we will try the antenna headphones, but they are such lousy headphones, you need to use them as an antenna around your neck only and plug your real headphones into the free jack. Pioneer really didn't put enough thought into this device in my opinion.

    Note. I will periodically check this review for comments and answer any questions anyone asks (if I am able)....more info
  • NICE RECEIVER bad representation
    I recently purchased your inno XM receiver. I put off making the purchase until I found a unit that I could download books too. I checked the advertising and it said books or WMA format would work. So after close to a $300.00 payment I received the unit and download a book to it. I have to say I am very disappointed in the product. Yes, you can download a book to it but there is no way to bookmark your place so that you can return to it. So after being aggravated with this I tried fast forwarding to where the book left off and was again dissapointed to find out that it only display's up to 103 minutes on the display and you can't fast forward past it. It starts the book back at the beginning. I live in a rural area and we cannot always get satellite reception with a receiver like this and I enjoy books. It would have been cheaper to get a Stiletto or similar device and keep using my CreativeZen player. You would think that if you could design a unit to receive satellite signals that you could incorportate the features of MP3/WMA player that sells between $45-$140.

    As for the XM reception it's great and daughter loves listening to the Disney Channel. I purchased it for the SEC football coverge and was impressed that on screen it updated the score and each quarter.
    No battery issues and customer support at XM was excellent.

    ...more info
  • Great for Games; Get the Antenna Headphones
    I have been a devoted XM subscriber/lover for several years because of the satellite radio that came with my car. When XM added SEC football to their sports line-up, I knew I just had to get a portable so that I could use it at the stadium every Saturday to get all the other games. To that end, I could not be any happier with this product. It is very small and light (about like the average cell phone). You ABSOLUTELY need to get the antenna headphones in order to get a good steady signal. In fact, it is so much of a "must" that Pioneer really should include it with the other accessories it comes with. Nevertheless, I have not found the headphones to be as uncomfortable as others seem to, they feel just fine and are light. With them, I get great reception at the stadium. In addition to being able to listen to other games going on around the conference, this handy little device has a "sports ticker" that gives me fast updates of other games going on. (Much faster updates than the stadium gives out on the jumbotron). This little baby really enhances my gameday experience. If you are considering getting it for that purpose, DO IT. ...more info
  • Pretty sweet radio, took a little getting used to!
    Sorry, this review ended up much longer than I thought it would be. This review ***was initially a negative review***. My radio wouldn't pick up a usable signal for the majority of the time, but now it seems fine! Give a gal a basically functional XM radio and all kinds of crazy things happen! Here's an index:

    * No presets. Punch channel in directly or use "Favorites" feature.
    * Radio Only comes with Home kit, not car kit; FM Modulation only works when docked on Car kit.
    * Signal Reception sometimes dependent on angle at which dock is sitting?
    * Should be advertised as "Small," NOT "portable."
    * Compatibility with previous radio hardware may be tricky...
    * Car kit contains redundant parts
    * Other features -- Tuneselect too quiet, Remote control hard
    * Record feature is pretty freakin' awesome, though!!!

    I went from wanting to return this radio, to nicknaming him, "Mino." As in, My Inno. It's an awesome radio :) Like I said, this was once a decidedly negative review. I won't remove the negative tone altogether because it would take too much editting, but will update with other information when necessary.

    I finally coughed up the dough because I was looking for an upgrade to my Audiovox XR9, which I got for free. The XR9 wasn't much for looks, is actually quite big compared to the Inno, and would have maybe a 3-second delay whenever you'd hit one of the presets before switching over. I had been kinda used to this, but it was time to treat myself.

    Did I say presets? Yeah, the Inno has none. There's a favorites menu instead. You hit the right arrow, the favorites menu comes up, then you scroll up or down to get to the channel you want, then you hit the XM button. That's right, a single preset button has been replaced with three different buttons. GENIUS! The only good thing about this, though, is that when the favorites menu comes up, if you hit display once, it'll switch over from the channel names to Artist names. If you hit it again, it'll switch over to display the Song title instead. This is actually a pretty sweet feature. I just don't see why it would replace presets completely (how am I supposed to fully enjoy the feature while driving?!?) Oh, when I switch modes to recorded content vs. Live XM, the display defaults back to Channels (sigh). This did not get fixed with the latest firmware update as at the writing of this review (2.11).

    You can also type in the channel # completely and hit the XM button. So since I listen in to XM Cent (French for 100) occasionally, that's 1-0-0 XM button, instead of a single preset button from the radio I "upgraded." The Inno also did NOT overcome the delay as far as time is concerned, because now the amt of time it takes to press the 3 buttons >= the amt of time I had to wait on the XR9 to jump to the new channel after hitting a single button. Not to mention the wasted extra effort. Update: Tuning can be faster if you set the "Direct Tune" option. The radio basically won't wait for you to hit the "XM" button when you punch in the numbers, or hang over a channel on your favorites menu for, say, 3 seconds.

    Radio Only comes with Home kit, not car kit; FM Modulation only works when docked on Car kit.

    Seeing as I mostly listen to my radio in my car, this was really disappointing. An original $400 price tag on this thing and you still have to buy a freakin' car kit separately?!? $70 is the retail price on those puppies, BTW. If you buy the Inno 1, which still has FM modulation available, it'll only be enabled when you dock on the car kit. I still wonder if XM could have come up with a better solution when they got threatened by the FCC to 86 their powerful FM transmitters built into their radios. Either way, the truth is, even with my previous radio, I noticed that a direct line-in using a tape adapter, for instance, gave much cleaner audio. I have bought a run of the mill aux line-in cord so I won't be stranded if a car I'm renting does not have a tape deck. Obviously, if it doesn't have tape deck or an aux input, I'm out of luck!

    Weird reception.

    Driving around for six hours in the middle of the corn fields and I could not get a decent signal! ***Update*** I found out that the issue was as simple as angling the dock slightly differently! I use the home-dock in my car because I don't want to spring for a car kit. Apparently, a 5 degree difference on the mount angle is all it takes for the signal to cut out sometimes! My car antenna is still mounted on my dash and gets great signal now. I hope this trend continues even in bad weather.

    Speaking of signal quality, it is such a great time to get XM! I live in a small town, and always thought XM was made for people like us, ie, local radio probably sucks and it's easy to get a satellite signal from the open sky, seeing as the only way to see the actual Sun in some downtown areas of big cites is to look vertically updawards at high noon. But now they've got ground repeaters (think cell phone towers) in big cities, meaning the signal sometimes won't even cut out when you go under an overpass! Wow. I did experience this a few days ago on a recent trip.

    Should be advertised as "Small," NOT "portable."

    I guess I still feel this product requires a lot of stuff attached to it to be operational. To listen to a live signal outdoors, you probably would need the Antenna headset, as your body could completely block the little antenna on the device as you move around. At home, you'd probably need to have the Home antenna hooked in, and some sort of connection to boombox or some such device to be able to play your radio. This made me question its portability as a stand-alone device, but it's probably not that big a deal.

    Backwards compatibility...

    The Inno uses a 5V 2A max power supply, even though my previous one used 6V. I've been using my old car adapter, sure hope it doesn't fry it soon, but so far so good. The antenna works great, too (after some wiggling being necessary, as described before).

    Car kit contains redundant parts

    Off the top of my head, I believe the car kit comes with remote, dash swivel mount, vent mount, car dock, antenna, cig adapter, and a couple other items I can't quite think of. Since they do not supply the car kit with purchase, most who use XM in their cars would need to buy one of these and end of with redundant parts.

    Reviewer a little confused about recording feature.

    Just to clarify, the radio will only record a song in its entirety if you'd been listening to that channel since the song began. What with disk space, and RAM, and technology being so abundant, I misunderstood the feature and thought it would record any song from the beginning, regardless of whether I just tuned to the channel and decided I liked this song about to end in ten seconds! A little naive of me, I know, but apparently I'm not the only one that thought this, and so I just wanted to clarify.

    Other features -- Tuneselect too quiet, Remote control hard

    Tuneselect has notified me at least twice upon just turning on the radio that one of my favorite songs was playing! :) That's the good news. The bad news is that on afore-mentioned six hour drive, TuneSelect did not notify me ONCE that one of my fav songs was playing? I listen to hit music, so trust me, the songs I selected played over and over again on all the hit music channels. I did hear that the beep was low before purchasing the product. This is true. ***Update, I've heard this while listening at home. In my car, the radio is just crazy loud. At home, there are neighbors to consider. So you probably won't be able to hear the beep if you listen to your radio very loudly.

    And the remote control buttons are kinda hard. I'm not sure why it was designed this way. Especially with having to press so many darn buttons just to get to a favorite channel...geez.

    Bottom Line -- Takes a little getting used to, but this is a great freakin' radio!

    The Record feature is what sold me on this radio, and it's by far the sweetest feature! I hear a song I haven't heard in years and I hit the record button (just hold down the XM button for about 3 seconds), and I can listen to it again right after its done recording if I want! I did get a chance to show some friends how cool my radio was because I played a new song they hadn't heard before, and they wanted to hear it over and over again, and could because I had recorded it from start to finish using Mino! :)...more info
  • Inno is uno
    The Inno is perfect for me. Being a UPS driver, I am able to listen to non-stop music. Being able to record up to 50 hours and having a battery life of 15 hours, allows me to get through entire days without recharging. Try that with an mp3 player!...more info
  • One of the best ways to take music on the go, and discover new music
    I've used my Inno for a whole 48 hours, and can confidently say that THIS is THE revolution in personal music that I've been waiting for. The variety and quality of XM channels has matured, and the sheer breadth of choices is intoxicating. This unit makes a great way to listen at home, work, outside, and discover new music you haven't heard yet/before. If you want to hear more from the artist, or hear the song from the beginning, you can bookmark the artist or the song, and the player will alert you if they appear again, on ANY XM channel, while you're listening. So you can discover, replay, and enjoy new talent about as easy as microwaving a bag of popcorn.

    This player (and the Samsung Helix, essentially the same player in a different casing) allow you to record songs or whole channels while listening -- EVEN IF YOU'RE HALFWAY THROUGH THE SONG. Yes, if you're at the end of a song and think, "I want to listen to that again later" (or "I want to play that for my girlfriend"), hit the record feature. With most of the 1 GB memory available for a half and half split of your own MP3s/WMAs, and saved XM content, you can also configure the unit to use all the storage for XM content -- allegedly up to roughly 50 hours of material. This is handy if you schedule it to record a favorite program (like, say, Sound Opinions, The Story, or This American Life on the XM Public Radio channel).

    Though you might prefer having a dedicated antenna for one's home hi-fi (thereby utilizing the receiver's integrated display and preset functions), this will integrate fine with one of these or these (the supplied cable is laughably cheap). Be warned that the crisp, bright display is rather small to see and use across a living room. See my pros and cons below, and by all means read the caveats and visit if you're unfamiliar with their terms and offerings.

