Doberman SE-0305OR Infrared Perimeter Protector Alarm. Orange/White
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Product Description

Alarm triggered when the invisible perimeter is breached Protect a designated area and/or valuable Arm/Disarm with included remote Water resistant

  • The perfect electronic guarding device for camping accessories and valueables
  • A powerful high decibel alarm sound
  • Alarm triggered when invisible perimeter is breached
  • Alarm/disarm with included remote control
  • Water resistant
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent for indoor use
    We bought this product several months ago, and have already had several uses for it (purchasing a second, as I type). In particular, we have used this alarm to deter the cats from the kitchen counter, and to quit trying to jimmy our bedroom door in the middle of the night. Also excellent for small children. When my kids know it s armed, they somehow find the impulse control to stay out of places they don't belong as soon as my back is turned (like the kitchen with that fascinating gas stove). It is sensitive, so we have found homemade methods to narrow the cone of the motion sensor, so that it is not tripped by movement in the next room, etc. Lasted 3-4 months before it needed a battery change, and we use it often....more info
  • Mixed review

    On positive side,

    1. It definately detects when my dog is going into an area he shouldn't.

    2. Seems to last about a week on a single 9V battery.

    On negative side?

    2. Too many false alarms. It goes off when the wind blows leaves in front of the unit. I wouldn't want to set it up and leave it overnight near any kind of sleeping area.

    3. Even when it does go off, it's a wimp of an alarm. It doesn't scare any of my dogs, and I can't imagine it actually working against a bear interested in food.

    ...more info
  • Baffling directions? YES! Working unit? NO! Buy at your own risk.
    SE-0306OR Alarm Combo. Orange/white

    I was really, really excited when I found this product. My thoughts were to use to warn me if anyone (or anything) got into our pop-up camper while we were camping in the boonies.

    I found the instructions to be confusing, however was able to set up the unit. Worked like a charm in my living room. Scared the cat off the couch. When it came time to test this unit in the wild, this unit was useless. My wife got quite impatient waiting for me try and set the Doberman so we could leave our campsite. Read and reread the directions. I could not get this unit to work for the life of me. Changed battery, said a prayer, called on ALL the Gods to help me heal this defective unit. Nothing.....our campsite was left vulnerable to critters and yahoos. Poor product, returned for a refund....more info
  • Alarm sounds for no reason
    Mine may be defective but it goes off for no reason. I put it in another room to test and within 5 minutes the alarm sounds even though no one is in the same room. Maybe we have ghosts....more info
  • Unusual use for it, but works great!
    So the cat and I have been "discussing" whether the laundry basket can also double as an impulse-use litter basket or not for about 6 months. No amount of screaming, ranting, bathroom time-out time, etc seemed to get through to him, but apparently it is hard to "do your business" with a 100db alarm whooping in your ear. I mounted the alarm directly over the laundry basket looking straight down at it and hung the remote on the bedroom door a ways away from it (so that I don't have to have my eardrums violated trying to turn it off).

    It is very sensitive--clothes you have just worn dropped in the basket will set it off, so I'm having to remember to disarm to use the basket myself, but other than that it's great and it gives me a definite peace of mind to know that I won't be doing yet another emergency load of laundry.

    Final notes:
    - Operation is a bit confusing at first because the instructions are wretched. But essentially, you hit the power button on the alarm and then tap the remote button. The alarm will beep 4 times. Wait 30s more (alarm has to "warm up") and then hit the remote button again. Alarm will beep once to tell you it is now armed. Pressing again will disarm it (alarm beeps twice), and so forth.

    - They don't mention it on the website, but in the manual it notes that it self re-arms. It goes off for 20s, checks if there has been any activity in the last 3s and either continues to sound or re-arms if the cat is no longer in the vicinity. So essentially, I plan to leave it on 24/7. We'll see how the 9v battery lasts--I bought a lithium one @ Batteries Plus though, so I suspect I should get fairly long life out of it. (And it's still a lot cheaper than extra cleaning products!)...more info