Video Surveillance
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  • Awesome DVD for any fan of real hiphop!
    This is one of my new favorites, it is packed with all the best videos from the boot camp clik, the video quality is excellent when you consider that some of these were recorded using analog video cameras from the early nineties and onwards! i can recommend this DVD for any fan of the boot camp clik!...more info
  • Definitely worth it...
    You must think a complete collection of any artists' music videos would be way more expensive, then figure in the fact that you are getting 4 groups in one. This is probably the best way to support a not ripping them off left and right. Good product, great price. Only drawback I can see is that it isn't HD quality. Definitely worth buying though....more info
  • The best music video DVD ever!!
    Aw man! From the moment I started playing the DVD and "Who Got the Props" began I just kicked back and zoned out. Anybody who listened to NYC hip hop in the '90s should remember the impact the Boot Camp Click had on the East Coast scene eventhough their record sales didn't properly reflect it. The BCC never got the shine they deserved. By watching the Black Moon videos, "I Got U Opin" and "Buck em Down", it is apparent that the BCC were masters of releasing remixes with radio tolerable lyrics that could measure up to the original versions. Smif-n-Wessun's "Sound Bwoy Bureill" and "Wrekonize", and The Fab 5's "Blah" also flipped to get radio play without losing the BCC edge too much. For the record, "Sound Bwoy Bureill" is one of the sickest songs of all time. The classic Beatminerz production helped forge the "Boot Camp Sound" which, in later years, became a term despised by the BCC Mcees as they were attempting to change with the times. The gritty, grimey sound defined an era before hip hop got really glitzy. Remember when hip hop was raw and you could feel the ruggedness emitting from the tracks? Imagine trying to release any of the BCC's singles on a major record label today. Okay, everybody can tell I wish hip hop would cycle back to those days but the later material is exceptional as well. Anybody who foolishly stopped checking for the BCC after "For The People" have greatly missed out. Black Moon's "War Zone" dropped and, just when I thought the BCC might slow down, OGC dropped a classic titled "The M Pyre Shrykes Back (not sure how it's spelled). The Cocoa Brovaz album was very good. I had never seen the "Spanish Harlem" video untill I copped the DVD but I swear it looks as if Tony Touch was rocking a mullet haircut. Anyway, the latest videos off the last BCC album are also pretty good. If you hadn't noticed, the BCC is still making great albums. Call it a comeback if you like (they never really left), but everybody needs to cop the Buckshot & 9th Wonder album along with the Sean Price album and the new Smif-n-Wessun album. I admit I haven't kept up on the BCC mix CDs but I'm going to cop all the ones I can still find. All those still sleeping on them need to WAKE UP!! While we were looking for that real hip hop, the BCC was giving it to us all along. Wrekonize.

    Peace...more info