Wireless Home Security Alarm System
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Product Description

This comprehensive alarm system is packed full of features and is functional in any home or business setting. The best part about this system is that there are no monthly monitoring fees and it is easy to install. When this alarm is triggered it activates a blaring siren, flashes lights, and calls up to 4 phone numbers that you have programmed into the console. These phone numbers can be your own cell or work number, friends, family or neighbors. When the console reaches someone, it will play a message that you have pre-recorded and then it will allow that person to listen into your home or business to see if immediate action needs to be taken. A robust feature of this system is that it allows you to turn your home lights on and off or dim them at the push of a button by remote control.(never enter a dark home again) All the state-of-the-art sensors included with this system operate wirelessly and are supervised by the console to provide professional reliability. While in passive-mode, this console supports an optional notification feature that provides a single chime anytime a window or door is opened. This complete security package is the most comprehensive of its kind and provides everything you need for installation in addition to the following: Control Console for Security System 2 Wireless Infrared Motion Sensors 10 Door/Window Sensors 1 Security and Home Control Remote 3 Keychain Security Remotes 3 Lamp Modules 3 Home Security Window Decals 1 Compact PowerHorn Siren

Customer Reviews:
  • Basic level security system, good value
    I've used these systems for 10 years at several locations. My main interest is telephone notification if the location is entered after the alarm is enabled. I am less concerned in how the building was entered or in audible alarms or lights flashing. Therefore I have little use for door/window sensors, horns, x-10 light sockets, etc. Instead I rely on motion detectors to signal the console to dial out. I have not used the system to notify of intruder entry of an occupied location.

    I have found that the x10 PIR motion detectors are too cheap to be useful and will result in false alarms or no alarm. Just plan on junking the PIR motion sensors.

    But the system can use any commercial dual mode motion detector by wiring it to a 12v dc adapter and then wiring the alarm relay output to the door/window sensor.

    This ability makes the system rather flexible. For example, if you want to know if the temperature drops below a setpoint, add a thermostat and connect it to a door/window sensor. (I also use the Sensaphone because of its ability to be remotely programmed, but it is much more expensive.)

    The powerhouse is easy to install because of the wireless. The console has battery backup. The sensors last at least six months before the batteries need to be replaced....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    The X10 alarm system is a joke. Looks like a kids toy. My guess is any positive review was submitted by the manufacturer. Horns don't work, motion detectors don't work, the light module works every once in awhile. The "seller" does not supply a phone number and the manufacturer won't do anything except refer you back to the "seller" who has yet to respond to my emails. I'm boxing mine up to day and sending it straight to Amazon so they can see what kind of junk they are peddling on their site. This system was made in China...by the night crew. Totally a waste of time and money....more info
  • Great System!
    This is a fine, reliable, complete home alarm system.

    You may have to purchase a few more sirens...aside from that, everthing's included.

    For the money, you will not find a more feature-packed system!...more info
  • Great security system!
    I've used this security system for over 5 years now. Same exact thing, only at the time I purchased it, I bought the Radio Shack version. Anyway, I was looking for extra door sensors and radioshack no longer carries them. So I found this X10 system, and bought an entirely new set up, not because I needed all the parts in it as mine still works perfectly, but because the price was good and I decided it can't hurt to add a few more pieces. I paid about the same price originally for 2 door sensors, 1 motion detector, 1 remote, 1 keychain remote, 1 lamp module, and main dialer unit. Yeah, not even close to the # of pieces in this box. I'd say it's a deal. I was happy with my purchase, especially already knowing that this system has been reliable for me in the past few years. ...more info
  • Good Reliable System
    I have owned this security system for a few years now. It has done a fine job of making our family feel very secure in our home. We have actually recommended this system to one of our friends and they have purchased and enjoyed theirs for about a year and a half. We have had no problems and it has proven to be reliable over the years.

    I think it is important for these reviews to be helpful so I want to take this opportunity to provide people with some tips and good information to utilize if you decide to purchase this system and install it yourself. These are things that I learned as I went through my installation and I am happy to save you from repeating my mistakes.

