Brother HL 5280DW Wireless Laser Printer Network Duplex 30 Ppm
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Product Description

The HL-5200 Series represents the new line of monochrome laser printers. Setting a new competitive standard for their class, these new models deliver a number of advantages to Brother's award-winning monochrome laser printers with fast up to 30PPM print speeds, higher print quality, and more expandable paper input capacity.This model offers maximum flexibility for small workgroups. Sharing the same print speed, resolution, and paper handling capabilities as the HL-5250DN, this model also includes: built-in 802.11b/g wireless interface with SecureEasySetup; built-in Ethernet network interface; 3-color LCD display to easily view status, and change printer settings.

  • Includes (1) TN550 Standard Yield Toner Cartridge (up to 3,500 Pages) and (1) DR520 Drum Unit (up to 25,000 Pages)
  • Can act as a print server to both wired ethernet and 802.11g wireless network environments - or can be used with just one computer
  • Print Technology - B/W Laser Technology
  • Black Print Speed up to 30 ppm
  • Print Resolution (maximum dpi) Up to 1200x1200 dpi
Customer Reviews:
  • Love this printer
    Nice size, great price, easy to set up and works great. I am happy with my purchase decision....more info
  • great
    this is a great printer,its very fast and easy to setup and use I highly recommend it....more info
  • Wonderful but BUY A PROTECTION Program
    I bought this HL 5280DW from another seller in December 2006; it worked fine, set up with wired network, used as wireless network printer. It developed a problem one week after the manufacturer 1-year warranty expired. ----- The printer would start to initialize, then stop and say "GET FIRMWARE". When I tried to print via wireless/wired network connections: no communication with printer; parallel and USB: "BAD COMMAND". I have not taken out the toner yet -- I plan to tinker with the printer as it will cost me at least $150 to ship and have this printer serviced. Brother phone support could not solve the problem; not much on the Internet about GET FIRMWARE message. Get a protection plan! -- edited November 11, 2008: not sure where I would have gotten a good plan!...more info
  • Great wireless printer for me and my Mac
    I read the reviews and was a little worried when the printer arrived. Would it cause the lights to flickers in my office with all the other power-hungry computer stuff plugged in? (No.) Would it make my office smell like ozone? (Not after the first week.) Would it make clicking noises and drive me crazy? (Not at all.) Would it work wirelessly with my network? (Perfectly.)

    I love this printer. I love printing wirelessly from my living room. I love that it's totally silent when it is sleeping. I love that it was easy to setup and that it has worked flawlessly since I got it. The only thing I don't love about it, is the fan noise that it a little loud when it is cooling down after a job. Of course, it's only loud because the printer is one foot from my computer and three feet from my head. For the money, this is absolutely a great buy and a great printer....more info
  • Flawless for me on my Mac
    I have had good success with Brother lasers before. This replaced an old 1670N. I couldn't be happier with it. I use it on a Mac G5 dual 1.8. The setup was simple, although I had to use the install disk, something I'm not accustomed to with Mac drivers. Went through the setup once and the wireless function has worked perfectly 100% of the time. More than I can say for my HP OfficeJet 7410xi wireless. It shows up in Safari Bonjour bookmarks and gives me a full set of network/printer information. I'd probably go with 4.5 stars if I could, as there here is some envelope curling. It's blazing fast!
    I've never had the surge problem, although there is always some surge with a laser. I connect it to a home theater power strip, rather than the UPS my Mac is on....more info
    First, read my review re: the 'Andrea Doria' HP6980 inkjet printer that I replaced with this Brother laser printer.

    I received this printer (i.e., the Brother) and my faith in printers has at last, and to great relief, been restored - after the debacle that was HP. I have it connected to PC/Vista Ultimate/ethernet. 15 minutes total from recieving the box to actually printing documents. Setup worked fine for me. I turn it on. I hit print. It prints. HP - you've been pwned by this printer. THANK YOU BROTHER! After my nightmare experience with the HP dog, this printer is a breath of fresh air. All I ever wanted to do, alas, was to be able to PRINT. I give this a 5 star. I cannot comment on others' problems, but for me, it is perfect. ...more info
  • Is Brother really that bad?
    I am not sure if it was just the hired help for Christmas or if the tech support team is actually as incapable as my experience proved to be. My tech support person wouldn't release a confirmation number for me until after over an hour of waiting for him to put me on hold at least seven times while he continually attempted to get bad counsel from some mysterious person. I eventually asked him to get tier 2 tech support on the phone for me as I was tired of this circus act... I was denied. I was then put on hold again before being told that someone else would call me within a day... this has not yet happened. I would have purchased an HP wireless laser for Christmas instead however, they stopped making them... only deskjets... why, HP? Why??!!...more info
  • Brother HL-5280DW
    I purchases that printer 2 weeks ago to print thru the wireless.
    I spent 2 hours with tech support from Brother and they could not activate the wireless option on. Service was very bad, every view minutes they put me on hold for 5 min. The guy from tech support didn't know how to help me. Big set back for me to by any Brother equipment for my office....more info
  • An excellent value, and solid performer!
    So far (after a month), we have been overwhelmingly satisfied with this printer. Setup was plug-and play easy, even considering our password-encrypted wireless network. It is a luxury to have a printer whos only cord is a power cord. We are using a second paper tray, which is also working great.