    -- Exposure to so much music - an all-you-can-eat buffet of artists and songs
    -- Ability to keep a song you like (hit record at any time in the song, the whole song is recorded to My Music)
    -- Ability to watch for an artist (or a song) that you like, on ANY channel (TuneSelect)
    -- Ability to schedule recordings
    -- Favorites and channel browse mode display channel ID, Artist, or Song, so you can see what's playing on any channel right now
    -- After loading personal music from PC, Inno scans and indexes all music, .M3U play lists, and even examines meta-data within MP3s and WMAs
    -- "Antenna aiming" feature allows positioning of home antenna as well as radio on-the-go
    -- Bright, clear display
    -- Display backlight stays on when docked, even if set to extinguish (adjustable timeout) when operating on battery
    -- Spiffy, gun metal metallized casing
    -- Despite what docs say, the USB connection works with Linux (tested with RHEL5)
    -- Very easy to build playlists; you can browse/find music based on Artist, Genre, Channel (XM), Title

    -- Tricky interface - takes practice to learn the shortcuts (favs vs. category browse vs. all)
    -- Headphone port is recessed, slightly curved, so some plugs (e.g. Bose Triport) can slip out resulting in impeded audio; examining the supplied ear buds shows that the port needs a very narrow shoulder on the headphone plugs
    -- Supplied ear buds are barely adequate.
    -- Interference during walking, or holding
    -- Discreet beep from unit on TuneSelect match can't be heard with headphones on, or from across the room.
    -- Scheduled recording can't be set for recurring schedule (e.g. Sunday 4 AM)
    -- Belt case isn't too great; might have to use this or look for iPod or cell phone cases that you like better (similar size)
    -- Mini-to-RCA home hi-fi cable is so cheap as to be disposable (get a better, longer Monster, AR or Belkin cable)
    -- No Bluetooth HDA profile capability (would almost elminate the complaint about the headphone port)
    -- No travel charger sold separately, so you have to disconnect from the dock to take with you (not easy if you've integrated the dock with your home hi-fi) ... or buy an additional home dock kit :(

    -- $14.95 activation fee per radio, but $9.95 if done online
    -- Subscription to XM service required.
    -- Interference experienced during recording is incorporated in the saved version
    -- Recording a song you just landed on mid-tune only records from that point on (you have to be on the channel at the beginning of the song for it all to cache)
    -- Some rebates available in 2007, but stipulate "participating retailers," which may or may not include your reseller
    -- Home dock antenna needs to be positioned carefully for adequate reception...more info
  • XM Satellite billing issues
    I had read this earlier on posts regarding XM's billing practices but thought it was just that person's problem or misunderstanding. Unfortunatley, I was wrong.

    When you sign up for XM online you give over your credit card # which is then in their greedy little paws. After trying one of their radios for a few weeks I decided there were some good features but nothing worth keeping. I returned the radio to an area big box store w/o any issues.

    I had only paid for a 30 day subscription with my credit card but they continued to bill me.

    Links on the web site for unsubscribing lead to another page of links w/o telling you how to unsubscribe! When I called to find out why they were continuing to bill me one representative gave me a runaround saying that even though they could cease billing me they had to bill me as the radio had still been running (this is well over a month after returning it)!. Eventually they agreed to a partial refund even though I do not trust them to not bill again.

    For those who might say this is not about the equipment listed on Amazon, I believe it's impossible with satellite radio to unlink the radio programming or the billing issues from the equipment. This is not Amazon's fault, but I think consumers need to be warned.

    If you must try XM, I would highly recommend using a credit card that you add money to for any individual purchases not your usual purchases. I do not, however, think they're a very honest company.
    ...more info
  • poor signal quality
    I had high hopes for this unit for use in both walking and to transfer use in my car. Consistent signal quality is very poor. I was surprised and disappointed to find out that unless I use it in wide open spaces, this signal cuts out frequently making it very annoying to use. Trees, building, even small ones, and any type of hills and valleys interfere with signal, causing it to cut out.

    Thankfully, I only signed up for one year of service. After it expires I will use the unit for only MP3 files....more info
  • inno xm mp3 player
    Loved this gadget. Spend a lot of time listening to it. Plays through my stereo, radio speakers, and ear phones very nicely. Realy sounds good with a good set of phones. Record a lot of songs off xm and play them later while exercising when the reception is sparadic. Just wish it had a bigger memory, like 10Gig....more info
  • Genius!
    I've been a subscriber to XM from almost the very beginning of XM radio. I use it for my once a week 2 hour commute, for my daily driving and my in-office music. Several months ago my office cube location was moved to another side of the building and I lost my XM reception. Music really helps me get through the day and cuts out the senseless and endless office chatter that surrounds me. This loss of my XM reception really dampened my work day and I needed a better solution. I know the Sirius folks get better reception but I've been a long time subscriber of XM and enjoy their programming. Also, I just didn't see any radios that I wanted on the Sirius side. In my quest for a better radio, I found the Inno. Being able to record the XM signal and also my own MP3s made the Inno very attractive. I don't care if the signal is live or not, I just need music that I can work or drive with. I've tried CD's or MP3s, but I burn them out so quickly and I've ruined several pieces of good music because I listened to it like 50k times. XM provides me with continuous music, some I've heard before and sometimes not. This helps me to discover new music that I haven't heard or known of before.

    The Inno brings to me a whole new level of XM experience. Because now I can record the XM signal when I have a reliable connection and I can have my XM when I don't have that connection. What I've done first is set up all of my favorite channels. Then I went and recorded about 2 hours of content from each of these different favorite channels. Using the Scheduled Recording feature made this easy. Before going to sleep at night, I'd setup several recordings for overnight. In the morning I've got XM recorded shows on my Inno. I now have over 10 hours of programming on my Inno. I won't get bored with these for a long time and when I do - I can just record more content.

    The Inno is a well made unit. The construction is good and the button feel is solid. The color screen displays attractive channel graphics with the standard satellite radio signal information. Plus sport and stock information if you are into that. The interface is easy to use and intuitive. I found that just playing with the radio and looking at the user guide, that I was able to figure out most of the features. You have complete control over each song played; start, stop, pause, play. Pioneer was not stingy when it comes to accessories. The home kit is included, thats the home dock, the remote control, an antenna and a set of RCA cables to plug into your stereo. They also give you a set of ear bud headphones with three inter-changable rubber plugs, an AC adapter, a dongle to plug the ac adapter in for travel (sans the home dock), a usb cable to plug the inno into your computer and XM+Napster CD.

    The biggest complaint that I've read about before buying the inno was the signal reception was spotty. For the way I use Inno, I don't have a problem with the signal. When I loose my reception, then I switch over to my recorded content. If you use the XM for live traffic, sports or news - then this may not work so well. I did use the Inno outside at a park and got the BBC through a terrestrial signal very well. Tried it once inside my house and the signal was hit or miss. But, that isn't much different than the success I've had with my Roady 2 using an attached XM antenna. Afterall, this is satellite and having a clear view of the southern sky is key in getting a good signal.

    Only regret? Wish I had this months ago. ...more info
  • Great if your sitting still
    I bought this for my husband. He likes listening to sports radio while he is mowing the lawn. It does not get great reception when you are moving around. It is fineif you are sitting next to a pool. so I would just suggest this if you are not planning on running around with it....more info
  • Best XM Portable!
    This was THE best gift to give to my better half, he uses it constantly, biking, riding his V-Rod, commuting to/from work, working in the house, etc. Excellent battery life.

    Have had no problems with it, only time it cuts out is when we go through a tunnel (which is rare).

    It's still only tuned into the comedy channels, but I think he'll explore the other channels one of these days!

    Definitely worth every penny!...more info
  • Good product, defective, bad warranty service
    I enjoyed my Inno greatly. But then after a couple of months, the screen went almost entirely dim. I was packaging it to send into warranty service and then when i dropped the box, it got a small crack on the screen cover (which has nothing to do with the dim screen). Even though the crack has no connection to the defective screen brightness, they will not repair it. I have to say, that they also wanted me to return it to the merchant where I purchased it because they do not like to do their own returns/repairs - so they really have an aversion to fixing bad devices. If you buy this, just hope that your model works perfectly for the long haul because their warranty service is nowhere near as good as other electronics companies.
    ...more info
  • Great service if you never plan on canceling
    I have been a subscriber for 4 years. Back in November my account was turned off due to a billing issue. The week prior to it being turned off I started receiving 3 calls a day for payment. I advised one of the reps to wait a week for the payment, payment was made. Calls stopped for another week. The radio was then turned off and the 3 calls a day started up again. I explained to the bill collectors I owed nothing and when offered to reactivate the radio I told them not to bother, at this point I wanted nothing more to do with XM. They offered me 3 months of free service to come back, anyone who cancels can get this by the way, and I refused. The 3 calls a day continued for the next week, I was informed that it simply takes a week for your name to fall out of their automated system....

    2 more months go by and then I start receiving a bill saying that I reactivated my radio and owe for 2 months of service and all the late fees that go with that. 40 dollars. I call in and state I never reactivated my radio, thus I don't owe for reactivating my radio and the 2 months of service that would have followed. The customer service rep told me that it would be taken cared of, 2 weeks later I get another bill. I call back and the rep tells me the same thing and apologizes for my inconveniences. I even called back the next day just to make sure it was finally resolved, and that rep confirmed that I no longer owed anything. So then last month I start receiving COLLECTIONS NOTICES. YOU HAVE ONE MONTH TO PAY THIS BEFORE IT GOES TO COLLECTIONS. I called in and was promised they would look into it and call me back. This apparently has taken care of the issue, though I never received the call back. This week I called 6 times, 3 of which I was promptly hung up on for no reason, and was told each time that it had been resolved. So hopefully this time it really is... To anyone considering XM I suggest you just get an MP3 player....more info
  • Almost Perfect!!
    XM radio is taking over the world.... soon everyone will be listening to their Inno while working, playing, and exercising! It is totally portable, fits in your pocket, and you can record your favorite tunes, to listen to at ANY TIME!!! That's right! You hear a song you love, you just hit the record button, and it records it from the beginning of the song!! It's awsome!

    You won't regret getting an Inno!!...more info
  • Average
    Nice unit, works great around town little iffy driving around possibly due to antenna being inside car. Purchaced for following reasons, portable (yea lots of drawbacks) easy to download and record music (Napster good deal but hard to listen to downloaded songs on any IPOD due to apple conversion and songs protected). Internal FM xmitter useless (totally useless, purchased so i can listen to XM while working and using company cars well i am not getting 300 car kits and sure connect (EVEN WORSE IDEA)to install on our fleet cars). remote, unless you are using it to change channels while docked usless, record ok. volume will not operate while docked, so why volume what hold remote in one hand and unit in other to change volume? NOT. Not worth anything over $150. and that is going over. unit is tough, nice weight sturdy easy to read display and reception is good considering antenna. oh wait cant use external antenna unless docked, hum back to not getting 300 car kits. ...more info
  • Excellent and Versatile XM Radio/MP3 Player
    The Pioneer Inno does everything it is supposed to do, and does them very well. In standalone mode, it is an excellent XM radio receiver. I use it when walking outdoors and know I will have many opportunities this summer at the beach and pool. Reception is good, especially outdoors, but I also get a good signal at home, near a window. In its docking station, hooked up to a hi-fi system and the external antenna (supplied with the unit), the results are amazing. I particularly like the ability to record XM content. I have already recorded dozens of songs from XM -- it's easy -- and have only used up about 10% of the storage space. The unit also stores music taken off of CDs and from Napster's web site. All in all, this was my best electronics purchase in years....more info
  • Think about it.
    This appears to be a great product, however, I haven't had mine long enough to find out. This will be the second time I have had to send it back because of a faulty FM modulator. At ~$30.00 a trip (Electronica wants it back in 7 days and the bill to send it there is on you.) any savings you might get from ordering online, is eaten up fairly quickly.

