Travel / Wall Charger for Motorola Razr V3
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  • Travel Charger compatible with Motorola Razr V3 model phones
  • Included Smart IC Chip prevents overcharging
  • Charge phone battery while you talk
  • Color: black
Customer Reviews:
  • Works, but worrying
    The good:
    The charger properly charges my Razr V3c. The unit itself is pretty compact, and the casing doesn't overlap other power plugs (a common problem with "wall-wart" plugs). Overall, I'm happy with the functionality and form-factor.

    The bad:
    While plugged in, the charger emits an "electrical whining" noise, similar to what really cheap or dying electronics do. The sound persists even if there's no phone plugged in for charging. It has me worried enough that I don't leave it plugged in if I'm not actively charging my phone. I was hoping to leave the charger plugged in all the time for quick and convenient charging.

    Does what it's suppose to do in a travel friendly form-factor, but I'm worried about the quality of the electronics....more info