    1. As others have said, it is comprehensive and everything you need to do the install is included in the box (except the screwdriver..) Each window/door sensor can be installed with the double sided tape however I recommend that you take the time to install these with the screws that are included in the box. I made a mistake of just using the tape and one hot humid summer day the magnetic contact fell off and set the alarm off. Since then, I screwed each contact in for a more permanent solution. If you feel compelled to just use the double sided tape, make sure you clean the surface with alcohol prior. That was something I did not do also.

    2. Buy alkaline batteries. The batteries have a very long lifespan in the sensors. Over the years that we have had the system, we have only had to replace our keychain remote batteries. All the sensor batteries are still holding strong. The technology that is being used must operate on very little electricity...

    3. When you are first "registering" your sensors with the console, be sure to turn the motion sensors to face the wall. Otherwise, you will find that your motion sensor will be registered in multiple zones as it detects you walking around the house setting all the other sensors.

    4. Another sensor suggestion during the registration process is that you be careful not to close the window/door sensor lid too hard. It has a test button under the lid and if you press too hard you may register the sensor twice.

    5. If you have a lot of windows, I recommend that you utilize a motion sensor in that area as opposed to putting a sensor on each window. It will save you lots of time(and sensors) and provide comprehensive coverage.

    6. Get an extra siren or two.. I think you can add as many sirens as you have electrical outlets but if you really want to scare someone away, stock up on the sirens and put them around the house. The louder the better, right?

    7. The motion sensor is not pet sensitive but I fixed that real quick. I took a piece of medical tape (white color matched the sensor) and put it across the bottom of the IR sensor. It simply eliminated the sensor from detecting anything under 3 ft tall. Our dog is small so it worked for us. If your dog is taller than 3 ft then you probably don't need a security system...

    8. I would set all of the sensors and remotes to arm instantly (min). If you have any of them set to (max), the console will ding for like 30-60 seconds before arming. It was actually quite annoying. With everything set to arm/disarm instantly you get instant gratification and can forgo the countdown. We just arm and disarm our alarm after we leave or before we enter the house with our keychain remote.

    9. Try to centrally locate your console in your house. (Especially if your house is huge) Ours is not centrally located and we have not had any issues with sensor or remote control range but you never know. Actually, we have tried turning our alarm off from the street before hitting our driveway and it worked. It probably has to be perfect weather conditions for that to happen again though...

    Anyway, hope this information and review is helpful. Enjoy your Amazon experience!...more info
  • Not so perfect!
    Let's look at the best part about this alarm system...the price. You do get a lot for $199, however you do get what you pay for.

    The noise horns are horrible, they won't scare a mouse. Setup is not as easy as they claim to be. It took me a long time to set mines up and there was a lot of nailing and drilling.

    What appealed me to this package was the sensors. It's very important to have motion sensors inside a house but the sensors were the most disappointing part about this security system.

    I installed the motion sensors just as indicated, however you could dance around them and they would not detect any motion. At first I though that particular one was damaged so I tried the other one and the same thing. They do work, but it would only detect motion after like a minute. Meaning that if someone broke into your property they could bypass the motion sensors. I was walking up and down left and right on front of both sensors and only afte 45 seconds is when the red light lit up and the alarm sounded off.

    This system can alert people that you program in the console that the house that is being protected by this unit is being broken in. However, when mines call out the only thing the people hear is the last few words of my recording...so making the recording useless.

    If you looking for something for windows and doors, then this is it. IF your looking for total proctetion that this is not for you.

    X-10 is not really a trusted name. I'm sure you can remember all those annoying pop ads and using women to sell their products. When X-10 offers a better (or at least one that I can plug into my power outlet and actually stay on) sensor I will remove this negative product review.

