Black Plastic Swivel Belt Clip Holster for Sony Ericsson Z525 / Z525a / Z525i / Z520/Z520a
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Product Description

Material: durable plastic (PVC)...Weight: ~1 oz.

  • This hard plastic pager-style holster is a very useful accessory for daily use. Clip it to your belt and you can secure your phone at all times! The unique swivel design lets you rotate the clip 180-degree sideway at several fixed intervals.
  • You can place your phone at the most comfortable and convenient position.
  • Compatibility: Sony Ericsson Z520 / Z520a / Z525 / Z525a / Z525i
  • Type: generic / aftermarket
  • Color: black
Customer Reviews:
  • Sony Ericson Holster
    This looks and feels like a quality product. My prior holster cracked in two places and was destroyed by falling on the floor. This one by Cellet gives me confidence....more info
  • Good Cheap Phone Holster
    I bought one of these plastic holsters about six months ago and after daily use it broke at the clip. I figured I would find them online cheap and buy a couple extra just in case. No problems yet but I have spares just in case. Fits the phone and is alot easier than other cases that have clips for belts and such. ...more info
  • Very poor product.
    As soon as I bought it I realized it doesn't hold the phone too well. Few days later my concerns proved them selves, every time I made a rapid movement or tried to run with it (even very carefully) the phone would unclamp itself from the holster and slam into the ground. Every time I was lucky to realize as soon as I droped it, untill today when after coming home from shoping I realized my z520a is no longer with me. There goes a $200 phone, lost because of a stupid $10 holster. Do not buy this product, if you realy need a holster go with something like Sonyericsson's "ICE-26" that secures the phone with an extra flap on top so it dosn't slip out of the holster. As for me I gatta get me a new phone, shame I had the Z520 cell phone for about 4 months now and I really liked it....more info