    If you require an FM modulator for your vehicle, I would recommend purchasing local so that you can return it without the hassle, and price.
    ...more info
  • MP3 problem with INNO.
    I purchased the Inno last week and I have returned it for the third and final time. I downloaded songs to the unit and it showed that they were on there. I then pushed the MODE button to listen live, then pushed MODE again and the unit froze up. I took out the battery and restared it without success. I returned the unit and got a new one with the same results. I returned the second unit and thought 3 was a charm.WRONG. This time when I powered the unit up it froze on the XM symbol and would not go any further. I retured that one also. I am hoping for something better in the next year. ...more info
  • Great portable XM radio and MP3 player
    What I really like about the INNO is that it's like a DVR for audio!! You can set up a schedule to record programming via computer or device. It's so easy to use. I also like how you can manage the the downloaded songs via computer. You can record a block of music then open up Napster and delete what songs you don't want. You can even create folders or play lists. Also the display changes from horizontal (docking station) to vertical (to go) This is an amazing player. I love it!!! ...more info
  • Great when it works
    When the Inno works it is great, receives strong signals in NYC and easy to operate. However, my commute is around 90 minutes each way and the battery has died on occasion. Once every time I switched to the mp3 player it would shut down, I had to restore it and load and set options again. Now, it works in the car, through my stereo but not head phones. I get noise like an AM radio. Hopefully it will get resolved in a timely matter....more info
  • Really Good
    I liked my Xm Radio in my auto so i got the Inno. If you already have a xm radio then you should be under no illusion that signal is critical. I know when Im in a garage it goes away which i expected the Inno would have happen.. With the home kit I get a great signal and even walking around the edge of the house I'm ok. I lose the signal in the middle of the house. Again, I expected this. I love being able to record a song by just hitting a button and I get the whole song. This unit gives me options that I like and I'm not a slave to one online music company....more info
  • Best Choice Available
    This product could be improved in some ways, but overall it is a really nice small item loaded with features and functions. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and satellite coverage up here is spotty enough to cause reliance on docking stations and external antennas, etc. But to have an xm radio that I can take to work with me, or use at home, or take on travel is pretty nice. Being able to record 50 hours off of xm is pretty nice too. And the tune/artist select feature which prompts you whenever the selection is playing on any channel is really nice. I bought some for family and friends who live in the Southwest, and they all reported much better portable performance than I get up here. They could use it right away indoors and in the car even without the external antenna/cradle set up, and have strong signal strength indications. So, coverage there seems to be pretty good. As xm launches more satellites, and increases terrestrial repeaters, too, I am hoping my signals get better. But I like mine, anyway. BTW, I assumed xm vs sirius content would be interchangeable, but I had a rental car with sirius, and in the 3 or so hours I drove it, could not find any channel I liked, and seldom encountered even a song I liked. With xm, I was finding things I liked, and channels, immediately. I can't explain it, but that was my experience....more info
  • worst value for the money you spend
    I was really excited to buy the inno and figured that the installation would be a piece of cake. Well the sure connect has ruined it all. I cant use it in my convertable because of too many wires on the outside. Also they claim that the unit is fully portable which is not at all true. There is absolutely no live reception indoors. I just returned my unit and all I want is an XM without sure connect otherwise I am switching over to sirius...more info
  • Happy customer
    Generally happy with product. My wife likes comercial free music - buys a lot of CD's. She has an I-pod but she does not know how to download music (not a computer user). XM gives her the commercial free music she likes. The down side is the portablitiy of the unit - loss of signal if not by a southern facing window.
    ...more info
  • Portable???
    The Inno is a nice product. It is compact, lightweight and stylish. However, it does not receive a good signal in any location that we have tried using it (several cities around the country). Only when plugged into the home antenna do we get reception. That defeats the purpose of portability!!! Rather disappointing....more info
  • Pioneer Inno - Great XM Item
    We have been really pleased with the Pioneer Inno, once we managed to get reception in the house. We have XM in our vehicles and wanted a portable system to use at work or at home. Initially we couldn't get reception in the house and the troubleshooting section in the book was not very helpful. Eventually we called the XM help desk and were told to put the antenna in a South-facing window. We played around with placement of the antenna and, so long as it is placed in a clear window, we get GREAT reception. If there is anything prohibiting the signal, such as a porch or overhang, we could not pick up a signal in the house. Otherwise, the sound quality is good. I would recommend this product....more info
  • Pioneer Inno
    I love this product, now that I have also bought the car kit. I wanted a xm radio that could go from car, portable and then to my boat in the summer, and this is that product, but it needs to say that you need to buy the car kit to use the built in FM broadcaster. The size is awesome, the "2go" is correct, it is a great product. I love the feature to record xm radio and go to napster to buy songs! Awesome Product!...more info
  • The wife's new drug
    My first impression out of the box was it's small size and sleek look. Next was the user friendly screen / menu's. We have an AM reception problem trying to get talk shows. This took care of that but it seems XM talk radio has twice the commercials as AM on this 'commercial-free' service. Sometimes need a little pointing around to get the reception when out of the docking station but all and all good where I am and considering where them satellites are. Have done little with the memory part so far but nice having it. Bit expensive, even with rebate, but I'm happy with it....more info
  • They've come a long way
    I've owned 2 MyFi portable receivers, and the Pioneer Inno is light years ahead of that. It gets great reception around town with the built in antenna, and when I'm in my office building that doesn't have any windows for reception I listen to MP3's I recorded the night before. Awesome! I haven't tried the Napster set up yet, as I just lock a song that I like so it doesn't delete it. From the instructions on the software I could connect this unit to my computer via USB and then purchase the song from Napster to own. Great system. The stock headphones that come with this unit are very comfortable and some of the best sounding I've ever heard. All that's needed is a built in antenna in those headphones for reception when you get away from the major cities. ...more info
  • Good product, disappointing reception
    I've been an XM suscriber for two years now, and this is only the second receiver I have owned. I decided to upgrade from my SkyFi 2 mainly because I was interested in the portability of the Inno and the ability to store mp3's.

    So far, the product is working well (I just received it at Christmas), however there are some issues that have caused me to lower my rating.

    First off, my SkyFi 2 had excellent Wireless FM frequency reception. The stations were crisp and clear, with very little static. However, now that I've installed the Inno in my car, I have noticed a significant decrease in the clarity of the XM channels. Most noticably, I have to crank the volume up as loud as possible to be able to hear anything. I'm hoping to have this issue cleared up when I upgrade my car radio to one with an Aux Input jack.

    Second, I was disappointed in the players ability to play on the go. The reception is sketchy, and just turning around seems to affect the signal. This isn't such a detriment though, since the mp3 and record functions are available.

    I also wasn't thrilled with the fact that I had to by a completely new car install kit in order to use the Inno in my car. I'd had my previous XM Radio installed professionally, and had no interest in spending the money again so soon. However, I was forced to trade out the previous power cord that I used for the one included in the Inno install kit, as the voltage requirments for the SkyFi car kit and the Inno are different (6 Volts vs. 5 Volts). This is something that could easily have been standardized, but simply wasn't.

    None of these factors make me regret the upgrade though, as I am thrilled to have Sat. radio and mp3 functionality all in one unit, even if the overall quality of some functions is diminished as a result. ...more info
  • Nice to have portability, but hard to get reception in doors (even with the home dock)
    I love my Inno when it works. I have frequent problems in my home because my apartment does not have any windows (non walled) areas which face in the direction of the satellite. As a result, I am frequently unable to listen to my programming (even when my Inno is laying still in the home dock). However, I have a second home dock at my office and the product works better there because the signal is a tad stronger. I have to admit though, I love having a product which enables me to record programming.

    I hope some day that the manufacturers can make this product a little more waterproof. I took mine outside once and got caught in a rain sprinkle. The result, a fried Inno that I had to replace!...more info
  • True Portability
    This is my third XM Radio and I believe I have finally found the unit that will work for me.

    The home docking unit allows for easy charging and clear reception, but even out of the dock I get fine reception even in the city.

    I have not purchased a car kit, but I have used it in the car and with a little maneuvering, I get good results.

    The MP3 feature is nice and the ability to instantly record a tune I'm listening to is great....more info
  • Inno
    Great product. Really like having XM radio with my own playlists. Battery life could be a little longer in XM mode and I wish you could adjust the hard drive partitions more than 50-50....more info
  • Great concept, poor execution
    I received one of these babies for Christmas and was quite pleased with the prospects of having XM available for my house, car, and--from the looks of things--in a portable, walk-about package that allowed me to record songs in an MP3 format directly off of the satellite.

    Well, it's a great idea, and when the reception technology finally catches up with the hardware itself, this will be a great product. Unfortunately, I found that my home reception with the included antenna was spotty at best--it was obvious that I wasn't even going to be able to plop down where I wanted to with this unit and enjoy it. On top of that reception near my stereo system was almost nil, so there was no real prospect of rigging together the enclosed antenna in such a way so I could plug the unit into my receiver either. Then, in a couple of car trips the signal dropped in and out continuously. Finally, I found the battery life to be no sure bet either--somewhere around 4-5 hours at best and prone to having its power drain precipitously when not in use.

    In looking what I would have to do to make this system work for me it became apparent that I would have to spend more money to upgrade the home antenna, purchase a car antenna kit, and, probably, get hold of a set of the headphones with the built-in antenna in the headband. All in all, I was looking at close to another $200 on top of what I had already shelled out and would still be left with a less-than-desirable situation in terms of its battery life. Finally, I decided I could do without this little toy, packaged it up and sent it back. At this point, broadcast radio and my IPod provide me with better flexibility than the Inno....more info
  • Good Receiver, but could be better
    I have been an XM subscriber for 3 years now, and I was looking forward to upgrading my receiver. I had a Roadie, and it worked well, but was lacking in all the visual categories and additional features like recording and portable use. I waited until now to get a radio that had the built in antenna, internal storage, and state of the art design. The Inno has all that, but getting them to work as expected is another story.

    First the antenna is decent at best. It works well with all existing externals, but when on the go, as advertised, it is just not yet there. It seems that you need line of sight, even though; there are plenty of ground antennas. The problem really appears if you place the radio in your pocket; service comes and goes, and really forces you to use the mp3/recorded broadcast feature when on the go. There is also an upgraded headset that has an antenna built in. I have not purchased this though, because I use the storage mode.

    The recording and Mp3 features are well done, so it isn't so bad to switch to that mode. If you find a song you like, you still have the option to store it in memory while the song is playing. Also it has two gig of space, so that is plenty of recording space and has the space to store your own Mp3's, so there is no need for two music players.

    The design of the unit is well done. The screen looks great and the interface works well. The screen will rotate based on if it is docked or free standing and the dials rotate as well. The one negative is the battery, it seems that the battery will drain even if it is in sleep mode, thus it only lasts about a day. You really need to charge it overnight. This is a nuisance, but doesn't take away too much from the significant improvements, and ability to listen your XM in many new places and ways.

    Overall this a great radio, and I am pleased with many of the added features. Most of the negatives have designed workarounds, and the radio looks great too. If you are an XM subscriber looking for a state of the art radio this is a solid choice. ...more info
  • poor reception, poor battery life
    Even when y ou dont use the unit, the battery drains itself rapidly. Reception is poor overall. I even tried the antenna headphones. I gave up, cancelled my subscription. If anyone interested send an email, will sell for half the going price....more info
  • Great System in a Small Package
    I really like this little Radio!! The only draw-backs are 1) there are a lot of trees at our home and I've had to learn where to place the external antena to get the best signal. We were able to hook the radio into our home stereo, so it's nice to listen to XM through out the house when wanted. Takes a little time to learn all the ins and outs of operating the programs...but great little radio in a conveniently small package!...more info
  • Fun Little Toy
    The Inno is my first experience with satellite radio and I've been very pleased. Outdoor reception is flawless and indoor reception is equally so, provided that you put the external antenna in a south-facing window. Remote control is a nice bonus. The included headphones are surprisingly good as well, considering they're thrown in for free. And the XM lineup is a lot of fun. It's never going to replace my iPod, but it's a great supplement....more info
  • Love the INNO
    I previously owned an XM Pioneer Airware (early generation). The INNO is light years ahead of that. The ability to save XM broadcast content to playlists and add in my own mp3 content is HUGE. The reception with the attenna is decent, even when out walking. The menus are intuitive and easy to navigate. Overall I am very happy with all aspects of the INNO, however I would caution that set up on my pc was troublesome. I consider myself somewhat computer friendly, however it took two service calls (1 to XM, no help at all, and 1 to Napster, very helpful) to get Napster to recognize the Inno on my PC. I also had to download a new firmware version as soon as I hooked up. But once that was done I was very happy. ...more info
  • Know the limits of this product before you buy!
    When this receiver is docked with antenna and power supplied from the AC adapter, you get three signal bars without much of a problem (City). The earbuds that come with the unit are pretty good. It's easy to set up and learn to use. The problem comes in when you try to go mobile. I think the problem is battery power! Even with add on Belkin Antenna headphones this thing couldn't pick up a signal reliably with a crane! If you put it in a car, absolutely buy the optional car kit.! If you want to run around with it just record the songs you like the night before and then playback. If you think your going to get acceptable reception from a portable, forget it, they all stink! I guess if you backpack a car battery and an 18" SAT dish hat, you'll do fine on the run! I'm happy with my Inno because I use it like an MP3 portable. I knew before I bought it that it would never be a walk around SAT receiver when I bought it, therefore 4 Stars!...more info
  • On Third One In 6 Months
    I purchased my first Pioneer Inno in July of this year,I loved it everything worked fine then in September the audio out feature would not work and when I turned it off via the power button it would come right back on, would only stay off with the remote so I had the unit exchanged under warranty. The second one came with a broken battery cover and a power button that would stay stuck down, the only way of turning it on or off was with the remote and then finally it was only showing 13 channels on the screen, so that one was also exchanged under warranty,just received my third one and am holding my breath....more info
  • Excellent Satelite Receiver
    I find that it is a great piece of electronic hardware. However, out of the box it has a firmware glitch that causes the battery to drain overnight if it is off the cradle. The reason being is that even off, the unit is still powering the remote control receiver. A simple firmware upgrade at XM Radio fixed the problem.

