Quantum FW-10W FreeXWire Transceiver - TTL Wireless
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Product Description

Each FreeWire can be set to transmit or receive. Four FreeWires can serve as two send/receive systems, operating on two different Channels. Or all FreeWires can be set on the same Channel so that they can operate as one system - a transmitter and three receivers.FreeWire has eight unique Channel Codes. FreeWire units set to one Channel cannot activate FreeWires set to different Channels. You control the Channel Code to make FreeWire units work together or independently, as required. There are 32 individual Channel/Zone settings at your disposal, and 256 possible lighting combinations!FreeWire controls one Local Zone and four wireless Zones for flash or motor drive. You can activate any one Zone, or any combination of Zones 1,2,3,4 and Local. Switch your lighting instantly, remotely. Select and trigger flashes, cameras, or combinations of them, from your remote position.A FreeWire connected to one of Quantum's TTL adapters transmits TTL information to any number of remote FreeWire/Qflash combinations. A "local" Qflash will synchronize also.Without a TTL adapter, a local Qflash & FreeWire can control exposures of any number of remote Qflash/FreeWire combinations.You can hot shoe sync with FreeWire's optional Uni-Mod module, use twin blade sync cords, or numerous other cords. FreeWires use Quantum's motor drive cords for remote wireless shutter. Antenna folds out of the way for compact storage. Confirmation and Status lig

  • 8 Independent Channels - 4 Zone Control Plus Local - Wireless TTL!