    X-10 can do better, much better. ...more info
  • Problems with phone dialer
    I just ordered a system and realized that there is a major problem with the phone dialer. The console of this system works with an oridinary household phone jack. What it means is that the system can NOT dial out in case the phone line is busy. So an intruder can simply pick a phone, make the line busy, and thus disable the dialer. Professional alarm systems use a special phone jack, RJX31, which lets the alarmm system "hijack" the phone line, meaning they can dial out even if the phone line is busy....more info
  • A comprehensive system right out of the box
    Although I have looked at X-10 products in the past, I never purchased any because I thought the quality would be poor. When I purchased this system, I did not know it was an X-10 product, and I probably would not have considered buying it if it had been advertised as such. However, after everything was installed, I must say that I was pleasantly surprised.
    This package, as it comes to your door, is comprehensive enough to provide very good house coverage. I am impressed with the total number of accessories provided. The console has a built in horn. An additional small powerhorn is included in the package. Both horns, however, just didn't have enough 'ooomph' as far as I was concerned. I added three additional large powerhorns, two more rocket lamp modules, and two more motion detectors to the system. Everything works without a hitch. The five horns literally make it unbearable to remain in the house. Five lights flash on and off when the alarm sounds also. In addition to this, the console will dial up to four phone numbers and play a recorded message to the person(s) it calls. The person is also given the option to press a number and 'listen in' to the home to try and determine if there really is a problem. I was concerned that if someone decided to simply break a window glass, they could get into the house without sounding the alarm by sliding the window up and breaking the magnetic contacts. The four motion detectors take care of that problem. Each motion detector can be set to sound the alarm after detecting one movement or two movements (to cut down on false alarms). And, you can set the remote control to arm the doors and windows - without arming the motion detectors - while you are home. That way you can move freely throughout the house without setting off the alarm. When you leave the house, you can also set the alarm to 'arm' everything including the motion detectors. The motion detectors have an approximate 40' range. You can have a total of up to 16 motion detectors, or door/window sensors, or up to 8 keychain remotes, or up to 8 handheld security remotes, OR any combination of these up to 16 total. I don't know for sure, but it seems like you can add any number of horns or lamp modules (for flashing the lights).
    Be advised that it does take a little time to install if you decide to put in all the door/window sensors. You also need to buy a LOT of alkaline AA and AAA batteries.
    My finished system has four motion detectors, nine window/door sensors, two keychain remotes, one security remote. This is a total of 16 items that are keyed into the console. In addition, there are five horns, including the one built into the console and five light modules. We have approximately 4,000 sq. ft. of room. The console is centrally located. There is no problem with it 'reaching' the sensors. The furthest sensor from my console is about 60 feet away. As an added benefit, every sensor 'checks in' with the console every 90 minutes. If there is a problem (such as low battery), the appropriate zoned light on the console will flash. The console also has a battery backup to retain information and allow limited alarm use. Out of the box, this system is very similar to what our apartment complex installed in all the individual apartments when I was living in the city. It really is a good system....more info
  • Good features,easy to install, low cost - limited range
    For the cost this is a very good product. I install it, and program it alone, sensors in (2) doors, (3) windows and (2) motion detectors, (1) lamp module. The lamp module are not useful to me, because I don't have any lamp plugged in to the walls and all my lamps are fluorecent (the lamp module functions with incandecent ligths only).

    The reception of the console is good if you put the console in the same floor of the sensors. But I have a two floor house and I would like to secure the console (the brain of the system) in a room in the floor of above, but I lost some sensor's signal; That is due to the walls and the floor that the signal have to go through. I ordered a smart RF repeater, I hope that this solve my problem.
    ...more info
  • Perfect System With Great Features
    I have checked into a lot of security systems and this one is by far the best price for the product. For me to get something comparable from ADT it was going to be twice as much AND I had to sign a three year contract. This system works flawlessly and the best part about it is that it is scalable. I got an extra window sensor for mine and it took about four minutes to install and program it into the console. I really like the the light controls on this. We have lights around the house that are just plugged into the wall and are not controlled by a switch. When I installed the included lamp modules I can now control the light by remote and can even dim them. Amazing!!! While the lights are an added bonus, the security features of this system provide a great comfort level for me in my home. Especially knowing that if someone tries to get in, the lights are going to start flashing and a blaring siren is going to be set off. I don't think any potential intruder is going to be waiting around after that!! ...more info