    Performance of the internal antenae is hit or miss. I have received great reception inside of a large grocery store while at other times it cuts out on the dash of my car. It just depends on where you are. The external antenae works great.

    With 50 hours of recording time, I record channels overnight so I can listen when reception is spotty. The overall controls are easy to use. Sound quality is not CD quality, more like low grade FM. Channel selection is great.

    I would recommend this product, but just be sure to update the firmware.

    As a note, I learned after some research that the Inno and the Helix are made by a subsidiary of XM and sold under the Pioneer and Samsung label, so they are virtually identical....more info
  • High Quality Geek Toy
    I have been looking over the satellite portable radios for some time trying to find the perfect combination of portability, mountability (car & home), battery life, build quality and price. The Pioneer Inno met all of my expectations and exceeded many. One of the unheralded features is a built in sleep timer that lets you select the play time and then turns itself off. The built in recorder is great for pulling down tracks that you like and storing them on the unit for playback later as well as storage of MP3 tracks you have on your computer through the easy to use Napster lite software included. What I have not been able to find is a decent Inno compatable boombox for listening to music by the pool. I was able to kluge a substitute using Sony amplified battery powered speakers ($20 on Amazon) and plugging into the headphone out jack. The unit itself has a built in antenna that works well in a stationary position outside - so turn it on, set it on the table next to your lounge chair, plug in the Sony speakers and you're good to go. I like this toy a lot....more info
  • Overall Satisfied
    I'll be the type of user that mostly will use this for recording or using in the car. I'll occasionally use it while hiking/exercising. I have low expectations for it always receiving a good signal while not docked in the car/home. Here are my pros/cons:

    The display is excellent. The feel is solid. The ability to record XM channels on a schedule. Easy navigation through the controls. The firmware can be updated, so improvements can be made. XM service is worth the money.

    Napster software. It's not enough I'm paying for XM subscriptions, but Napster has to litter their software with all types of advertising to "buy". When the Inno is connected via USB, you can't stream an entire song through the Napster interface. You will only get a 30-second sound clip (with the right cable and a line in on your sound card, you can just listen to it through your PC). And I've already seen that many songs will not play because the "this track has been removed from the Napster service at the request of the label/artist."
    You can schedule recordings at a specific time or daily. When so many XM shows are broadcast on a weekly schedule, it should have been common sense to have a weekly recording option.
    Limited to 1GB. That gets 50 hours of XM, or 25 hours of XM with MP3's, depending on your partition selection. That is a lot, but an SD card option for 2GB would have been nice.

    My cons are mostly not with the Inno itself but the software.
    ...more info
  • Get this XM on the go!
    I have had XM in my car since 2003 (factory option). Soon after I was hoping, that there would be a portable version to bring wherever I went. Delphi's MyFi was the first in this line of "XM2Go" products.

    The MyFi was a great product in its time (I still own it, and use it as well), but the Inno is the next great step in the progression in portable XM radios.

    The ability to listen wherever you are (signal permitted) is fantastic. For added portability, the available Receiver Headphones are awesome especially when you are outside.

    Battery life is a bit short (about 6 hours of pure satellite listening, 20 or so of saved music) but I do not know many people who have that kind of time to listen for such a prolonged period. If you need more battery life, there are extra batteries available.

    There are no signal problems, provided that, you FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS...I'm not sure why people still haven't figured out that it's not a cell phone, and it needs a clear view to a south facing window.

    Inno is able to hold MP3s and WMA files as well as recorded XM programming. The directions do not clearly explain the record feature, as well as I would like them to; you cannot record an entire song if you just tune to a channel in the middle of a song. You have to be on the specific channel for at least for at least three or four minutes (I have found through trial and error) before an entire song can be recorded from the start. But, the "entire song" feature does work as advertised, if you hit record in the middle, or at the end of a song you like, as I said, you have to be already on the channel.

    The gig of storage space is more than enough, if you are constantly changing and swapping out songs, as I am, but if you are one of those who need to stock pile tons of stuff you don't listen to, just to have, then you may find it inadequate. The inability to remove XM recorded songs from the Inno to a PC is a bit frustrating, but the more "technically inclined" people can figure out how to get around that, as I did.

    The car kit works as all of the other XM2Go car kits do- through the FM transmitter, or the tape player.

    Both the car kit and the Inno package come with remotes, so I now have two of them.

    XM's service and programming cannot be beat, and their channel lineup is not based on a few "big names" as the other company is.

    If you have XM, or have been thinking of getting XM, I highly recommend this product. It not only provides the great programming XM offers, anywhere you want to go but it also gives you the ability to bring your own play list from home as well.
    ...more info
  • The Inno Portable is a winner!
    After a year of using the Delphi MyFi xm2go portable, I switched to the Pioneer Inno. What a great upgrade it turned out to be. The easy to read screen is the greatest feature. You can read it in the portrait position when you are carrying the Inno, or in the landscape position when you have the device sitting in its desktop cradle for playing or recharging. It is very easy to navigate, allowing me to switch between the XM stations and my own personal favorites on the Inno's MyMusic section. It comes with a nice carry case and a CD that makes it easy to download your favorites from Napster. I went with the Inno because I've always been able to count on Pioneer for reliable products. I've been using my Inno for several months now, and feel that this is one product that was really worth the money I spent for it. I take it everywhere and love the fact that whenever I hear one of my favorite songs on XM, I just press the record button and I can add it to my collection of favorites! In fact, I can record any baseball or hockey games that I can't listen to live, and catch them later. I wish the battery lasted a few hours longer than it does, but overall, this small, very lightweigh, quality device is definitely a winner!...more info
  • A bit of a let-down
    I'm disappointed with the product. The battery life is poor and the memory storage is too small. My biggest frustration is that it doesn't sort saved songs alphabetically.

    Nice feature is the ability to save a complete song from off XM from the beginning even if you start recording during the song....more info
  • So bad, I finally have to write a review
    I've had XM radio in my car for about 2 years now and decided to buy this 4 months ago for in-home and outside - I've used it twice recreationally. The Inno gets TERRIBLE reception and battery life was miserable. First time I charged it up out of the box according to instructions I got 1 hour of use. Afterward during tests I was able to average about 3 hours, which isn't bad except when I compare to my 60G iPod. But battery life isn't my main gripe. If you have trees or buildings around your house/apartment you will unlikely get a signal, with or without the external antenna. I've been 99% happy with all my tech purchases (and there are lots of them) - but this one is just a bad product, so bad that I'm finally writing a review on something....more info
  • Awesome product!
    This unit rocks! The display is super bright and easy to read in sunlight. Others have complained about XM reception with this unit. It can be a problem in remote areas when not using an external antenna or when you can't "aim" it, like when you're jogging. However, every place that I've really wanted to use it---such as at baseball games---the reception has been flawless. Used with the car kit, it never has reception problems. In most urban areas, there are terrestrial transmitters to augment the satellite signal.

    I've never run out of battery power. I've probably only tried to run it for four hours on a charge, though.

    I really like the "record" feature because you can press "record" midway through a song and it will record the entire song.
    Another cool feature is the stock/sports ticker that can display scores while listening to another channel....more info
  • My Inno runneth over with tons and tons of music (and news and talk and live concerts...oh my!) :)
    I have to say, I LOVE my Inno! It's like an iPod, except it's got an infinite amount of music in it. Not all of it will be available in its hard drive because it's only 1 G big (or about 50 hours of saved music), but it's certainly available to me when I listen to any of the 170+ channels that are available through XM while I'm on the go. When I think about it that way, then that 1 G hard drive isn't so puny anymore, considering what I actually get when I have live satellite radio streaming into my player. It's actually BETTER than an iPod because I can get live satellite radio content on the go, then record on the fly when I hear something I like. I can make and edit my own playlists on the fly, too. Can't do that with an iPod (or other iPod-like devices for XM or Sirius that are available now). And then there are the advantages to having satellite radio in general. With XM, I get superior sound quality, compared to AM/FM stations--the music I listen to sounds as good as the AAC's/mp4's I have on my iPod. Four of the 170+ channels get commercials, but the rest don't--so if you really can't stand listening to commercials, then you've got plenty of alternative channels to listen to instead. XM's playlists also tend to be very deep. With XM's Broadway channel, especially, I've noticed that--they don't just play the most famous songs from the shows that are most famous on Broadway right now. They play such a wide variety of material, so I'm never disappointed when I tune into that channel. I'll always find something new. And that goes for the other channels that I love listening to on XM, too--the pop/hits channels, the "decades" channels for the 60's, 70's, 80's, and 90's, and the jazz channels. It's a real treat, turning on my Inno every day. It's like an adventure--either I find new things to listen to, or I end up hearing great songs that haven't played on the regular radio in years and years, if ever. It's really great. :D

    I have a few suggestions, though:

    1) If you have any friends or family who have an Inno already, see if you can use it yourself and see how well it works for you, particularly in terms of getting a reliable signal. Or go to an actual brick-and-mortar store and try the Inno out first, even if you intend to buy it from Amazon. XM's been pretty good at ensuring that people get a good, reliable signal anywhere in the country, but it sure doesn't hurt to make sure that you'll get a good signal on your own, anyway. You don't want to pony up $200+ for a great device that turns out to be very useless because you can't get a signal, then go through the hassle of sending it back.

    2) You'll also want to buy a pair of antenna headphones from Belkin that are made for the Inno. If you look for accessories for the Inno here at Amazon, you should be able to find them. The packaging says that they're for outdoor use, but they're good for indoor use, too. These headphones are about $40 but can be cheaper if you look around first. They might be a bit uncomfortable at first--they do hurt the ears just a little--but after about a week or so of using them, they should become more comfortable.

    3) Finally, as soon as you get your Inno and you're done admiring your Inno's full-color screen, you're going to want to set your backlight so it turns off in 15 seconds and the Inno itself sleeps after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you don't do that, your Inno's going to be running out of energy pretty quickly.

    Enjoy your Inno! :)...more info
  • It's just great!
    I love it. Most versitile xm radio yet. I use it in my room, my car, the living room on my stereo system, at the beach on my boombox. Great for taking your worry free xm music wherever you need it.

    ** you do need the car kit to use the FM transmitter unfortunately... However, you can just plug it into the car kit cradle and carry it like that, and the FM transmitter will still function....more info
  • The XM Inno is a great little device
    Throughout the past ten months I have owned the Roady XT, XM2GO Tao version and just today I received the Pioneer Inno with the car kit. Of course each these cost a little bit more than the other and so naturally I expect a couple more features from each of these units and the Inno does not disappoint. It is an amazing little gadget and believe it or not I got this unit off of eBay from and it included the car kits with shipping for $220.00. I could not pass this deal up. Although I would not pay in an excessive of $400.00 for the Inno, the $200 price tag seemed about right, and maybe even $250.

    The Inno is a huge jump over the XM2GO Tao. In every thing from having a color screen, to the sound quality of the device, to the weight, the battery life and of course how it stores either one song at a time, the same channel continuously. In addition to having the buffer, which allows the user to record a whole song, even if the song is about to end as long as the unit was tuned to the channel when the song began. You really have to give it to the Inno for sound quality and reception. The sound quality is just amazing, regardless of whether you are listening to the radio live or you have recorded content. And the reception is amazingly interesting indoors, because I get at least two bars of crystal clear reception without the indoor antenna attached and I don't live in an area that has any repeaters as when I check the antenna reception the Inno indicates that it is solely using the satellites to provide the signal.