    Print performance is fast and sharp - the duplexing feature works well, and the printer is relatively quiet (except when duplexing, then there is considerable clacking).

    I cannot comment on durability - at this point we have only run about 1500 pages.

    Bottom line - a good unit for a small to moderate networked environment!...more info
  • HL 5280DW Wireless Laser Printer with Duplexer
    Printer has proven over the short haul to be reasonably quiet and reliable. I spent quite a bit of time getting it to talk to the wireless network, which was made even more difficult by the WEP encryption on my network. You have to initially direct-connect the printer to the wireless router in order to set it up. Other than that, anyone should be able to set it up provided they have some basic understanding of networks, IP addressing, and the like. I'm not sure I'd advise a non-network savvy person to attempt it without a computer geek to help....more info
  • Great value for the price
    I have owned the printer for about two months now and I am satisfied with the purchase. It is hard to find another printer in this price range (I paid $315 at Amazon) with similar feature set. I use it on my wireless LAN at home with both PCs and my MacBook Pro, and have not had any major trouble so far. I did not dare to setup the security features, so I can't relate to the other reviewer who had problems with enabling them on the printer. I rely on MAC address filtering on my access point for the time being.

    Now, there are 3 aspects of the printer I did not like a whole lot :

    1. Fan noise.
    2. Clicking sound during warm-up.
    3. Surge of current generated by the printer upon startup.

    I emailed the tech support, and received an answer promptly, to my satisfaction, so I decided to keep it.
    Overall I rate it with 5 stars based on the price/performance.

    The answers from tech support are below for your reading pleasure.

    The fan will run until the fuser is below 100 degrees Celsius. Make sure that the printer has adequate space on each side for proper ventilation,at least 3 to 4 inches around all sides. The HL-5200 Series machines may make a clicking, ticking or popping noise when the machine is warming up, in standby mode or cooling down after making copies. This noise occurs when parts within the fuser
    Unit (part of the machine that adheres the toner to the page) expand and contract as part of the normal heating up and colling down process.
    PLEASE NOTE: This noise ONLY occurs when the machine is warming up, is in standby mode or when cooling down AFTER printing a document. This is normal operation and not an indication of a malfunction of the machine. If the noise is accompanied by a machine malfunction (for example: a paper jam, machine error, loud grinding when making prints etc), please contact the Brother Customer Service department at 1-800-276-7746.

    Lights flickering or dimming when using the printer can be explained by the following information. The average operating current for the printer, as determined by Underwriters Laboratory (UL) testing is 5. amps. However, when the fuser is cold or when the printer is warming up,it will jump to 7.5 amps. This is a design element to enable the printer to get ready for a quick time to first print. The power spikes up to ready the printer quickly. Sometimes the spikes will cause lights to flicker as the power is drawn.

    The printer has been tested and approved by UL. The printer will not damage home wiring. UL has confirmed that the home circuit breaker would trip before any damage would occur. This design element ensures the printer performs 30 pages per minute printing and fast wake up time. This design cannot be altered and is not an indication of a manufacturing defect. We do recommend not to share the same power circuit with other high-power appliances, particularly an air conditioner, copier, shredder and so on....more info
  • Not Too Bad with This Price
    I purchased one recently, after comparing with HP's same level printer. This HL 5280DW has almost all the features of the HP's, yet has better memory and chip speed and lower price (only to have paid more before the new sale price). I followed the instructions on the CD and had no problem at all to have two of my laptops to communicate with the printer via my wireless network. It's been working pretty good so far. HP's is a name brand, but this Brother's product works fine, only with less cost to me....more info
  • Electrically unsound printer
    We bought & returned this printer 3 times, just to make sure that the problem was really with the printer (and not with us). Turns out it's the printer. There is a SERIOUS ELECTRICAL DEFECT with this printer that we have never encountered with any other laser printer that we have ever owned. (We are in the computer business, and we deal with dozens of laser printers on a regular basis.) Whenever attempting to print from this printer, it creates such a surge of electricity that it causes a brief power outage in our entire office. We've plugged it into uninterruptible power supplies, we've plugged it into regular surge protectors, we've plugged it directly into the wall, we've plugged it into every electrical outlet that we could find. But no matter what we plug it into, we always get the same results. We also have 2 other laser printers in the office (both HP, FWIW) -- those laser printers work perfectly no matter where they are plugged in. Beware of this printer!...more info
  • good printer - frustrating start-up (at least for me!)
    I bought this printer for my wife and I to use. I wanted a fast laser printer with wi-fi connection and this printer fit the bill. My only source of frustration so far (after one month of ownership) was that the using the printer's easy installation and set-up software was a complete bust. The printer simply couldn't find my computer (I'm using a Mac with 10.4.5 OS X.). I followed all the steps repeatedly in the printed instruction manual, both with a wired and wi-fi connection, but to no avail. I thought I might have to send the printer back, but then I started wading through the much longer instruction manual that's included on the CD. Using this, I was able to create a connection with my Airport Extreme terminal using the controls directly on the printer itself. Because it was the weekend and the company's customer service is closed on weekends, it took me a ridiculously long time to figure this out - 6 hours easy. But since I did, the printer's worked like a charm. While my printer needs aren't particularly demanding, I'm happy with the print quality and speed. It feels sturdy and reliable, so here's hoping....more info