Car Charger for LG VX1000, VX3200, VX3300, VX4650, VX6100, VX7000, LX325, MM535, LX535, VX4700, VX8100, VX8000, AX4750, AX5000, LX225, VX9800, AX4270
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Product Description

Fits LG VX8100 / UX210 / UX245 / VX3400 / VX3450 / VX9800 / VX8000 / VX7000 (black version only) / VX6100 / VX5200 / VX4650 / VX4700 / VX3300 / VX1000 / UX4750 / UX5000 / PM225 / LX125 / VI125 / LX225, LX325 / LX350 / LX535 / MM535 / LX550 (FUSIC) / AX4270 / AX4750 / AX5000

  • Recharge on the go by harnessing power from your car with a cigarette lighter adapter.
  • Vehicle Lighter adapter (12~24v DC).
  • Phone can be used during charging.
  • Smart IC chip recognizes a fully charged battery and automatically switches to a saver mode.
  • Plug never heats or overcharges the battery. Short circuit protection. LED charging indication. Can Charge Ni-Mh, Ni-cd and Li-Ion Batteries.
Customer Reviews:
  • buyer beware
    I relearned the lesson that you get what you pay for. I paid only $1 for this charger, and I probably paid too much. It seemed to have troubles immediately, in that when plugged in and attached to the phone, my phone constantly beeped and the screen brightness flickered, almost as if the connection was intermittent. Eventually, it damaged either the batter or the phone, because now the phone will hardly hold a charge.

    Stay away!...more info