    Personally, I listen to a lot of classical music every day and one of my beefs with the Tao to me was the spotty compression that XM has to do to send the signals into space and then back to the consumer to listen to. The Inno, under my careful ear does a lot better job in sound quality. There are less highs and lows, the sound quality is more consistent and the volume controls are easy to use and accurate.

    On one last note. I love Apple products and in fact I bought the first generation of the Ipod five years ago and have bought others Ipod as they have been released. When I found out about the Inno I had a feeling that this would be a device that would pose serious competition to the Ipod and I have to say that it does. Being able to place your own play lists/MP3s on the Inno via the Napster software is some thing that I cannot personally do because I don't own a PC, (in other words the software is not Mac compatible) but the Inno allows you to store any variety of songs/baseball games/talk shows etc..., throughout all of the 170 different channels that XM operates for what I believe is a pretty low price of $12.99 per radio and $6.99 after that on the family plan. The Inno is about the same size as an Ipod, it has a color screen, offers live satellite radio, built in FM-transmitter, has Tune Select which lets you know when your favorite artists are playing on another channel all what you would pay, for less than you would pay for an Ipod. If you love XM radio, the Inno is a great, little portable radio that you will probably own for years and when your friends see it they will probably to the same.

    I just wanted to write an update about the software that comes with this product. The Napster software that was created to be used in tandem with the Inno is very difficult to figure out when you directly compare it to Itunes. The pricing schedule is difficult to understand. One example is when you sign up for the Napster To Go which allows you to transfer any amount of songs to your Inno for $14.95 a month. This is a big saving if you never burning CDs ever, as you don't have to play .99 cents per song to do so. But when you go to sync the songs that you have selected the program states that you must pay for these tracks, at this point I second guessed the service because I thought that if I'm paying for the Napster To Go service and not burning them on to CD's why do I have to pay each track? This confused me. Instead of buying songs that I don't want to pay .99 cents for I just used the Windows Media Player 10 which explained things a lot easier.

    Also, if you are looking to rip music and put in on your Inno Media Player 10 is a lot easier to use with this device. Yes, Media Player 10 recognized this device and works just great with it. You will be very happy, just stay away from the Napster software. They do have a lot of tracks that I found that Itunes doesn't, but if you get charged for some thing that you didn't think you were it can piss you off pretty bad too.

    One more thing, when the Inno reaches its limit as to how many songs that it can hold it is not going to prompt you so. Instead, the device is going to accept the number of tracks that it can and it will abort the rest. If you want those tracks that you have left to transfer on to the Inno then you are going to have to delete some of the track that you have on the device. This confused me greatly until I deleted some tracks that I didn't care for and loaded others.

    But please, just stay away from the Napster program it will drive you nuts!...more info
  • Depends on what you want from the radio
    I've read the reviews and agree that battery life is not all that long, but I did a new firmware update which seems to extend it. Also it does have a low output volume and you will need to connect it to something like a Boosteroo(tm) or boombox to get a good volume. As to LIVE listening if you're not listening primarily to a NEWS CHANNEL it's a non issue. Record what you want to listen to, it records up to 50 hours which puts me into information overload. By doing this I can skip what I don't want, or repeat a favorite; very nice. It has presets by hitting center button and setting the channel as a favorite. I don't recommend this in the car, but it can store as many as you want. I don't regret the $400 I paid for the INNO and now you can get it for $250. You should get an extra docking station for work or travel. ...more info
  • Good idea, but leaves somthing to be desired...
    I've been an XM subscriber for three years now and have been very pleased with my Delphi Unit and the offerings from XM Radio. I passed on the MyFi when it came out as too expensive and would wait until it came down in price. I did have a buddy that bought one, and he liked it. It didn't get good reception with the car kit, but for some reason he'd get great reception on the 14th floor of a big metal building in downtown Houston.

    So, I decided to make the leap and get the Pioneer Inno. I read all the reviews, compared and contrasted the benefits of the MyFi and the INNO and decided on the Inno.

    First of all the interface is slick and pretty intuitive. I didn't have to read a lot of directions to get the idea and start using the player. It is small and compact, comes with a case for carrying and the home adapter.

    Second, the option to record the broadcasts, by song or by session is pretty neat. However, you must have been listening to that station since the beginning of the song and have had good reception since tuning in. Otherwise, it'll record what you've listened to so far.

    Third, I like the extas feature to get sports scores or a stock ticker scrolling across the bottom of the screen.

    Finally the biggest drawback, the reception is pretty spotty. I've found that you MUST have an absolutely clear view of the sky to get any reception. If you walk near a tree over 10' tall, the signal fades out. You can however, walk around holding the unit up in the air and that improves reception, but not much fun. I take the Inno for walks in a sparsely wooded area, and I've found that I get reception about 25% of the time on the track.

    Find someone in your area prior to buying and see what type of reception they are getting prior to buying. If your stationary with a good view of the sky your good to go...if not, then you might want to look elsewhere.

    ...more info
  • Perfect For Me
    I bought this unit in Salt Lake City just prior to moving to Madison, WI. I was able to get great reception driving around SLC with the unit simply tossed on the dashboard and connected to the auxiliary input jack of the stock stereo in my new 2007 Honda Civic. I then bought the car kit and placed its antenna on my dashboard. Once I got out of some steep canyons in the Wasatch Mountains, I enjoyed perfect reception on the rest of the drive to Madison.

    I use the home kit that came with the unit in my apartment--works great. I tucked away the cables in my car rather neatly without having to take anything apart and I continue to enjoy perfect reception in Madison. I have not had any problems with the unit falling out of the cradle. Count me as 100% satisfied....more info
  • Excellent in every way! Just give us more then 1 GB or SD!
    Sound is incredible, reception is awesome (esp. with Belkin XM headphones). If you have a 1st Gen. XM2Go you can use the car kit's antenna & power supply (though you won't need the external antenna if you have the XM headphones; just plug the cassette adaptor to the 3.5 plug & the headphones fit into the side plug & will boost signal strength. Battery life exceeds Pioneer's claims (both for live and recorded), and this device is D U R A B L E! In an airport crowd I bumped into the side of a sharp surface, severly denting the backside of my Inno (APPX. 2 mm deep); I thought without a doubt it was ruined--but it has worked flawlessly, several hours every day, for more than two months since the hit! I also own a Toshiba Gigabeat 30S -- a great product -- but the INNO is superior in its sound quality & has far better battery life. I just wish the INNO had > 1GB of storage or an SD slot! Don't pay $400, either, I found it for $230 (incl. overnight shipping $260) using pricegrabber. ...more info
  • Good improvement over the MyFi
    I really like the Inno and living in SF I haven't had any problems with reception while on the go. I upgraded to the Inno from the MYFI because of the smaller size/weight and the MP3 player. On the one hand, transfering CDs to the INNO is not intuitive (and it really should and could be) but transferring tracks/albums from Napster is a breeze. The sound qualify is great and having the option to listen to live XM radio or a MP3 track is bliss!...more info
  • Best portable yet
    I have a tried a few and couldn't get any signals at all. I spent a lot of time with this sitting on the shelf until I felt the energy to try and fail again.

    Ok . Finally hook it up. Great sound just lying in bed with the optional necessary antenna headphone. The sound goes in and out inside but to get any signal at all was exciting. I got sound outside though not continuously.
    My home set up is exciting. I love it and just can't decide what to listen to. I haven't figured out all the ins and outs ie: recording.
    I have heard the problem with Pioneer customer service. I hope this doesn't hold true cause I'd love to buy a high price pioneer HD tv. Opted for Panasonic though.
    I love it too. I'm high on new electronics but down on poor customer service.

    ...more info
  • Inno + NEW FIRMWARE = Awesome product
    First and most important... the latest firmware update fixes the problem of the battery draining while the Inno is "off", so that issue is no longer a problem. The Inno now goes into a deeper sleep mode while turned off. One minor inconvenience is that it takes a little longer to start up after the unit has been turned off for a while. No big deal as the battery doesn't drain while the unit is off now!

    The Inno has all of the features I want in a music player. XM provides a lot of variety, and the record feature of the Inno ensures that I can access songs that I like whenever I want. One button song recording is a great feature. The screen presents all of the XM information clearly and concisely. Lots of variety from the XM content (recorded and live) combined with MP3 playback - what more can you ask for?

    In short, the Inno is a great product, and I couldn't be happier with it....more info
  • Great Unit and reception is excellent
    I have had this one for 2 months and it is far better than the Delphi MyFi that it replaced. I can use this outside in the middle of Iowa and the reception is great, when in downtown Des Moines the buildings makes it spotty when walking but in the car it comes in perfect with the car kit.

    I have not had any battery problems, but that was a huge issue with my Delphi unit.

    Easy to use and excellent screen. A little pricey but that is what you get for getting the newest gadget out there.

    I only wish that the Inno had more onboard memory for mp3 or at least a slot for a mini sd so that I could make my own playlist.

    Oh well I think that this INNO is the best protable satellite radio on the market yet!...more info
  • It's ok but still too expensive
    I've had the inno for a few months and while i like it more than my MyFi it isn't that great. My main problem is that when you set the time and time zone if it ever runs out of batteries whic is quite quickly it never saves the time zone and always reverts back to eastern time and then screws up all my scheduled recordings. It also doesn't give the same pad data as you get on the skyfi and myfi's which is hard to go through and find stuff on the O&A show for example. And when you are trying to find your recordings it doesn't scroll so if the info line is too long you can't see the date since it's the last thing so you have to guess which day you are trying to find. Lastly if you want it to work with the fm in your car you have to buy a $70 car get which isn't even included for the $300+ this thing costs. You can try to use it without the car kit but the trick is you need to plug headphones in for the FM modulator to work. And you can only pick up xm reception on the go if you live in a big city it worked for me fine in San Fran but gets no reception on the go in Colorado. ...more info
  • Poor support, battery problem
    First I should say I love the Inno unit, and the concept of a satellite radio that I can use in the home, in my car, or carry around. But I've had problems with this one. The primary problem is that, after a couple of months of mild use, the battery will no longer hold a charge. I cannot use it out of the dock. I've gotten the runaround from Pioneer about service; I cannot recommend any Pioneer products if this service experience is representative of the company. Also, although reception is better with the Inno than the dismal MyFi that preceeded it, it still needs some work. Any Inno buyer should also plan to buy the headphones to improve reception outdoors. ...more info
  • I Love My Inno!
    I wish to address the reception issues with this radio.

    I just don't understand some of these negative reviews. A portable satellite radio is just that: a satellite radio that's portable. Satellite means it must have an open, unobtructed access to the southwestern sky. Try blocking a Direct TV dish and see what you get on TV.

    That said, I live out in the country. If you place the Inno out in the open on a table (Therefore it is portable), it has excellent reception, just like a dish. However, if you put it on your side and you turn so that your body is blocking the southwestern sky, you will lose your signal (This may be different in a city with satellite repeaters). That's why they make a headset that has a built-in antenna (it's always exposed). Unless you are by a very large structure that obliterates the signal, it works great. Why, it's not included, must be due to price point. I would have included it rather than risk disillusioning some people with an otherwise great product.

    I have a built-in XM radio in my truck. I bought the car kit for my inno and placed it in my mini-van. The reception is every bit as good as the one GM factory installed.

    The home kit also works flawlessly. It's hooked into my surround sound and the reception and quality of sound is exceptional. Again, the antenna must have an open view to the southwestern sky.

    If you want to use the Inno for jogging or walking, you must buy the optional headset -- at least, it's a necessity out in the country.

    If you really want to be happy with the Inno, you are going to have to purchase your satisfaction up front -- that means buy now the accessories that will allow it to perform like you want.

    If you do, I'm sure you will agree -- the Pioneer Inno is a great satellite radio.

