Eforcity Replacement Canon BP-522 Compatible Li-Ion Battery for EOS D-series D30, MV-300 / MV-300i / MV-30i / MV-400i / MV-430i / MV-450i / MV-500 / MV-530 / MVXli, ZR60 / ZR65MC / ZR70MC / ZR40 / ZR4
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Product Description

Compatible with the following Canon models:EOS D-series D30 / MV-300 / MV-300i / MV-30i / MV-400i / MV-430i / MV-450i / MV-500 / MV-530 / MVXli / ZR60 / ZR65MC / ZR70MC / ZR40 / ZR45MC / ZR50MC / ZR10 / ZR20 / ZR25MC / ZR30MC / Optura PI / 100mc / 200MC / 20 / 10

  • High capacity, rechargeable DC 7.2V Li-Ion Battery with premium cell.
  • Latest Lithium Ion battery technology gives the best performance possible compared to other battery technologies such as Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH).
  • Approx. operation time: up to 5 hours using the viewfinder or 4 hours using the LCD screen.
  • Best replacement for the original BP-522 3174A002AA battery pack.
Customer Reviews:
  • What a deal
    The price can't be beat for a battery that costs several times as much from the brand name makers. Having used it through several cycles now I can say it does great. Being bigger than the original, it holds a charge much longer, and doesn't seem to take much longer to charge. I'm using it for a Canon ZR-60 camcorder and it lets me use the LCD screen much longer than the original battery did (I had to use the viewfinder to save power and make it last longer than 20-30 minutes - now it lasts about an hour).
    Heck of a deal!
    ...more info
  • it's really big, but...
    ... it keps my camera going for hours. usually run out of spare tapes now instead of killing the battery....more info