Sony ACCCLG Camera and Accessory Case with Spare Lithium Ion Battery
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Product Description

The ACC-CLG Cyber-shot Digital Camera Accessory Kit from Sony gives you just what you need to capture more of your favorite moments anywhere. The kit includes Sony's NPB-G1 G Series Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery Pack and the LCS-CSG Slim Leather Cyber-

Constructed of high-grade leather and designed as a protective carrying case for Sony's Cyber-shot DSC-Series digital cameras, the Sony ACCCLG Camera and Accessory Case protects your valuable photographic equipment from bumps and scratches. A rechargeable lithium ion G battery pack comes with the case as a spare power source so that you can always keep a fully charged battery at hand.

The Sony ACCCLG is designed for use with the following cameras: Sony DSC-N1, DSC-W30, DSC-W50, DSC-W70, and DSC-W100.

  • Includes spare rechargeable lithium ion G battery pack
  • Designed to fit Sony DSC-Series digital cameras
  • Impact-resistant to protect your camera from bumps and scratches
  • Constructed of high-grade leather
Customer Reviews:
  • Battery For Sony Cybershot DSC-N2
    Great product, it was set at a great price. It was shipped in a timely manner. I would refer anyone to the this product....more info
  • Sony GENUINE battery and case
    The case is nicely made and fits the camera well, The battery is nice to have as a backup. BE SURE TO BUY AND ACCEPT ONLY A FACTORY SEALED UNIT, THE NUMBER OR COUNTERFEIT BATTERYS OUT THERE IS ASTOUNDING. My first purchase was not directly from amazons own warehouse and I found the box open and a substitute battery, not genuine Sony, in the box. I returned the unit at my expense and got a refund. The next purchase came directly from Amazon and the new packaging is a bubble pack, easies to detect opened merchandise.
    For info on how to tell a couterfeit battery go to the Amazon help pages for an informative site.... Basic clue; the genuine battery box has heat embosed lettering on the case, the counterfeit has laser printed lettering.
    From now on I will only buy these items directly from Amazons own warehouse, the counterfeit battery came from an Amazon merchant who claimed ignorance but quickly gave a refund, less a return fee, when challenged on the battery....more info
  • Business Ethics
    The books condition was received in better than that described on-line. I was very pleased with the product, the ease of finding what I needed on and the receipt within timelines stated. ...more info
  • You Can't Go Wrong with Sony Accessories!
    Don't get burned buying off brands or even a name brand other than the OEM! Sony batteries are superior and worth the extra money in every way. They hold a charge longer and the life span is far greater than anything else out there. You just have to find the best price and it's always online, not in the store. Same with the case. The highest quality, fits PERFECT, and looks great with the Sony name on the front. Bundled together, this is a great deal for the money! ...more info
  • Camera case
    I ordered this product for my Sony Cybershot 10.1 megapixel camera. I wanted a spare battery- and a case to protect the camera. It's a great case that has a loop on the back to be threaded onto a belt. I give this four stars because the only thing this case holds is the camera, and well, I don't wear a belt. It would be nice if this product had a strap or some other means by which to carry it. I get nervous putting it into a bag because I'm afraid of losing it. But if you've got a safe way of carrying this camera in its case- this one does its job....more info
  • homework
    The quality of the leather case is fine. But Sony seemed to have forgotten to provide SPACE for the EXTRA BATTERY that we are now carrying. Looks like they did not do their homework....more info
  • Sony Case & Battery - A good Buy
    DSC-W100 camera fits case perfectly. Battery spare is good to have. Case only has room for the camera, not the spare battery. Although the battery last a good long while. I normally shoot 50-75 pictures at a time, battery holds up well....more info
  • Battery was DOA - Case is kinda large...
    The case is large enough to make the camera hard to fit in a pocket. Good enough for wearing on a belt but not in your pocket. The battery was DOA, so all in all not the best purchase :(...more info
  • Good deal for the price
    I bought this case for my W50, and it fits really well. I thought the leather would be softer, but instead it is very sturdy. In a way it's good because it protects the camera well in case you drop it. It also has velvet padding inside, which prevents scratches. On the other hand, it's bulkier than I what I had in mind, so my purse will be a bit more crowded.

    As another customer mentioned, this does not have a shoulder strap, but once you close it, you can use the own camera's wrist one. The fact that an extra battery is included makes it a great deal. I was going to buy one anyway, so for the same price you get not only the battery but also the leather case....more info
  • Good Deal!
    I am very happy with the case and extra battery. The case looks nice and fits my new Sony W100 perfectly. It is a small slim case without extra pockets which I like because I can still get it in my purse and it doesn't take up much space.
    If you want an extra battery, you might as well buy this deal because it is like getting a case for free. ...more info
  • Good value with the battery. Average case
    Right along with my DSC-W100 I bought this Camera case +spare battery. You can't go wrong. The leather case looks good and workmanship is nice, and the price is right. Having the extra battery is nice. I am always worried my battery would run out. However, the case is just average as I learnt, in many other ways.

    First my camera just about fits snugly. I am guessing that with time it will get loose, but right now, you cannot take the camera out with a single hand.

    There is no pocket or zippered compartment in the front like my old P72 case had. No place to store the extra battery that I just bought in this package! No place to even store an extra memory stick duo!! (Did I mention that the camera itself fits very snugly?)

    I find it very ironic. I wonder what these product designers are smoking! This deal is for a Camera Case AND a Spare Battery - right? But the camera you bought already comes with a battery, so most likely you would buy this case plus battery to have a spare battery on hand for those crucial moments - with me so far? Then why would you not make the camera case big enough to store the extra battery!!

    Third, the case only has a belt strap provision. No neck strap included. There isn't even any provision for it like rings on the side extra. So you either put it on your belt or something or just carry it in hand. Here I want to add that the product description could have used some help. If the strap is not included say so. Or will that take the customers away? At the least include pictures from different angles so someone can judge on their own, but please Amazon, don't lie by omission!!

    Now for the case quality. The case has cardboard walls with average padding around. The cover comes over and closes with Velcro. The inside is lined with velvet so no scratches on the screen. The case will give to pressure and may not regain shape. I haven't tried this but sure looks that way. Other camera cases I have had before all used soft materials that were crush proof.

    I am returning it.
    ...more info