    ...more info
  • Don't waste your time or your money
    I was so looking forward to many happy hours of commercial free music on the go that I couldn't wait to buy this product. I returned it the next day. WHAT AN OVER-HYPED PIECE OF GARBAGE!!!! Forget the MP3 capabilities and the set-up of the actual unit itself- yes, its tiny, brightly lit and easily navigable, but so what!!! Why are you going to buy the Inno? Because you want a portable radio, and that friends, Pioneer simply can't deliver. If you live anywhere outside of NYC or other major metro area, FORGET ABOUT GOOD RECEPTION!!! All the previous reviews were right about that. Hopefully, XM works out the kinks in the near future, whether that means a better antenna or more satellites or repeater towers going up in every town in the USA....more info
  • Great radio! Great value!
    I purchased this radio over a month ago, and I have had nothing but excellent quality from this radio! The MP3 integration with the device truly makes this a one-of-a-kind portable device! I feel that with more memory, this would out-do the iPod easily! I really like the record from satellite function highly pleasing....more info
  • Crummy Battery for a Great Device
    If my cell phone had a battery life like this, I would change services! Great product is ruined by short battery life that dies in storage even when fully charged. I purchased a second battery after problems with tech support and same story again. Even the backup battery dies.

    I love my Inno, but like Apple's Ipod, we should demand battery replacements now! This is not a cheap device....more info
  • Inno XM
    This is a great radio. Light weight, small, easy to cary or attach to exercise clothing. Provides great sound and awesome color screen is easy to read at various light levels. I also bout the specialty headphones for this unit and am very impressed. They improve overall reception and sound great. Very easy set up is a bonus....more info
  • Please Read this Review
    I purchased this product because I want to listen to music while I hike. While walking around, the reception is poor, as it cuts in and out constantly. Now some of you have read other reviews stating this product is worth the money, but I honestly believe those people are paid to give a good rating to this product. It does work well in the house with the antenna, and the ability to record songs and make a play-list is fun, but in regard to that function there is also a downside. You see, XM is not commercial free radio. So, your play-lists are always intertwined with commercials, or at least the tail-end of a commercial. This product is like the fountain-of-youth -a nice dream- but nothing more. Save several hundred dollars until XM and Pioneer work out the kinks. ...more info
  • Pioneer and XM radio need some help!
    I have the Pioneer Inno for two weeks now and am disappointed with it.

    I have XM radio in my Honda Accord for the last two years and like it for long trips. There are commercials on their commercial free broadcasts but still much less then on FM radio. The comedy channels are a big hit in our family.

    I wanted an additional XM radio to use when walking/hiking and in our other car. The Pioneer Inno seemed the right choice.

    The reception is good to very good, not great (it can fade in and out quite a lot).
    When in its' belt pouch, channel changing isn't possible. You must remove the unit first.
    The headphones are earbuds similar to what's issued on planes.
    Ease of use is good but not too good because you have to go thru multiple menus to get at what you want. There aren't any dedicated "favorite" buttons.

    Basically the unit is a three star device except for the battery life. It completely dies after a day or two. (Even if fully charged.) It seems that even when the unit is off it draws ½ power and runs down the battery in less then 2 days. All the stations I store in memory are lost each time. Since I thought this was a defect, I called XM and Pioneer for help. Unfortunately the personnel at XM are some of the worst reps I have ever experienced. All four times I called I was given completely inaccurate info about my problem. Twice they had me call different sources that had nothing to do with my problem. This necessitated more calls to XM. Very frustrating! Pioneer wasn't as bad. They agreed I had a problem and offered to replace the unit. Later, by e-mail, they informed me that my unit was working correctly. Specifically Pioneer tech support says "the Inno is designed to run down the battery" and suggests `you leave the unit in its charger 24/7.'

    Since I need a portable to leave in my briefcase or car I find that always remembering to bring the unit in for charging, or lose my settings, is a big negative. Luckily I purchased the unit from Abe's of Maine, an member merchant, and returned the unit yesterday.

    I recommend you keep all your packaging during your evaluation and buy through Amazon....more info
  • FM transmitter not built in *
    You have to buy the car kit to get the fm tranmitter to work ! for $80! But Otherwise better than Myfi....more info
  • The best Satellite Radio Reciever by Far
    The ONLY (same as the Samsung Helix) satellite radio with LIVE RADIO and MP3 PLAYER.

    Want portable LIVE satellite radio? Get XM INNO, cause SIRIUS does not have the any unit that will give you sat radio on the go.

    I see some complaining about not having FM modulation except when in the car dock. My question is why would you need FM modulation at anytime other than when it is in the car dock? Answer is you don't. If your listening on the go you use the earphones. If your listening at home you hook it up using a wired connection, which sounds way better than FM modulation anyway. So don't by into the nonsense.

    Great unit. Very easy to use. Reception on the go is much improved over my old MyFI. The MyFi was good on the go, but Inno is clearly worth the extra cash. Ability to play MP3's was the main reason I bought it....more info
  • Mike
    I received this item and was enthused to get it. However that is where the fun stopped. If you want a unit that will work outside in a clear area, this is for you. It will also work inside with the base and large antanna, provided, if you can get it positioned correctly.
    It did not work anywere else for me. The transmitter will not work unless you get a car kit (not stated in add I saw). It did not work for me in wooded areas, or inside buildings or sheds.

    A word of caution. It cost me $20 (or so) to get it hooked up even though I canceled the next day.
    And be very carefull if you take advantage of the 3mth free offer. In that case you may have to pay much more to return the radio.
  • Greatly disappointed
    I have read many reviews of the Inno prior to my decision to purchase it. I was aware of some reception problems, but since I am in the NY Tri State area I thought it would be ok. The Inno itself is very cool - small sleek great screen and easy to use. For this I give it 2 stars. Unfortunately the reception at my home in Central NJ is awful. On my commute (bus) to NYC I could not listen to one single song with out the signal dropping out at least once and often more. Reception at home - even with the home kit was spotty and as I moved outside the signal was fine until I turned around and lost the signal completely! How is this a portable unit if that happens - especially in the Tri-State area?? The signal in NYC was excellent due to the repeaters even inside my office (my window faces south) - so if you live in NYC and will only be in NYC - I say go for it. Otherwie take a pass. I have already cancelled XM and I will return the product....more info
  • Best XM Radio
    I'm sure most that will read this have done their research. They have heard about all the negatives the Inno has, such as battery life. I am here to tell you about all the positives the Inno has. Many people hear the negatives and become afraid to purchase this product. It is true that those complaining speak the loudest.
    Compared to first generation XM2GO radios, the Inno is much more portable. It is smaller and fits easier in the pocket or a purse. The screen is smaller, but it is also in color, so in my opinion, it is easier to read, especially when sitting in the car in the heat of the day with the sun glaring on the screen.
    I am sure you have heard of all the features the Inno has. Instead of listing them all, I will discuss my favorites
    Schedule up to 99 recording sessions.
    If you know that you will not want to miss an Artist Confidential coming up in a month, you can set your Inno to record it. First generation XM2GOs only allowed two scheduled sessions at a time, meaning unless you wanted to clog up one session for a month, you would not do this and fear forgetting about the program.
    MP3 Player.
    You can set the partition to either 100% XM or 50 XM/50 MP3/WMAs. I believe all of us will do some kind of traveling whether it be to the store or out of the city. There may be a time that you will hit a bare spot where you can't pick up the XM signal. Having the "MP3 Player" in the Inno means you can easily listen to recorded music. Having the ability to store up to 50 hours, means you can record many broadcasts of your favorite show and listen to it on your time, not being forced to listen before the next broadcast.
    If you are someone who cannot pick up a signal at work and also cannot listen to XMRO and listen to the radio more than 5 hours at work, you will never have to worry about having to repeat your playlist.
    I love this feature. I am someone who likes to scan channels for my favorite songs. With this feature, I can input 21 artists and/or songs and have it tell me when they are playing. Unlike in previous XM2GOs, you can now type in artist name and/or song title. This is good for the rare artist or song that you do not want to miss.
    10 minute buffer/record song
    Hear that favorite song you want to record? Well, do not worry about missing any part of it. Hit record in the middle of the song and it will pick up the entire piece, granted that you were listening from the beginning and the song did not begin more than 10 minutes ago. When you hit record, you will automatically record the song. When the song is over, recording stops. Put these two together and you will never have to worry about chopped up songs again.

    The Inno is not perfect. It is important to weigh the positives and the negatives before purchasing. The price may seem high, but you are getting an XM radio and an MP3 player, two products in one. That's roughly $200 for the radio and $200 for the MP3 player....more info
  • Inno Reception Very Disappointing
    I bought this thinking I could listen to live Xmradio on the go. The reception would go out when I would walk around, expecially if there were trees around. I did get the FM transmitter to work in my car but the reception was very poor when driving down the road. Songs would fade in and out even when there was a clear view of the sky. Driving 70 MPH under bridges nearly always caused the signal to go out. I took the unit back to the store for a full refund.

    I also miss not having preset buttons. I tried to use the Favorites to move around to the channels I liked the most but it was kind of distracting.

    I was a former Sirius customer and switched over to XM and was extremely disappointed when I started hearing commercials after listening to music for only 10 minutes. What's the point of paying for radio if you are going to have to listen to commercials. I cancelled everything and I'm headed back to Sirius.

    Bottom Line: Don't buy the INNO....more info
  • Over-hyped
    Works great in the car, with great reception.
    Also installed it at home (and connected to home stereo); good reception.
    However, very disappointed with "portability", as reception is marginal. Bought antenna headphones, which improve reception, but seem too bulky for the size of the unit.
    Overall, and if portability is a big factor for you, I think the Inno is over-hyped and is not a good value for its price.
    ...more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased this product and have tried it for one week the reception when I am walking is vert erratic constantly cutting in and out. I then tried to download music from Napster to find out it does not come with Napster To Go software. This will cause to spend $.99 a song to download. Not happy with the product and have returned for a refund...more info
  • Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding!!!
    I've been an XM subscriber/fanatic for over a year now. The Inno will be the 4th unit I've bought. I have a Polk component tuner, a SkyFI 2 and, until it was stolen, I had a Roady2.
    I bought the Inno, full of excitement, but still cautious on how well it would work. THIS IS AN AMAZING DEVICE! IT WORKS FOLKS! It is so intuitive; the ability to record on the go, to set up recordings (tivo like) and to have live reception is just fantastic. The mp3/wma import works easily! This is a FANTASTIC device! Everything they say it will does very, very well. The color screen is bright and easy to read, the buttons are simple and user friendly. The live reception can pick up a signal almost as well as a fixed outdoor antenna. You will have to have the antenna out in the open; unless you live in a city/town with a ground repeater (most simi-large cities have them). The only qualms I have, and they are so minor, I miss having preset station buttons. The Inno uses a menu based "favorite" channel list. It works fine, but I liked being able to hit one button to go to the preset of my choice (a small issue, believe me). I also wish you could go back and listen to content within the 10 minute cache, so if you heard something you liked you could instantly go back and review..but in a way you can do that with the Inno, you'll have to hit record and then go back and listen to it in the content library, a few extra steps compared to the SkyFi2 and the Sirus S50. I'm confused on why Pioneer/XM didn't include this feature as all the elements to do such exist on the player. But these issues, as I've said, are very easily overcome by the Inno's top, ipod rivaling, quality and ease of use. Though keep in mind an ipod only has mp3 playback, this does that, AND delivers the hundreds of live XM radio stations. This is one of the most amazing consumer electronics purchase I've ever made, to top off the most satisfying content/entertainment service I've ever used. If you are new to Sat Radio, this is a great machine to start with, if you are a XM fan...what in the world are you waiting for?...more info
  • Don't be taken advantage of!
    This product was intentionally downgraded, so that the FM transmitter will only work if you buy the car kit. Now you can't take it to your office and use with your boombox, etc. Perhaps they think they will sell more hardware this way.

