SE-0306OR Alarm Combo. Orange/white
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Product Description

Safety first, thanks to these Alarms for you and for your home! SAVE BIG! All are ear-splitting loud, to alert people and to scare off bad guys. Light and very portable, too. Check out the details... then make this smart, affordable protection investment! Order Now! You get 100 dB LOUD units, arm band and neck cord; Arm Alarm is 2"h., with 2 red blinking LED bulbs for night visibility. Uses 3 button cell batteries (included); Neck Alarm has 2 light modes: 2 blinking red, and a bright white. Runs on 3 button batteries (included). 4"h. Each weighs 3 ozs. Alarm Combo Pack

  • A unique safely device designed for jogging
  • Bright, flashing lights can be seen more than 1 mile away
  • includes loud electronic whistle
  • Includes a bright LED light and emergency flashers
  • Loud 100 decibel alarm
Customer Reviews:
  • Excellent personal alarm
    These are terrific! I use the armband alarm when I am walking / jogging in the evening, even in my suburban neighborhood. The smaller wrist alarm is great for when I am going to the car or walking back to my hotel at night when I am travelling for work, especially in unfamiliar cities. The alarm is much louder than any whistle I've come across, and the light helps any would-be rescuers find where the sound is coming from. I am planning to buy a set for my mom and my sister too....more info