    However, in the days of advancing electronics we should expect better. Don't buy this product until they change it back! Don't worry, a competitor will soon improve on this situation!...more info
  • fatal flaw
    Although this unit works perfectly when turned on ... providing easy to use recording, mp3 playback, and excellent XM reception, it fails miserably when turned off. Turn it off, and it looks like it's off ... but it keeps doing something that eventually drains the battery. Pioneer technical folks told me that when the unit was not in use it was to be stored in the home docking station. How lame is that? They assured me that the unit was working perfectly. I tried to return the unit to Amazon, but it turned out to be a "3rd Party Sale," so had to send it to the real vendor who promised to credit my card. We'll see. This unit is not ready for prime time....more info
    I had a XM2go MyFi and it just stopped working. Luckily I had bought an extended warranty, so I went for the new Pioneer Inno. What a difference!
    I am shocked at how great it works. First of all, it is so intuitive. I figured it out in very little time.
    The reception is outstanding. The XM2go MyFi was so terrible. Now I can go in a huge super market and get perfect reception. With my old MyFi, I could not get anything as I even approached the entrance. This has been consistently true in a number of different settings.
    I find it so odd, to read all these reports about poor reception. This is satellite. So, I guess there are places it is difficult to pick up a signal. But I am talking about an extraordinarly different experience between this Inno and the XM2go MyFi. Night and day.
    I love how with a press of a button, I can record a song, or some show I am listening to, or even schedule recordings. I thought I'd never use it for that. Now I am using it all the time.
    The Inno has advanced lightyears over the XM2go MyFi. I do not understand these negative reviews here. I would think that people would be writing love poems for what this unit delivers.
    Can it be THAT different in another city or something? I doubt it. I lucked out, because I had that warranty to cover my defunct XM2go MyFi. What a lucky break for me!!! ...more info
  • Outstanding
    The Inno is great gadget that is not that expensive to buy (297.00 at It has good reception(even with lots of trees in the way), the battery life is long enough (mine 6 hours of XM) The cons: really nothing, but when i first got it, it did not let me access "my music" because i had not activated it. Other than that it is money well spent. ...more info
  • The Inno is Perfect for NYC
    I live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan and received my Inno from Amazon about two weeks ago. Bottom line: It's fantastic. And really small! It's basically the size of the Motorola Razr phone with the addition of a small stubby antenna. Size is key in NYC, since you tend to keep things in your pockets and spend a lot of time jumping between locations on foot.

    Since I don't own a car, I am using the Inno at home, while walking and running around Manhattan, and at work. My previous XM radio was the Delphi MyFi, which unfortunately had spotty reception on the streets, so it was not an ideal fit for my needs. The Inno, however, has performed splendidly. I've walked with it from the Lower East Side up to Midtown and only lost reception for a couple seconds, which wasn't too bad. I've also gone jogging with it along the East River and didn't lose reception at all. And I haven't had a need for the antenna headphones. Manhattan has a lot of repeaters on the ground to help with reception around the tall buildings and the Inno takes advantage of that. I can keep the Inno in my pocket and still get good reception, though it's a little better to use the included case and wear it on your belt.

    The recording feature has been great for the subway and whenever I'm in buildings on the go. A click of the button and it switches to MyXM. Easy. The included headphones are pretty decent (similar to Sony's MDREX51 in-ear buds), the dock is great and the color screen adds a hip look to the Inno. I've barely touched my iPod nano since I got this. I'm completely hooked....more info
  • The Inno is an amazing and awesome unit!
    For the life of me I cannot understand why there is this negative publicity over this little unit. Its small, compact, loaded with excellent features and is fun to use. Yes- paying $310.00 (normal street price) sounds a little expensive, however it's a bargin when looking at the whole picture. An apple IPod costs this much (30 gb version) but you still have to buy music to listen to. This unit has a capacity of 50 hours of downloaded CD quality music (about 600 songs-) at no additional expense. With an Ipod or any other MP3 player that would cost you $600 bucks [at .99 a song]). Now you can see which unit is actually much more cost effective.

    It is awesome- if you hear a song you like (it works no matter where you are in the song) all you have to do is hit one button while the song is playing and the entire song is then added to your library (complete with title and artist). There is nothing more to buy- other than having an XM subscrition. Just this feature beats the pants off a normal MP3 player (even the Ipod). The unit also makes it easy to update the firmware so they can continue to add more features to your unit (just connect it to your computer and use Napster-XM website).

    Normal runnning time per charge (from internally recorded material) is about 15 hours per charge or about 5 hours if listening to live Satellite Radio. Speaking of Satellite Radio- all it takes is a view of the Southern Sky to get signals from one of the satellites to make it work (This is for rural areas not serviced by a terrestrial antenna). It even works in my house, receiving signal through the roof (if there is metal in your roof then you are going to need to use the included external antenna). I am puzzled why people are writing reviews complaining about the Pioneer Inno- Didn't they bother to even open up or look through the instruction book? It is all laid out and explains everything quite nicely. After using a number of different products I am quite amazed and pleased with the performance of my Pioneer Inno! Anyone want one of my old MP3 player for cheap?

    For those of you out there that love listening to CD quality music and like the variety of XM radio (with no advertisements), and also like the idea of being able to continiously update your collection (legally) with out the hassle of the hidden expenses of always having to buy songs- this unit is certainly worthy of your review!

    ...more info
  • Save your money for something else...
    I've purchased this unit and luckily was able to returned it back for full retail that I paid for, they gave me a gift card which I'm happy with . Stores normaly charge restocking fee up to 25%. After 2 days of using this unit the power button works whenever feels like , on the third day the button would only work when plugging in the unit in my carand maybe after 2-3 minutes of trying to turn it on ********
    Home antena never picked up anything indoors at my house at my work or my friends place so pretty much ur stuck listening to recordings (if u have any). Same thing with the Antena headphones --** not picking up any signal at all ** --
    ***** Whitout the antena this unit picks signal-- outside or when driving it's about 40 %-70% good reception and I'm saying this because if u walk around or when u drive there's places (many ) where is loosing signal, so if u r recording in the same time ur recording the static and noise ---so try listening to that song later ---it's a shame.
    ******** The songs that ur recording are not recorded in full unless u pressed the record button in time (in the beggining) ******* u do have an option to edit your songs at a later time over the web on your computer, not a bad idea but thoese days with so many things to do forgive me but I don't have time to edit songs.******
    Some radio stations are not even set up yet ...

    ***** Car kit ****

    there's 2 options
    1) pay about $80 - yea it's sold separatly and install it urself --I did it myself , anyone can do it .
    2)pay $30 (it's a different kit) and have it proffesional installed cost extra from $75 to $150 .

    Oh yea , the trial period should be 2 weeks ....
    ***** There's no trial period *****
    they charge you full even it should have been a trial and I used it for 4 days total they charged me one time activation fee $10 and montly charge , they did not want to prorate the service. Now that's another reason I will never purchase another XM in my life.
    ****** Also when you call custumer service be prepared to wait over 40 min than when someone comes live will ask you all quastions so 10 min later can tell you that they will transfer you to another cust svc and when I asked why ? just cold trasfered me to the elevator music and finally after that 4rth time I got someone kind that had a good attitude and helped me out and she was very surprised that I've been transferd 4rth time to her .Online acc it's really hard to navigate just like old school web sites.

    ...more info
  • Doesn't work!!
    We have been XM radio subscribers for over 2 years, via my car, and it's great. I thought this would be the perfect gift for my husband. I purchased it at an electronics retailer (glad I did). The first night, we got great reception in the cradle, but no signal on a stand-alone basis, after all that is why I wanted it. We returned it, since XM told me it was probably a faulty unit. I received another unit the next day, and guess what, no reception out of the cradle. I returned it, and got my full cash refund. I would not recommend this unit for anyone who expects a signal on a stand alone basis. There are a lot of cheaper alternatives than this. I would think XM borders on "false advertising". ...more info
  • This is my new favorite tech
    I've been an XM subscriber since my first SkyFi when Opie and Anthony started in October 2004. I added a MyFi when those launched and appreciated its features (ability to store songs, built-in FM modulator, auto on/off in the car, more presets for all the great music channels), but found its on-the-hip portability sketchy.

    I purchased an Inno a few weeks ago and am blown away by the improved portability over my MyFi.
    1. The reception is better--I can even get a signal in the gym (lots of windows, granted, but the old MyFi reception broke up too much for usefulness indoors).
    2.The styling is sleeker. This thing is less than half the size of the old MyFi--about the size of my cellphone.
    3. The store-on-the-go/auto-recording features are great. I've been recording Bob Dylan's theme time radio hour when they air it during the night so I've got it the next AM. Only fluke is that recording labels are not always EXACTLY the start and finish of each song. Sometimes you get a second or two of the song before/after.
    The negatives that keep it from getting 4 stars--I miss the preset buttons from the MyFi. I had 30 presets, so could always find the right music/comedy/news/etc. for the moment. The Inno doesn't have any presets (unless I've missed something). The XM/Napster software doesn't work on the Mac, which is frustrating. Also, I'd ordered a car kit and still haven't received it.

    In the end, though, this little radio is a HUGE step forward....more info
  • Dylan makes it worth the price..
    ....but the ability to hear a very wide selection of great music, one button recording complete the package.

    Nice looking unit, easy to use controls and a nice set of accessories, the stock ticker function is useful for neurotic investors, I mean in case you know anyone like that.

    The value is subjective but in an environment that receives the signal it is hard to argue if you want the things that it offers. ...more info
  • Nice...
    I love the Inno. My first xmradio came with my car, and I liked the programming so much I wanted something for the home and office. The Inno, with it's time-warping recording capability is wonderful.

    Two negatives. First, I have the same problem with other headphone plugs not seating properly in the headphone jack. If it wasn't for tihs problem I'd give the Inno 5 stars. Pioneer, fix this!

    Second, I wonder if the reception problems people are having with the separate antenna are related to compass direction. At home I get perfect reception from my home office wheer the window faces south. At work I have an east-facing window, and have to put the antenna on the ledge outside the window. Fortunately, I have a ledge and a window that opens. Also, I had great reception in Portland, Oregon on a business trip. With the unit standalone. I wonder if Portland is one of the cities with terrestrial-based xm repeaters....more info
  • Buggy
    I've been an XM subscriber for 2 years, and have owned 5 different receivers during that time. This one, I'm sorry to say, is the worst. I give it high marks for its size, color screen, and recording capacity. Unfortunately, the performance stinks. I'm having a lot of problems with the power switch, and have a suspicion it will eventually stop functioning. Worse has been a problem with deleting recordings. Stated simply, the unit locks up continually. If I'm lucky, and if my PC recognizes the unit in this condition, I can restore the Inno to a working state. This is no easy task, and last night it took about an hour to get it working again.

    I spoke with 2 customer service reps from Pioneer, who were of no help at all. They told me to return it for repair, while I am of the opinion it should be replaced. Their website has been down for maintenance for at least a week, so no additional information can be obtained from that route, either.

    Anyone that wants to use this receiver in a car needs an additional $70 car kit. Good luck finding one, since for some strange reason they are in extremely short supply.

    Since this unit is capable of firmware updating, there is always some hope that many of the bugs that are turning up in these units can be rectified. As of today, 6 weeks or so after release, no updates have been issued (except for the restriction on the FM modulator, which you may have heard about elsewhere).

    I've tried really hard to like this receiver, and I've been extremely patient with it. Unfortunately, I think I'll have to return it to Pioneer in the not too distant future. I think they rushed it into production, and also believe it was not tested properly prior to release....more info
  • Better than I could have hoped

    I'm actually kind of saddened by all of the really negative hype that people are giving the Inno on this site. If it weren't for the negative press, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this, but I feel someone needs to step-up and defend this god-send of a product.

    I have had absolutely no problems with my Inno. I work in an office, that is constantly closed, with no windows, and I get beautiful satelite reception. I do not live in a major city, (Redlands, CA) and using the Antenna Aiming function in conjunction with the home dock and home antenna has yielded me better reception than should be allowed.

    I have had no issues regarding the power switch or the recording features. I have already recorded several songs directly off of the various stations, and I have been nothing but pleased.

    I've noticed that if I am using the Inno, by itself (sans home antenna), reception is spotty. I'm currently waiting for my satelite headphones to arrive so that I can see if satelite headphones at a place like the gym. However, even if I can't get reception at the gym, I am not going to whine or complain, as I can still use the Inno as an MP3 player. My fiance has a 60GB Video Ipod and I can safely say that I much prefer my Inno to her Ipod.

    As for the battery life, does anyone really ever use this thing for five plus hours at a time, undocked? Battery life is similar to what I've seen in my fiance's Ipod, but if you have the home or car docks, this is really not an issue whatsoever.

    Bottom line, if you are considering buying an Inno, take into account a couple of factors:

    It's expensive and so is satelite radio. If you're not someone who can commit to using a product for more than a year, this is likely not the thing for you. Also, the accessories, though pricey, are a complete necessity. I recently had my car kit installed and am absolutely delighted by it.

    Give the Inno a fair shot. If you do buy it, buy it from a retail store that will allow to you return it, no questions asked. I would also recommend buying a 2-year service plan to protect your investment.

    I am more happy with my Inno than I would have ever thought. I almost did not buy it because of some of the negative hype it got on this site. I hope this can turn some people around....more info
  • Be Serious -- This IS Satellite Radio!
    OK, I've been using the Inno for two weeks now and I feel the need to respond to some of the whiny reviews. First, if you are short on cash, you are not going to get into Satellite radio. Compared to free radio, it is expensive. So if you are going to whine about springing for a $40 pair of headphones that is necessary to use this unit in "Walkman-style," then no need to make the purchase. The headphones are excellent and a necessary addition. You cannot stick an antenna in your pocket and expect it to work. (But is anyone else wondering about the long-term effects of wearing a satellite receiver on your head??).

    The Inno and XM Radio are amazing. I get to hear uncensored Richard Pryor sets on the radio in my car!! How is that not worth the cost? Between its MP3 capabilities, it's iPod-like functionality and the amazing sports, talk and music programming, this is easily the best thing to come along in years. If you are mobile and cannot watch TV, this is the way to go. The only problem is that I almost had to pull the car over a couple of times I was laughing so hard listening to the XM Comedy channel. I'm sure other drivers thought I was nuts.

    There are plenty of rough edges on this unit: I have also had problems with the power button (I use the remote to power up/down now); 4-5 hours battery life is too short; I cannot get it to record a single song, only the channel, which is an annoying software glitch but a livable situation; and the MP3 navigator is not fully developed yet -- I'm hoping for a firmware upgrade soon.

    Reception, in reality, is better than you SHOULD be expecting. If there is a physical obstruction between the antenna and the satellite, then there is going to be a problem. If you will use the antenna in the headphones, home kit and car kit, you will have minimal difficulties. My suggestion (and this is what I do), if you expect to be mobile where there are serious obstructions, then record your favorite channel prior to your trip and play it back. I have found that I rarely need to resort to this trick however.

    Recommendation: If you have the bucks, don't wait for something better to come along. You are going to miss out on alot of fun....more info
  • Worthless! Poor reception ruins a could be great product
    I have like others been an avid XM listener since the beginning. I saw the Inno at CES in Las Vegas in January and though it was the iPod killer. Delay after delay meant my order took five months to arrive. Received it last week and have to report it is not a dispointment, but worst - useless. I could barely get reception. I live in Palo Alto, tree lined streets. This never bothered my XM Roady I use in the car, but it only brought static to the Inno. Also, after a full 8 hour charge it was flat the 2nd time I tried to use it.
    I reccomend avoiding until the next generation, or buy from someone you can easily make a return....more info
  • awesome
    i've had xm for about a year and had stopped using the player i bought with the system instead just using the internet-based version. i picked up this fully expecting the signal to be terrible as my other unit has been and would have to return it. not sure if it's unique to the inno or not, but they have a signal strengh monitor on this unit unlike mine that's showing satellite signal vs. terristrial booster signal. the satellite signal sucketh as the other posts indicate but the terrestrial is strong so i don't have spotty signal -- it's rock solid. i'm in d.c. so i'd say if you're in a city you may have good results.

    i can tell you the software is tight and operation very apple-like. they did a great job.

    $400 for the unit is a lot, to be sure, but recording from a radio station is a great way to build your music collection -- if you have the disposable cash for this guy, you won't be disappointed....more info
  • Doesn't deliver
    The idea is great, but the whole deal is based on the premise you are actually going to be able to receive the signal. Unless you pay the extra $40 for the antenna headphones you can forget about listening to the Inno on headphones. When the Inno is docked, attached to the antenna and not moving it works great. I got the car kit for another $70. I get a signal about half the time in the car. Still get numerous drop outs making it impossible to actually record a song. So it's $399 for the actual Inno, $70 for the car kit, $40 for the antenna headphones, 12 month subscription to XM at $12.99 a month for another $156 plus tax (7.85 percent where I live) for a grand total of $717.20 This stinks of price gouging and XM greed....more info
  • Pioneer Inno Disappointing
    I've been an XM subscriber since just about the beginning. I've also had a number of different units, including the XM2go MyFi. I got sucked in by the hype, and bought one of these new Pioneer Inno units expecting the portability feature to be much improved over the XM2go MyFi. It wasn't! Reception is very erratic--you turn one way and lose the signal--turn another way and it starts receiving again--just like the XM2go MyFi. I suspect those reporting good reception are better served by terrestrial repeaters than I am.

    What does improve reception considerably is the headphone/antenna accessory. So, plan to spend the extra $40 or $50 bucks if you want to listen while taking a walk. At one time I think this same (or a similar) accessory was available for the XM2go MyFi, but it sold out quickly and never seemed to reappear. Anyway, without it, the Inno is a very frustrating unit.

    The Inno is much smaller than the XM2go MyFi, and I like that a lot. The screen is much more readable, even in sunlight, so that's a plus too. I don't know yet what the battery life will turn out to be, but so far it seems to be reasonable. The menu process for selecting different options isn't all that intuitive, so you will probably fumble around a good bit getting to the menu item you want.

    All in all, I would strongly recommend that you "test drive" one of these gizmos before buying, if at all possible. They aren't cheap, and you may not feel you are getting your money's worth. The headset/antenna accessory is a "must"....more info
  • Very Disappointed
    I purchased the Inno after reading great reviews of it here and in several publications. But, unless I've got a particular bad unit, the build quality is awful. The headphone jack will not hold onto my Etymotic Research earphone plug, which pulls out constantly. No other electronic device that I have has this problem. I found posts on the Web from other people who have also had the headphone jack problem. Also, the on/off slide switch seems to be defective. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Finally, I was surprised at how spotty the reception is. I'm in the SF Bay Area, and this is my first XM experience. I expected that I would have great reception at my location. But the signal drops out constantly. I actually looked forward to getting this product, but I'm returning it....more info
  • Not as good as I hoped
    I am not new to XM so I came in with a few expectations. First off let me say that this is a great unit for first time users. The color screen looks great, the remote is perfect for car use and it came with a great leather protector for it. There are plenty of good things being said about this product so I will skip those as most people only care about the bad before they buy it anyhow. The battery life isn't great, I have a 1 hour commute to work each way and I also listen for an hour during lunch. After these 3 hours I am slightly less than 25% battery power. I assume 5 hours is tops. When I bought this unit I saw that it had a built in FM transmitter and thought "awesome now I don't need to install it", (I didn't want anything mounted on my car as the last dash kit ruined the dash with that adheasive tape in the Florida sun. That said, it does "receive" signals VERY well, I was getting a great signal into the unit from anywhere in the car. The problem is in the transmit portion, I wanted to have it transmit out to the radio so I could just pick it up on a station. I have found the transmit portion HORRIBLE without adding something to the antennae. What I did to resolve this was get a long extension cable for a pair of headphones from radio shack and plug it into the headphone jack of the inno, this now boosts the transmit signal to sound great in the car. My only problem is I have to keep this wire in my carto transmit to the radio. Yes, I am sure that it would sound great if I had the carkit wired to my stereo but like I said I was trying to avoid that. You can also use one of those things that plugs into the headphone jack and then plugs into the tape player (if you still have one) but I get annoyed by this hiss tapes make on songs when played. If you're going to have this unit's car kit installed then no worries, this is a perfect unit for you. If you're hoping to avoid any install and keep it easy, this may not be your unit (unless you're ok with the tape deck plug in). My only other complaint is that when using this unit docked into my stereo at hom, when you change stations with the station guide it is near impossible to make out which station is which from more than 5 feet away (and I have great vision). I love my unit as it is exactly what I was looking for and I don't mind this coil of wire I know use as an antennae. I know I say alot of bad things about this unit, but I also feel it is the best sattelite radio unit on the market today. I just want all buyers to know what they're getting into. Enjoy!...more info
  • Easy
    I never thought about buying a satellite radio before I bought the xm2go Portable. I was not sure if I was going to like it or if it would be too difficult to understand, since I'm not electronically inclined. Well, I was suprised at how easy it is to operate. The directions are clear and anyone can understand them. The sound is great too! I am happy I bought this product....more info
  • Amazing!
    I bought the INNO with a bit of skepticism bc I know the portable products are still in the early years and was not too impressed with the Myfi that I have played around with. I love Xm service, but 400 bucks for shotty reception didnt seem worth it. I was totally shocked, this thing is awesome! It takes a lot to WOW me, but this thing did just that. The reception is very good ( I live in Metro Philly area) and can play live XM with the unit just sitting in my cup holder with no car attenae with 95% reception (imagine when i get the car set up installed). The interface is super user friendly and this things is perfect for someone who has MPS they like, wants to hear new stuff (i personally get annoyed bc I have to freshen up my ipod stuff) and wants access to live things like the news,sports, etc. the record featurs is also great, as I will record channel i like and go edit out stuff i dont want to keep, and explore things I have not heard ever or in awhile. More memory would make it perfect, but having about 300 mp3 and 300 songs from XM is more then enough supplement to all of the channels i can surf...Truly beat my expectations! If the price is not too steep, buy one asap! This beats every XM and Siri radio by a mile and I have had a there is no stern so you dont feel like your paying the salary of that degenerate human being....Would give it more stars if possible!

    Get yours now!
    ...more info
  • 10x better than an IPOD
    buy it and you will love it.. make sure you get the headphones and car kit with inline installation kit for 30 bucks.. doing this will give you great reception...

    not joking, i no longer use an ipod... this device is well worth the money in the first 15 minutes. enjoy....more info
  • Literally a revolutionary device, 1 in a decade
    This thing is better than my plasma tv! We are in a new world. Any song, any time, can be recorded and saved in a playlist and played any time I want, AND I can load all my favorite mp3's that I've gathered over the years. Interface is awesome, well thought out. I will never go buy a cd at the store again, why? I listen to 3-4 genres of music, and every time I like something, I hit the button! Oh you want to also hear a song from ACDC from 1970, no problem load the mp3 into the inno and go nuts. Plays on any radio (car, home, portable) thru fm modulator (built in)!!...more info
  • Getting there...
    This is a great little gadget that is sure to give Ipod a run for its money as it improves over the next few years. In fact, I have not picked up my Ipod since I purchased this.

    Here are the pluses and minuses:

    The good -
    Very easy to use and record songs. You can program your favorite channels, and record things on the fly. If you've been listening to a whole song and decide to record it mid way through, the inno will record the full song.

    From music, to news, sports, talk, and comedy, XM has a very good line up. The music programming appears to be very deep as it's rare to hear repeated songs very often (except on the top 20 channel)

    Very easy to search through the channels.

    The bad -

    The battery life is short compared to current ipod models (I estimate I get about 5 hours after each charge).

    The reception is below what you can presently get for major FM stations in a major metropolitan area. This problem can be improved somewhat by using Belkin's headphone/antenna designed specifically for the inno, but be aware that the sound quality is definitely lower than a CD burned onto an ipod even with the Belkin headphones.

    The price - currently pretty high, although I'm sure it will come down with time.

    It only has 1 GB of space for downloads from Napster and recording live off the radio (I will continue to use Ipod/Itunes for downloading songs off the internet, so this doesn't really bother me).

    Overall, I'd recommend this if you're an ipod person who wants a significant increase in the variety of content you can listen to now, instead of waiting for the inevitable improvements that will come over the next few years. Once XM gets better reception with more satellites and repeaters, and puts out a player with longer battery life and more disk space, I believe it will become a major player in the ipod market.

    ...more info
  • I love my MyFI, but!
    I think it time to flush my Myfi down the toilet and get an Inno! ...more info
  • How long would it take to reach the end of Ben's hog?
    I don't know, but with an Inno / Helix at least you'll have something to listen to. Looks good, but I'll need to see reviews on reception and operation. But with manufacturers like Pioneer and Samsung (as opposed to "Directed Electronics" for the worthless S50), you would think the bugs are already worked out....more info